Easter Grace & testimony pt. 2

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Let's not forget the reason for our celebrations - He is Risen!!! By God's grace, Jesus died for our sins, and rose from the dead 3 days later.

Anyone else love Charlie Hall? "Marvelous Light" captures this gracious holiday well - Take a listen!

Into Marvelous Light I'm running
Out of darkness, out of shame
By the cross You are the truth You are the life You are the way
Mark 16:6 states, “Don’t be alarmed,” [the angel] said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him."
Something happened a few years ago near this gracious holiday that will forever change my attitude, in so many words. Anyone remember my testimony which I shared last year? This is on my mind. As I also talked about the other day..
To the point: As you read my testimony, you'll see that there was a time in my life I completely turned things around. For spring break of my freshman year at Texas A&M, I was a part of Aggies in Mission, thanks to my wonderful husband {boyfriend at the time} getting me to join. We went on a mission trip to Amarillo in Texas' panhandle, and served with a center that reaches out to those in need in the region. That entire week of spring break, I was so nervous, because I found out just before that I would be having an MRI to see if I needed another open-heart surgery. The mission trip was Friday-Tuesday, I believe, and the MRI was to be the middle of the week of spring break.  I couldn't contain myself. I didn't know what was going to happen. That was Marshall's senior year, and I didn't know what was going to happen with us, with our relationship, once he graduated and commissioned. I'd been having a lot of health issues that year, switching medicine, countless flutters and gasps for air, and it's just been uncomforatble. I had a halter monitor a little before that, and there were some discrepancies, but they wanted a more thorough report on what was going on with my heart. So an MRI was ordered, for just days after the mission trip.
During the mission trip, I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't keep a straight face. I really needed someone to be there. I was allowing myself to be distracted from mission work that week. Each day we were there, we went to the center for praise and worship. On the last day, something extraordinary happened. The only person who knew about what was going on was Marshall - this isn't something I just went out and told everyone. But we were singing, and something in the lyrics just triggered me, and I broke down. I couldn't contain myself. I was thinking about the MRI and the pain of a potential surgery, I was worried about what was going to happen between Marshall & I once he graduated, I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude. One of the women who ran the center caught me in my time of need and spoke to me words that I have never shared with anyone - Meaning I have never spoke to her about what was going on, but she hit it right on the dot and comforted me.  God spoke to me through her. She said that there's no need for me to be scared about the appointment, for He is with me. But I never told her about it. She prayed with me, opened my eyes. And He saved me from my worry - He was with me at the appointment. He knew that wasn't the time for my surgery, and a few years later it's still not the time, that we know of. How beautiful is God's grace and love for us!
I will never forget that experience, so close to this blessed day.
He has died for us. He is risen. He has forgiven our sins.
Our sinless Savior.
This time 2 years ago, I was saved from another surgery. That wasn't the time.
But I have my cardiology appointment this week, that makes me nervous.
When is the next surgery going to be? From what I've always been told, within this next year...
I don't know what the doc is going to say. I don't know when it will be time again.
I do know that no matter what,  I will hold steadfast to my faith
With the Grace I've been shown in the situation above and my whole life,
there is nothing else I would do except to have faith.
Yesterday we watched The Switch, a move with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. It was such a great wonderful movie... I was an emotional wreck. Essentially, Jennifer's character wanted children so she went to a sperm donor, but her best friend {Jason who played the main guy in Arrested Development} essentially replaced that donation, not realizing what he did until later. Basically, later in the movie he realizes that her child is also his, and they realize their love for eachother and end up together. There's a lot more  to it but really it was a sweet movie. But now, well, as I always have, now I want children. But I can't be on this medicine I'm on now, and I have to get the OK from my cardiologist, and I want to be at least student teaching so I guess next year, and there's a lot more that goes into it for us than so for other couples.
Basically, there's a lot that's going to happen in this next year or so:
student teaching, graduation, surgery, and starting a family
Yes, I guess it all kind of rests on my health, but still.
I'll graduate May 2014, but the rest is in the unknown. Only God knows.
I wish He'd show us now, because the nerves kick in at the appointment and it gets difficult to handle the unknown. But He has it all under control.
It kind of bothers me that all of this has to be planned out because of my health. But I guess we're okay with that. That's why I'm kind of nervous about this appointment, I want to know what the verdict is. How much time I have until the next one...Basically if our "plan" is God's plan for us, too. Ideally, I will graduate May 2014 and have the surgery that summer. But my plan isn't the one that counts, it's His plan. I want to know what He has in store for us, and part of this is knowing when I need another surgery. I just want to have it now, so we can start a family and I can graduate. I just want all of that so badly, but I know it's not my choice how our life will turn out, not entirely. Especially after watching that movie, I couldn't contain myself. How beautiful the day will be when we find out that my body can handle it, the day that God blesses us with a child!
I'm sure I will update everyone on what goes on at this next appointment, for I have gotten much more personal on this blog than I ever thought I would. I never shared that with anyone, but now I share it with everyone. I guess that's what happens when you start a blog - it's my blog after all, if I kept this part of it out, then it wouldn't truly be about me. A part of me would be missing, but I want you, my readers, to see the real me. So here I am...all of me.
We went to a new church this morning that our neighbors are a part of, and we really do like it. But we're still in that church-shopping phase, even if we've  been here a month and a half already. I can't help but think about all of this on Easter, for this happened around Easter years past. I started getting emotional in the service, reminding myself of His grace which has been shown to me the past few years..So this is why it's on my mind.
We pray that everyone has a blessed Easter..
.. & don't forget to tune in to the finale of the Bible series on the History channel tonight!!!!


