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Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's really ridiculous how organized I have gotten lately. Remember that mess of a pile of shoes from the other day? They are now all neatly on a shoe rack next to my desk, and in a few rows underneath the window. It's all very organized... And there also aren't just piles of clothes in our room either. You can actually see the floor! Not all of my clothes fit in the dresser, still, but I'm working on that... I'm still going to go through everything to see if there are any clothes that I should just go ahead and donate, cause, you know, I just have too much for my own good....

I have also been organizing other parts of my life lately, such as, well, my personal schedule.  I have only one week until my Spring classes start so  I decided that this is the perfect {and necessary} time to get things on track. I keep this schedule below on top of my desk just to be sure I see it basically all of the time...

Here is the schedule I have come up with {By  week, weekday, and daily}:

Weekly {Tentative: have not gotten activity schedule/found details out yet}

~Women's Bible study/small group with church or military spouses ~ 2 days/wk

~LINKS volunteer/mentor ~ 2 days/wk

By Weekday

Mondays: Wii Fit or Pilates/Yoga video follow-along for at least 1 hour in AM, preferably longer
Mondays: Meet Marshall at MCX mainside on base for lunch
Monday Midday: Serious coupon clipping to prepare for grocery shopping Tues.

Tuesdays: Beach & Relax @ Buccaneer Beach Park {quiet reading time in AM - book list}
Tuesday Midday: Specified day each week for thorough grocery list {w/ coupons} & Oceanside Farmer's Market visit

Wednesday: Wii Fit or Pilates/Yoga video follow-along for at least 1 hour in AM, preferably longer

Thursdays: Beach & Relax @ Buccaneer Beach Park {quiet reading time in AM- book list}

Fridays: Wii Fit or Pilates/Yoga video follow-along for at least 1 hour
Fridays: Ensure all necessary readings for school are completed, as well as the majority of assignments {due dates are Fridays & Mondays, so it's a matter of juggling priorities}


~Wake up with Marshall each AM and shower when he leaves for work to get the day started

~Walk Scruffy each morning when wake up & each afternoon with Marshall, once he gets home

~Midday: Do ALL homework and studying planned for day before stud gets home

~Midday: Also read a book from list for at least an hour between studying {finish one per week}

*See specific weekday above for anything else*

~Start making dinner @ 4pm each day

~Couples devotional each night together before bed

~Go to sleep at the same time each night {no more staying up & studying/reading all night - I have made time for that during the day now}

You can see that the weekends are not listed...My plan is to have everything for school/errands/etc finished during the week, that the weekends are for us to enjoy that time together: At the beach, strolling around town, sightseeing in the area, going to church, hanging out with friends, etc. This schedule is quite an accomplishment, and I really look forward to checking in each day to keep it all on track.

*Note, my book list right now includes:
The Essential 55 by Ron Clark
Word Hard, Be Nice by Jay Matthews
Miss Match, Lauren Holbrook

I plan on starting this new schedule tomorrow..And I must tell you I am ECSTATIC about it!!! One thing that I am also doing tomorrow morning, though, that isn't on this list, I am also thrilled about... During our walk around our cute little neighborhood earlier this afternoon, I found that there is an elementary school only blocks from our home. So excited...Tomorrow I am going to go into the office and see who I need to get in touch with about substituting and volunteering. I will also bring my resume/portfolio because I would like to student teach there as well next year, hopefully.

Well, at least for now I'll stick with subbing and becoming a regular volunteer. But I am so excited about this! It is right next to a neat community park, and there were families out there playing ball, walking their dogs, etc. We are absolutely in love with our new home and community, and I can't wait to get involved! {And to prepare for my big girl job upon graduating next year!}

Another note about tomorrow: ONE week until I start my Spring term...Eeeee! I am so excited to start classes up again, and am thrilled to take on a whole 15 hours {5 courses} in only 8 weeks {2 months, half the time as a normal class}. It is going to prove to be a challenge, especially with everything else I am planning on accomplishing throughout each week, but my goal is to be as efficient as possible with this plan of mine and to prepare myself for the future.

Tomorrow my classes are actually avaliable on Blackboard, the online portal where all assignments/readings/videos for the week are located, and where everything is turned in. So during this week, probably around Wednesday when there is a little bit less on my list, I will go through my classes, plan out the homework assignments, and get the schedule/due dates down for everything. I will also clean my little office room much more throughout the week so that I don't have any distractions {i.e. I'm not falling over craft supplies or boxes on the floor} and I can just concentrate on my studies when that week rolls around.

Just for kicks:
We also took Scruffy for a walk around the block earlier and she absolutely loved it!

It is now that time of night to watch The Bible on the History Channel - We are so excited for this series!!! It is the coolest thing to be able to watch such a great interpretation of the stories and Truth we grew up hearing - And it's also wonderful to recap and recall what I learned in my Biblical Literature/Survey class this past summer with LU. I think the History Channel is doing a wonderful thing, bringing this story and history of a relationship with our God and Savior to light, which has hopefully, led to many more believers and church-goers in our world. This is much needed in our world today, and it's really refreshing as a Christian. This series is something we look forward to each week, and, well, watch over and over again throughout the week. Faith is kind of a big deal around here...


  1. Yay! Great job making the daily schedule! I always put a copy in my car on my fridge and my bedroom door so that it is in the places that I tend to be the most! Plus seeing them more often makes me stick to them!

  2. I LOVE schedules. I keep a white board in my room and write on it the night before. It does wonders!! I use it to make my fiance do things too lol!! Organizing in my favorite! We still live with my parents so my old room my fiance and I share which means double the clothes and shoes. I picked up those closet hanger things they show on TV. I don't know what i'd do without them, I can fit more in my closet than what I use to, it saves so much space!! You dog is beautiful too :)

    New follower!


  3. I WISH i was more organized! but I am so bad haha and I get lazy!
    Helene in Between

  4. I think it's great you guys do a couples devotional. My husband and I are striving to do the same.

  5. What is the 'couples devotional' that you two do? I started The Love Dare and enjoy it! But interested in something once we're done with it!


    1. Hello Breeanna! We have been looking for one since I posted that. About a month ago we found Love& Respect by Eggrichs. There is a book and a corresponding workbook. It is amazing!! We have gotten behind (one chapter per weekend) since we've been so busy but so far it's been a great blessing.


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