Book Review: God Strong

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I decided to start something new...

Since we all know that I absolutely love books and to read {but haven't been able to find time lately with moving/unpacking etc} I will instead reminisce on books past read..Reviewing one here!

First up:

God Strong - The Military Wife's Spiritual Survival Guide

by Sara Horn

To begin with, the title comes from the term "Army Strong." I know we've all seen the commercials for different branches, but there's a lot more behind the commercial "glamour" of the mliitary that we need to realize.

There are families behind the servicemember; Families whom put their jobs, education, careers, schedules, friends on hold for as long as it takes, because this is the career path that their spouse, parent has chosen. It is a very different lifestyle than anything else.

And I know it can be overwhelming to some.
But military life doesn't have to be overwhelming, if you have the right mindset:
Do you have faith as your stronghold?
In yourself, your husband's career, your every-doing?
Do you call on God for your strength, to build your faith, to get through this training, deployment?
Sara reminds us that "we don't have to be an army of one when we are God Strong."

God said this once and for all;
How many times
Have I heard it repeated?
"Strength comes
Straight from God."
~Psalm 62:11
We must remember that God is in control.
He is our Strength, our Light, our Way.
When we wave our husbands goodbye for work each day, for weeks on end of training, for months of our lives...Everything at home "needs" to stay as "normal" as possible...
Well, okay, "normal" is never going to happen for military families, we all know that.
But to feel close to normal, well, this is only possible if we keep a cool head, saturated in faith.
God is on our side; He is for us and He is with us.

Surrender to your faith.

That will help you with anything the miliitary throws at you:
moving, deployment, switching schools and careers...
Sure, we haven't had the experience of a deployment yet for Marshall just finished training. Sure, I know that this is very different with my husband than it was with my dad gone for 3 deployments while I was growing up.
But I do have some bit of experience; After being through a deployment with my mom and brother by my side for 6 months straight at only 6 years old, or being all alone in the apartment for a week and a half while my husband is in the field, these are circumstances that are still very applicable to this principle:
We can rely on Scripture, and gain confidence in God's comfort, to remind us that we don't have to do it alone. God is on our side -- We are God Strong, not just "Army Strong."
To every military wife who has ever asked,
"How can I do this?"
We can have true joy, despite our circumstances.
There is a great quote that I feel captures the epitome of the novel,
and also answers the question of "How?" {p.23}
...When we no longer rely on strength from within but instead rely on strength from above, it is no longer up to us to be the strong ones. Because it's no longer about us.
When we replace our strength with God's strength, we discover a major difference. the burdens and the problems and the heartaches we carry around with our own strength don't disappear, but they do feel a little lighter.
We don't have to pull and lug and grunt our way through. Instead, we can walk with God and rely on His muscle to do the heavy lifting.
We can become GOD STRONG.
My headstrong faith has helped me tremendously in adjusting from being an Army daughter to a Marine wife. Yes, it is SIGNIFICANTLY different! Not just by branch, but in my attitude as well {determined by age and relation}. I understand so much more about my parents' relationship with the military and eachother now than I ever did before, and that is because I have the experience of being married to the military, not just born into it.
For a military wife, or even if you just want to be able to better "relate" to your military spouse friends, this book is for you.

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