let's talk about school

Friday, March 29, 2013

This is a post about school.

{Disclaimer: Lots of words, not many pictures, sorry in advance! But thanks for reading!}


Currently I am finishing up week 2 out of 8 of my Fall courses. I absolutely love these 8-week terms Liberty offers. I am in love with this school.
Lately I have been planning my educational future:
{in case anyone cares to know}

I will still graduate right on time, May 2014, despite moving twice since then and taking a semester off in the middle of it all.

We have decided that it would be much better for job prospects to take off my Special Education minor I've had for the past semester, and instead enroll in a 1-year Graduate Certificate program upon graduation, specializing in an area of Education to choose at a later date. Thus, I'm still graduating on time. And, the certificate program is at a nearby university which has locations nationwide. Then I'll be able to take at least one more certification exam than expected, and it will surely add to my job prospects! {And I will be completely done with school by the time the military tells us it's time to move again, God-willing...2015 will be 2 years in SoCal}.

Though, I only have a few electives left, and I decided to take education electives for them...Only 2 more classes past what is planned, and I would still have a minor. But we just don't want to pay for that and would rather take that money to pay for half of grad school, which will help me more than a minor would in the long run. Bummer but I'm kind of okay with that..The idea is growing on me.

I just planned the rest of the courses I will be taking for the rest of my time as an undergrad, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Besides the Pell grant, we are paying the rest out of pocket. Sounds daunting, right? Well, not quite, because Liberty offers amazing discounts for military-affiliated students, not to mention that the school is non-profit so they charge less than other universities, and  after the Pell grant, there isn't much leftover for out-of-pocket tuition. Liberty basically charges half that Texas A&M did for tuition... That's all squared away now.

I am currently volunteering at the elementary school {literally down the block from us} and am too excited to stay with them for student teaching in spring of next year, 2014. {And to substitute this fall} The principal is thrilled too, for they rarely get student teachers! I wonder who my mentor teacher will be and what grade.... Right now I'm loving being in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade, but come the Fall I'm going to try to volunteer in 5th, 4th & 3rd grade to see if I prefer teaching younger or older kiddos so I can be put in a class I know that I will love student teaching in.

Also planning on teaching Sunday School at our new church by the summer! And substituting starting this fall, as noted, along with volunteering a few days a week, both at the same school. {Don't forget volunteering with LINKS for Kids on base..Whew!}

I am only taking 2 classes this summer, what a relief! Though I will still be taking full-on semesters for the last two, including next spring when I student teach - It will be chaos, but it will definitely be worth it! {And my mom is planning a visit - Whoop!}

Just found out that I need to take the PRAXIS {certification exam} prior to applying for student teaching i.e. turning in the paperwork. So I'm taking that early next Fall, and am anxiously waiting my study book in the mail {Kaplan or McGraw-Hill are the best from what I hear!}. Planning on signing up for it soon, sometime this summer.

