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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let me tell you, I am an avid reader of the Disney Parks Blog.

I love anything Disney! Who doesn't?

And I was so thrilled when I recieved an email about Disney-inspired Very Bradley's coming out the Fall..

How would Vera Bradley incorporate Disney you ask....?

See evidence below:

Photos via Disney Parks blog
Now even if you are not a fan of Disney {Dare I say? Is that even possible?}, you have got to still like these bags! I have never been a fan of Vera Bradley...I don't even own a name brand one.
I do, though, own one from Hershey, that I got while my mom and I were at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. It was an amazing chocolate-filled couple of days and I would love to go back!
I talked about this wonderful trip here.
We went during one of those weeks that Marshall was in the field training at TBS.
{It was a week before my birthday! Best gift EVER!}
I just know that I am surely getting one of these bags when the collection is in stores this Fall.
They are very cute and very Disney {duh!}
I never got into that whole Vera Bradley trend {I see girls at the airport all the time who only lug around Vera Bradley bags as suitcases..} because
1. They are so expensive! and 2. I never really follow trends that well anyway.
BUT I have to make an exception when this "trend" incorporates one of my favorite things in the world... Disney!
Call me childish, what have you, but this is something I cannot resist!
I will surely be watching the Disney Store online like a hawk when the time comes around!
I may even have to stop by the nearest location to us in Carlsbad...
..I did want to work at Disney, after all, so come summer I may just apply to work there!
How wonderful!!!
Now it's time for me to give our little Trouble some attention and take Scruffy for another walk soon :)
Until next time!


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