I Love Mondays #5 & Link-Up Beginnings

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! I have decided that since I have been participating in my own new series, I would like invite everyone else in blogland to join me now!!!

The Newsom's Nest


This new linky party is called I Love Mondays!

It is essentially something I made up where each Monday, I will post a few things I love, with the titles in bold, the descriptions after, and perhaps a picture or link or two to describe.

This was founded on the principle that I dread Monday mornings and the end of a weekend, so I wanted to create a little irony while showcasing my current loves!

Things I love in the past include: various books, Sprinkles cupckaes, my new schedule, We Bought A Zoo, sparkling grape juice, quiches, Once Upon A Time, Coach Poppy perfume, counting my blessins, local coffee shops, window shopping, and bookstores.

As you can see, it can be anything! It is all up to your imagination!

If you want to add pictures from pinterest to show your love, Michelle @ The Vintage Apple hosts a link-up I participate in called "Oh, How Pinteresting!" each week, and on the link provided she explains how to go about posting Pinterest-y things upon your cute little blog.

Anyone else wanna join??? Just add your link below {at the end of this post} & let me know what you think!!!! Also add this button to the beginning or end of your post so people know who you're linking up with and where!! Let's get ths party started!

{I've been having a litttle trouble with the button, so if you have any issues as well please let me know so I can get on it! Also, my font on this post has been messing up - sorry for the sore sight! I am working on fixing this right now.}

The Newsom's Nest

{I Love...}

Our sweet Scruffy. We have such a sweet girl! Here Scruffy is loving her cupcake blanket atop our new sectional, as you've seen her before... We love her too much! Our girly is too much fun :)

New mini food processor & blender. Absolutely loving these! Found them each at Kohl's and got too excited, I couldn't pass it up! The mini sizes fit great in the small amount of counterspace our kitchen has, they are so cute {I love the colors} and will be so handy! I've been wanting a food processor, but because of size and price, this mini one is perfect. And our blender broke in the move, so this mini one is great for just making smoothies for now! I am too excited for our kitchen!

My collection of scarves. I have so many scarves! There are even a few in this pile that are elsewhere in our bedroom, but anyway, I just love wearing scarves, year-round. I am always looking for cheap scarves at the store {especially Target} when I'm out and about, because I have hopes of one day owning an entire rainbow of scarves. If scarves were my only accessory, I'd be pretty content.

Current book pile. I know, I know, I have too many books. I am not ordering any on Amazon for a while!!! I am so excited to read these - has anyone else read them?? Did you like these books?? I absolutely adore books & can't wait until I have a break in my studies to catch up on my ever-growing book pile! In the pile now: Faith Deployed, Work Hard Be Nice, Fit for Faith, Crazy Love, and A Jane Austen Devotional. All of them are absolutely amazing.

Disney Princesses. Duh. Also adore Disney and the princesses. Stories of my childhood! This little collection is from nearly 2 years ago, so of course there have been a new addition to the Disney princess clan since then: Merida from Brave! Anyway, I gotta admit it... I absolutely love Disney. And the princess movies, hence, this post.

Can't wait to see everyone's current loves!!!


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