My other scheduled certification exams, ACSI for Christian schools, and TExES for Texas state licensure, will come after graduation. Or while I'm student teaching, but definitely sometime 2014, if not this fall.

P.S. I'm geared for the ACSI certification exam because Liberty is a gem - a Christian university! I absolutely love having faith intertwined in my classes, and it definitely gives a different perspective on special education classes as well. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't find another Christian university for grad school...I just love it! Thus, I would also love to be able to teach at a Chrisitan school upon graduation...I surely will one day!

This time next year is the deadline for submitting an application to graduate - graduation is just around the corner!!!!!!

We have decided that we are most likely not going to Virginia for the graduation {cost of flights, etc} and will instead opt to have my degree mailed to us...but I will get a proper frame from the Liberty bookstore to frame it! Then we'll need to get Marshall's framed degree from his parents'  house and display them both in our home!

Probably the most important thing to me right now: After this semester is done and final grades are in, I will be ordering my Aggie Ring!!!! By the end of May!!!! This will also be mailed to us in SoCal this fall, and I will have it in my hands THIS September. Eeeekkkk!!!!!!!

to sum it up:
2 classes this summer {order Aggie ring},
5 classes this fall {recieve Aggie ring & take certification exams},
and 5 classes next spring of 2014 {while student teaching & apply to graduate},
apply to grad certificate programs in the area in spring of 2014,
...&  I will be graduating undergrad next MAY of 2014!!!!! Whoop!
{Right on time!}

Thankful beyond belief! Everything is working itself out...
and I will graduate on time!
 {Praise the Lord!}
Since y'all know my educational plans, let's sum up my/our regular plans for this weekend:
~Donate clothes to Plato's Closet
~Make Scruffy homemade dog treats {we have a bone cookie cutter, eee!}
~Attend church & celebrate Easter and Christ's crucifixion and resurrection
~Finish week 2 early and catch up on my book pile {It's grown! 7 books now!}
~Laundry {so much laundry..}, clean, etc. etc. etc.
~RELAX! Perhaps go to Legoland, check out the flower fields and weekend farmer's market in Carlsbad, or just chill at the beach which is blocks away. We live for weekends!

Pinterest Mania #3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's that time of the week again!

Thanks to...

Here are my favorites from Pinterest lately:
...My wish list and to-do list grows by the day, thanks to this site!

Source: etsy.com via Katherine on Pinterest

In honor of Easter weekend approaching, and The Bible series on the History channel! Completely in awe of our Savior.

Now that the essentials are done, it is time to get a move-on week #2 of my classes. I have about 3 discussions due tomorrow that I have yet to begin reading for..Oooops!

More updates to come later.. And I am hoping to still have time tonight for Wife 2 Wife Wednesdays, the link-up I just joined with Wives of Faith...So we will see.

Time to get to work on school and figuring out where I will be taking my summer classes. And to spend the rest of the term at home, rather than shopping or window-shopping. That means no mroe ordering books on Amazon either..I love my books and finding new ones to read, but now is not the time.... We have a goal of frugality on the horizon. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Have a great hump day & rest of the week!

around our home lately

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Woops! It has been a little bit longer than usual in between my posts... Things have been a little out of control, and it's just going to get crazier until summer. Lately, though, we've had a lot going on!

Pictures around our home, lately...

My new LINKS lanyard and volunteer flair! After the session I went to this past Wednesday, I was surprised that they already had a volunteer nametag waiting for me! {Though it's because I went there the week before to get all the volunteer info!} Also, there is a magnetic nametag I recieved in Quantico for events, which I put above the new one, so there is no question who I am. It is hanging on my corkboard now, awaiting the next LINKS event :) I chose to take it home with me rather than leave it at the LINKS house on base... It just makes me feel special, and I love seeing it throughout the day! I can't wait to get more involved!

Trouble being really strange!  She was basically sitting on top of the sectional like it was a horse. I have never seen a cat sit like that! She always watches Scruffy {as she is in the picture} and bullies her, while all Scruffy wants to do is be friends. They're at least trying to get along...

LOVE our Keirug! The Chai Latte was my first love, though I recently discovered French Vanilla Cappuccino and a sweet Lemonade {you brew it over ice of course!}.... Mmmm! I always look forward to waking up and choosing what concoction I choose to brew :)

Marshall's garden! The biggest plants thus far are the tomatoes, and soon we will have to get cages for them. He also planted squash, beans, peas, and a few other things I can't remember... It will be closer to Fall when they start producing, but we are too excited! Marshall is glad to put his Horticulture degree to some use, so this little gardening corner of the backyard is a true blessing.

