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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Woops! It has been a little bit longer than usual in between my posts... Things have been a little out of control, and it's just going to get crazier until summer. Lately, though, we've had a lot going on!

Pictures around our home, lately...

My new LINKS lanyard and volunteer flair! After the session I went to this past Wednesday, I was surprised that they already had a volunteer nametag waiting for me! {Though it's because I went there the week before to get all the volunteer info!} Also, there is a magnetic nametag I recieved in Quantico for events, which I put above the new one, so there is no question who I am. It is hanging on my corkboard now, awaiting the next LINKS event :) I chose to take it home with me rather than leave it at the LINKS house on base... It just makes me feel special, and I love seeing it throughout the day! I can't wait to get more involved!

Trouble being really strange!  She was basically sitting on top of the sectional like it was a horse. I have never seen a cat sit like that! She always watches Scruffy {as she is in the picture} and bullies her, while all Scruffy wants to do is be friends. They're at least trying to get along...

LOVE our Keirug! The Chai Latte was my first love, though I recently discovered French Vanilla Cappuccino and a sweet Lemonade {you brew it over ice of course!}.... Mmmm! I always look forward to waking up and choosing what concoction I choose to brew :)

Marshall's garden! The biggest plants thus far are the tomatoes, and soon we will have to get cages for them. He also planted squash, beans, peas, and a few other things I can't remember... It will be closer to Fall when they start producing, but we are too excited! Marshall is glad to put his Horticulture degree to some use, so this little gardening corner of the backyard is a true blessing.

Scruffy being all cute! She had to get in a picture!

Ta-Da! No more clothes of the floor! ..Though they are now all on top of the dresser. Goodness, I really need to figure this out soon. I've said before that I have a serious closet crisis, and it's still obvious, weeks later! Nothing else fits in my side of the dresser and my half of the {little bitty} closet is full of dresses. I am hoping by summer I can have my wardrobe figured out..I mean, I already have a good size pile of more clothes to donate! We're getting there!

Love this printable! I forgot where I found it, but it's a wondreful reminder to have beside our bed. Or on top of the dresser, if it wasn't full of clothes...

I was so proud of myself --- I french braided my hair, all by myself!
I taught myself how to during my freshman year of high school,
Can anyone else braid their own hair? I know it's tricky..
...I should really braid my hair more often, I love it like this!

The corner shelf I've had since I was a little girl put in the living room
Wedding things, special pillows, special glasses
And the picture we took in the panhandle, the summer before we were married:
My brother, Papa (my dad's father), my dad, and Marshall
All 4 men in the family with Aggie rings! So cool!

Bookshelf in the living room! You can see our school textbooks, National Geographic collection, all of my school yearbooks, Aggieland yearbooks from my mom's collection she gave to us {she has nearly ALL Aggieland's since they began making them early 1900's. An expensive but AWESOME collection!!!} I also put the Texas license plate art on the bookcase - It looks so good!!
Above is the schedule for the rest of my undergrad classes.. As you can see, I try to be very organized! This summer I am applying to take my math and history courses at the local community college, since it's much cheaper than going through the Liberty without a Pell grant {no more grants in the summer... bummer!} So this will keep me on track to graduate 2014..
***Quick Edit***
Since I posted this I have come to a conclusion of my remaining schedule/dilemma. I will take the rest of my core classes left this summer at a local community college {the half of summer my mom isn't visiting..So excited!}, then will take classes throughout the Fall..And I will be student teaching {still, thankfull!} Spring 2014, and decided to take 2 classes online along with that. I know there are assignments due each week throughout the 16 week practicum, but each extra class is 8 weeks each and Im splitting it up, so it'll basically be student teaching plus a class on the side. Soon {though I should probably get them now!} I'll be getting my certification prep guides..I'm planning on taking the PRAXIS and ACSI certification exams..And hopefully we will be going to Texas soon after I graduate so I can take the state certification while it's still fresh. Once I am done we will only be in California for another year or so, so instead of finding a job, I'll probably sub on the side, hopefully work at the Disney store {how cool would that be?!} and I'm now planning on taking a graduate certificate program for Early Childhood Education, which is 1-year long. It'll give me a much better boost in the field than a minor would, and it's the same amount of classes! Crazy, huh? Glad I found it --- and the university is only a few exits down the highway, so I'm looking forward to getting all this started. You can see how eager I am...
***Edit Done***
Talking about school, above are all the textbooks for my Spring courses!
15 hours in 8 weeks really isn't that bad! I only have my history quiz left that's do tomorrow at 8:59 pm {because of east coast/west coast time difference} I am almost done reading for it and am planning on taking it tonight, so that I'll have tomorrow morning to go to the school {1st grade!} and run errands before week 2 starts on Tuesday. Such an exciting schedule!!!

I started this my first semester at Liberty and it has done WONDERS for my studies!
Each week/module I take a sheet of notebook paper and write out, class by class, what readings I have to do and what assignments are due and when. Then I highlight the assignments that are due first {due dates are thursdays, fridays, and mondays} and wa-la! It keeps me so organized and on top of things! As you can see, I have already made my list for this upcoming week. Below you can see week 1, and everything I accomplished then. {Except my history quiz I'm taking tonight} Lots of stuff to do!!! School keeps me busy! Especially with 8 week courses rather than the regular 16 weeks...everything is so fast paced!

...And that's about it for now!

Hope everyone else has a productive beginning of Spring!!

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  1. Where do I begin with this comment? I love this post. I love this post completely!!! Keurig, seriously the best! We dont have one but when we visit someone who does, better believe we steal some :) The Chai latte is really the best!! Scruffy is adorable, plain and simple! I'm loving your hair, can you teach me? been trying to master this for years. Your corner shelf is great, we saw one not long ago that was great and i so wanted to get it! Your classes seem like they've been keeping you busy! I love how you have the schedule and are so organized. I put all my assignments in my planner. granted I'm taking 16 week classes so its a little more spread out but last semester taking an 8 weeker was killer and my planner saved me.

    The clothes issue, feeling the same thing. I see that your closet is small and so I dont know if this would work but check out this post:

    This is what I did to organize my closet a little better because I seriously had NO room!


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