Crafting Craze..

Friday, March 1, 2013

I have been in the crafting kind of mood lately
..and it's been a lot of fun!

The other day I went to JoAnn's Fabrics & Michael's to get my materials...

~Pretty fabrics
~White pins
~Cork sheets
~Heavy duty fabric tape squares
{strong like glue}
The rest of the materials we already had!
~White crackle mirror frame &
glass pieces {favorite childhood mirror broke on the move}
~White "N" wedding cake topper
~Trident pins and memorobillia etc.
~Chip's old license plates
~Foam/stuffing from Keirug box
Seems pretty simple, right?
Well it was!
The Texas out of license plates & mirrors
were defintely the most time consuming...

Specifically, this is what I created!


Fabric covered corkboard, framed - for my office!
I taped/glued the cork sheets to the strong cardboard back on the previous mirror,
then covered it with fabric..The rest is history!
Though I'm going to get sheets of thicker cardboard or something similar
to make the back thicker, and more secure for pins etc.
{The cardboard sheets are really thin! Found in the scrapbooking aisle}
Trident {P-2} shadowbox.. {Texas A&M Corps of Cadets}
Includes {top to bottom}:  Corps rank and pins, dorm room nametag,
lost and found leather wallet,magnetic money clip {groom's gift from our
friends' wedding}, nametapes, nametag, Marine Corps contract pin, Bataan Death March pin, Corps of Cadets member pin, & College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
celebratory pin {Marshall studied Horticulture}
Pieces of Chip's license plate {the one that didn't get all banged up}...
cut and placed strategically in the shape of Texas!
I even put the Texas with the state flag inside of it as the center of the state shape..
Covered the back with thin layers of foam from the Keirug box
and put some of the fabric over it, securing with the white pins
and a little of the sticky glue-tape {mentioned below}.
{Get this...scissors were able to cut right through it!
It was tough and took time, but it worked!}
Now used for decoration on our bookcase :)
And last but not least...
I took broken pieces from the mirror, and formed
the shape of Texas {See a theme here? We love our home state!}
I basically had to smash pieces of the huge mirror that shattered until
I had satisfying sizes that I strategically placed in the shape. I used a really strong
glue-tape found at JoAnn's to stick them securely onto the cork sheets.
Then I pinned it up to the DIY corkboard I made {shown previous}
to put on display in my office! So neat, right?!


What do you think?

.... I think these are Pinterest worthy!

Love love love crafting days :)

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