Scruffy being all cute! She had to get in a picture!

Ta-Da! No more clothes of the floor! ..Though they are now all on top of the dresser. Goodness, I really need to figure this out soon. I've said before that I have a serious closet crisis, and it's still obvious, weeks later! Nothing else fits in my side of the dresser and my half of the {little bitty} closet is full of dresses. I am hoping by summer I can have my wardrobe figured out..I mean, I already have a good size pile of more clothes to donate! We're getting there!

Love this printable! I forgot where I found it, but it's a wondreful reminder to have beside our bed. Or on top of the dresser, if it wasn't full of clothes...

I was so proud of myself --- I french braided my hair, all by myself!
I taught myself how to during my freshman year of high school,
Can anyone else braid their own hair? I know it's tricky..
...I should really braid my hair more often, I love it like this!

The corner shelf I've had since I was a little girl put in the living room
Wedding things, special pillows, special glasses
And the picture we took in the panhandle, the summer before we were married:
My brother, Papa (my dad's father), my dad, and Marshall
All 4 men in the family with Aggie rings! So cool!

Bookshelf in the living room! You can see our school textbooks, National Geographic collection, all of my school yearbooks, Aggieland yearbooks from my mom's collection she gave to us {she has nearly ALL Aggieland's since they began making them early 1900's. An expensive but AWESOME collection!!!} I also put the Texas license plate art on the bookcase - It looks so good!!
Above is the schedule for the rest of my undergrad classes.. As you can see, I try to be very organized! This summer I am applying to take my math and history courses at the local community college, since it's much cheaper than going through the Liberty without a Pell grant {no more grants in the summer... bummer!} So this will keep me on track to graduate 2014..
***Quick Edit***
Since I posted this I have come to a conclusion of my remaining schedule/dilemma. I will take the rest of my core classes left this summer at a local community college {the half of summer my mom isn't visiting..So excited!}, then will take classes throughout the Fall..And I will be student teaching {still, thankfull!} Spring 2014, and decided to take 2 classes online along with that. I know there are assignments due each week throughout the 16 week practicum, but each extra class is 8 weeks each and Im splitting it up, so it'll basically be student teaching plus a class on the side. Soon {though I should probably get them now!} I'll be getting my certification prep guides..I'm planning on taking the PRAXIS and ACSI certification exams..And hopefully we will be going to Texas soon after I graduate so I can take the state certification while it's still fresh. Once I am done we will only be in California for another year or so, so instead of finding a job, I'll probably sub on the side, hopefully work at the Disney store {how cool would that be?!} and I'm now planning on taking a graduate certificate program for Early Childhood Education, which is 1-year long. It'll give me a much better boost in the field than a minor would, and it's the same amount of classes! Crazy, huh? Glad I found it --- and the university is only a few exits down the highway, so I'm looking forward to getting all this started. You can see how eager I am...
***Edit Done***
Talking about school, above are all the textbooks for my Spring courses!
15 hours in 8 weeks really isn't that bad! I only have my history quiz left that's do tomorrow at 8:59 pm {because of east coast/west coast time difference} I am almost done reading for it and am planning on taking it tonight, so that I'll have tomorrow morning to go to the school {1st grade!} and run errands before week 2 starts on Tuesday. Such an exciting schedule!!!

I started this my first semester at Liberty and it has done WONDERS for my studies!
Each week/module I take a sheet of notebook paper and write out, class by class, what readings I have to do and what assignments are due and when. Then I highlight the assignments that are due first {due dates are thursdays, fridays, and mondays} and wa-la! It keeps me so organized and on top of things! As you can see, I have already made my list for this upcoming week. Below you can see week 1, and everything I accomplished then. {Except my history quiz I'm taking tonight} Lots of stuff to do!!! School keeps me busy! Especially with 8 week courses rather than the regular 16 weeks...everything is so fast paced!

...And that's about it for now!

Hope everyone else has a productive beginning of Spring!!

Wives of Faith Linkup: Wife 2 Wife #1

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello everyone! How is your Wednesday going so far? Mine has been pretty hectic with the first day of LINKS volunteering, classes starting and homework due dates luring, as well as getting ready for being back in the classroom {kindergarten this time!} tomorrow morning. I have put so much on my plate, but my faith is getting me through. I am so excited to be so busy for the spring, and am already looking forward to summer where things will simmer down a whole lot.


Anyway, more about that later. {I plan on giving you another look at my week/life sometime soon...The schedule I made the other day has changed quite a bit lately}
I decided to start another weekly linkup I found from Wives of Faith. Here is a little description of this link-up:
Wife 2 Wife is an opportunity for you as a military wife to share your heart with another military wife on issues and challenges that all of us face at one time or another in military life and get to know a LOT of other military wives. This is your chance to connect with other Wives of Faith!
Some questions will be fun, some will be serious, but EVERY week will be a GREAT WEEK!

I linked the button provided back to their website, so if you are another fellow military wife and would like to join me in following along with their questions and whatnot each week, please let me know so I can check out your post/answers!! I am really looking forward to mingling my faith with the fact that my husband is currently a Marine, and am enjoying getting settled into this crazy aspect of life. One thing that I feel is necessary while being a military spouse or in a military family is your true, inerrant faith in Jesus Christ. With God, all things are possible. Yes, even the challenges military life throws at us!

Here is this week's question:
{Note: my answer is pretty deep! Take guard!}

What’s your biggest worry right now as a military wife? How do you deal with it?
Let's be honest, there is always something to worry about, being married to a military man. Whether it's a matter of uniforms getting dry cleaned on time, unknown discrepancies in LES/pay to be figured out, coming up with dinner/meal plans for each week, if he's getting picked up for deployment or not, what his hours are going to look like so you can try to plan you day and dinner around that...The list goes on and on. Literally. Many of my little worries I better deal with by keeping myself busy: Schoolwork, reading, volunteering, working, cleaning, cooking, blogging, watching marathons of anything bookmarked on Netflix, cleaning some more...
But more specifically, what is my worry, my biggest worry, right now? Well, we have only been here in California for about a month. We are just settling in to what Marshall's life in the military will truly entail. We've each started to get into our own routines, and we're learning together what this new schedule is going to mean for our relationship. We're looking ahead and planning what we're going to be up against the closer it gets to Marshall's detach date {because Camp Pendleton is likely to be our only duty station based on his contract length}. I know it sounds crazy just moving to our first duty station and already thinking about leaving the Marine Corps.. But hey, it's going to happen, and it can't hurt to look ahead.
But my biggest worry? It has to do with the time around the end of his contract/detach date. Healthcare. Tricare. Doctors. Referrals. Appointments. My lifesaver.
It's hard when you have a congenital heart disease you are stuck with forever to be able to forgive your amazing God whom gave this to you; But He knew I could handle it. I try my best to forgive Him and be thankful that I was made a heart baby, for I know I can handle this more than others perhaps can or want to. It's a way of life --- My way of life..And I am thankful! Truly! It keeps me in check. {Read more about this at the above link!}
How does this turn into my worry? Well, I worry about my health. I worry about when surgery #5 is going to be. My last open heart surgery was when I was in 8th grade, the week before Spring Break, only 13 years young. {The first 4 were all before I was 2 years}. The say another 8-10 years then you're going to have to go in for another "tune-up". You know, another valve replacement and some fixing up here and there{yes, I have pieces of pig and metal inside of me}. Looking at the fact that I am 20, going on 21 {July24}, it's been 7, about 8 years. I was 13 that April, and the 8 year mark will be when I'm 21 during next April, 2014.
A lot is happening in 2014: plans for a family, potential surgery, student teaching & graduation. Eeeeek. I am overwhelmed just thinking about what next year has in store!
Also, four years from the commissioning will be in 2015. As I said, Camp Pendleton is likely to be our only duty station because of the time, assuming Marshall doesn't get picked up for promotion and decides to stay in.
What am I going to do about my health when he gets out? Especially with going through all the messy Tricare referrals for a specialist, scheduling al of the appointments, and getting situated into our life here in O'side, this is a serious question. Health insurance? I have only had Tricare all of my life, literally.. It's hard to even think of getting health insurance from another. But, who's going to cover my ghastly costly specialty appointments and surgeries in the coming years, once Marshall detaches from the Marine Corps?
Okay, I know this may sound dramatic to some, because there are other companies who offer health insurance and all of that. But seriously, put it in perspective. Tricare is the world's best. The best health insurance in the entire world. The best you can get anywhere, in the world! After having them for 20+ years, it's hard for me to think of or even imagine going to anyone else to help cover my medical costs/needs. Surgeries are expensive. Just one heart valve alone cost upwards of $100,000. Tricare paid it all. We didn't have to pay a penny for my surgeries {that I know of}. That puts it in perspective, right? We can't just go spend that money once every 10 years, we just don't have that kind of money lying around. Who really does? Health insurance is a must for me, and I will always need it. I know I'm stubborn and want to stay with Tricare all I can, but there will be a time when we need to find something else that works well for adults with pre-existing conditions who need to see specialists.
I don't know. But that's my all-time biggest worry. It doesn't have to do with what's going on in our life in the military right now, but with going through the referral process again and having to deal with Tricare discrepancies, it's kind of high up there on my list. I always worry about this. I don't want us having to give our life savings away to the hospitals when we're no longer associated with the military because the health coverage we chose afterward just couldn't cut it even close.
So what am I really going to do when Marshall goes back to civillian life? I am hoping that one surgery is covered in 2014 or so, a year before he gets out. I mean, I can't tell the cardiologists when to operate or when it's necessary, but the plan is to have the next surgery covered. What about after that? All the surgeries I'll need for the next 70 years of our life? Health insurance/coverage after the military is what worries me. Who is going to take care of my heart health and how are we going to manage paying for it?
Lately I've been dealing with it step by step: Not looking too far into the future, yet. I don't know that. Only God knows. He has a plan for our life, for my health, and He has it under control. I just need faith --- I have to trust in Him. I have to quit with the worrying.  I'm going to follow-up on my referral that I should be getting back this week, schedule an appointment for my cardiologist that I will thankfully be with for the next 3 years { the past year I've had 3 different cardios!} and all will be well.
So how do I deal with it? I take it step by step. I hold steadfast at my faith. It is all under control. And when the time comes, we will be ready. When we leave the military life, we will be ready. A plan will come. I just need to have faith.
Worrying never helped anyone. What we really should be doing is praying!

I Love Mondays #4

Monday, March 18, 2013

{I Love...}

My new schedule. I posted {somewhat} briefly about this the other day, though it has changed in some ways. First, I am now volunteering two days a week at the elementary school in our neighborhood! I am really too blessed!! I will be in kindergarten & first grade classrooms, and am too excited to start getting that experience that new teachers need oh so dearly. I am also going to my first LINKS session here at Camp Pendleton on Wednesday..And it is all day, literally! I am too excited! After this I plan on volunteering with their LINKS for Kids program - I already told one of the ladies about the Candyland PCS board game I made for the program in Quantico last summer, and they too excited, and are always thrilled with more enthusiastic volunteers. I can't wait to get my foot into the door with these programs.

Sprinkles Cupcakes. That's right, this weekend we made it out to Sprinkles in LA! We actually went to their newest location at The Grove, a shopping district in LA. Though, the location that I thought we were going to was in downtown LA... I just for some reason got the two locations mixed up. I was also thinking that we would be in the same area as Georgetown Cupcake's newest location, which is in a shopping center that I went to with my mom the summer before our wedding for a little vacation, but I was wrong about that too. I really don't know this area as well as I thought! But man, these cupcakes were amazing! You can never go wrong with Sprinkles. I plan on going to each of their locations in California as well..actually all of their locations, there's one in Dallas too!


I love Sprinkles! Come on, who doesn't love cupcakes?!
Love Does. By Bob Goff. My latest read! I am not that far into it yet, but it is truly beautiful! He believes that love does things. It gets things done. Love fuels him, and love takes action. I have finished chapter 1 & 2 so far and can't wait to get into the rest. Where I ended at thus far is a great point - a long time ago, Bob had a friend named Doug. Doug taught him about Jesus. These lessons taught him that fully loving and fully living are one in the same; And it's also the kind of life that Jesus invited all of us to be a part of (p16). We know "the extent of our love for God by how well we loved people (p15)." You should really take a look at this book!

Spring classes. Tomorrow (Monday) is my first day of the Spring 2013 D subterm! Whoop! I'll be taking 15 hours in only 8 weeks. It's going to be a lot. The weeks run from Tuesday to Monday, and because of the time change, everything is due at 8:59 pm rather than 11:59pm. That will definitely keeping me from staying up all night to turn in assignments, and will really make me think about finishing things early since the deadline is a few hours prior than I'm used to. Anyway, I'm taking two education courses, history, english, and youth ministries. I am too excited! It's going to be a lot juggling school, going to the elementary school, and LINKS {along with everything else I have to do} but it will definitely be worth it. And, I'll only be this busy for the next two months, then things will get a lot slower in the summer!
Well, that's my life lately! Hope all is well out there in blogland :)


Pinterest Lovin' #2

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Here's to another Pinterest Lovin' Wednesday!!!
{Oh How Pinteresting Link-Up via The Vintage Apple}
Here are a few of the things that I have been loving lately...
...And they have gone on my wishlist/i wish i though of that list, as is everything else on that addicting site that is Pinterest.
Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how many items I have bookmarked on my wishlist.
Just another late-night post because I woke up wondering where my books are that I am expecting this week. If I didn't tell you, I'm expecting another 3 books from Amazon, and I'm so excited. I guess you could say that I'm addicted to the combination of books {at a bargain price} & Amazon... And it's about time to get that out of my system the week before I start my Spring term because, well, the least amount of distractions the merrier.
Though there is one distraction each week I'm uber excited about...
And it has to do with my studies/future career...
But I'll get to that later.
..For now, the pretty little pins:


Source: etsy.com via Katherine on Pinterest

I absolutely love the idea of this necklace... Our initials, birthstones, and fingerprints merging on the heart. I absolutely want this, perhaps for our 2 year anniversary this summer {I know, I am already thinking ahead!}


Source: etsy.com via Katherine on Pinterest
Okay, I seriously am in love with these stamps. You know, to stamp your mail, instead of ordering all of those stickers or writing it yourself?  This is something I am considering a must-have, perhaps for now, the next 3 years of our life in California, but surely once we settle back onto our own piece of land and our own home in Texas..Whenever that may be.


Source: etsy.com via Katherine on Pinterest

Oh my goodness. This is the bodice of a beautiful dress, covered with lace. Very classy. And, it's in a version of our wedding colors. I just think this dress is stunning and would love to add it to my collection {that's right, I have enough to call it a collection of dresses!}. I cannot wait for the day when I can order this from the owner's shop on Etsy...I absolutely love Etsy. Someday..

 White chocolate raspberry cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. I adore this cupcakery
Anyone want to go to their LA location with me? It's only an hour away, just an hour's drive north...
I am crazy about cupcakes! And, as you saw the other day, I recently recieved their newest cookbook, and baked one of the many treat recipes included....Mmmmm.

 This is just all sorts of cool. And I'm going to make this.
It's a corkboard map of of our beautiful country..where you basically pin all the places you've been
Or they can be places you want to go, or places you lived
Anyway, I love this interpretation of that "map of our lives" kind of project
...Totally making this!

I wholeheartedly agree 100%. There is nothing that a box of chocolates and a full-on Disney marathon cannot cure. I wish Disney were reality... {Sometimes}

 That personal touch in our wedding. The Princess Bride is hands down the best movie and book on the planet. We absolutely love it. And you absolutely need to read the book {I listed it here}. Westley and Buttercup is one of the most beautiful love stories I know. Call me crazy, but this movie is the epitome of what every movie should be. Don't forget the many quotes taken from this...Wonderful in so many ways. My father-in-law is a pastor and married us in a small church in East Texas...And he did the whole shebang..This whole speech from when Buttercup was forced to {almost} marry Prince Humperdink. We kind of joked about it, thinking wouldn't-that-be-cool-do-people-really-do-that..And I didn't think he would. But he did. It was seriously epic...And it definitely turned my tears of happiness and extreme emotion into laughs of pure joy. {And it meant so much to my dad and myself} Best movie on earth right here.
Thank you, dad, for making me sit down and watch this with you when I was little.
 "Mawwiage...That bwessed awwangement... That dweam within a dweam..."

And last but surely not least... {probably the best pin I have every found in my life}
If you follow this to the Pinterest site, there is a link to an actual website with all of the recipes for a homemade version of Girl Scout cookies. Squeeee!
Gotta go, I need to make me some Samoas!!!!

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