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Friday, March 29, 2013

This is a post about school.

{Disclaimer: Lots of words, not many pictures, sorry in advance! But thanks for reading!}


Currently I am finishing up week 2 out of 8 of my Fall courses. I absolutely love these 8-week terms Liberty offers. I am in love with this school.
Lately I have been planning my educational future:
{in case anyone cares to know}

I will still graduate right on time, May 2014, despite moving twice since then and taking a semester off in the middle of it all.

We have decided that it would be much better for job prospects to take off my Special Education minor I've had for the past semester, and instead enroll in a 1-year Graduate Certificate program upon graduation, specializing in an area of Education to choose at a later date. Thus, I'm still graduating on time. And, the certificate program is at a nearby university which has locations nationwide. Then I'll be able to take at least one more certification exam than expected, and it will surely add to my job prospects! {And I will be completely done with school by the time the military tells us it's time to move again, God-willing...2015 will be 2 years in SoCal}.

Though, I only have a few electives left, and I decided to take education electives for them...Only 2 more classes past what is planned, and I would still have a minor. But we just don't want to pay for that and would rather take that money to pay for half of grad school, which will help me more than a minor would in the long run. Bummer but I'm kind of okay with that..The idea is growing on me.

I just planned the rest of the courses I will be taking for the rest of my time as an undergrad, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Besides the Pell grant, we are paying the rest out of pocket. Sounds daunting, right? Well, not quite, because Liberty offers amazing discounts for military-affiliated students, not to mention that the school is non-profit so they charge less than other universities, and  after the Pell grant, there isn't much leftover for out-of-pocket tuition. Liberty basically charges half that Texas A&M did for tuition... That's all squared away now.

I am currently volunteering at the elementary school {literally down the block from us} and am too excited to stay with them for student teaching in spring of next year, 2014. {And to substitute this fall} The principal is thrilled too, for they rarely get student teachers! I wonder who my mentor teacher will be and what grade.... Right now I'm loving being in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade, but come the Fall I'm going to try to volunteer in 5th, 4th & 3rd grade to see if I prefer teaching younger or older kiddos so I can be put in a class I know that I will love student teaching in.

Also planning on teaching Sunday School at our new church by the summer! And substituting starting this fall, as noted, along with volunteering a few days a week, both at the same school. {Don't forget volunteering with LINKS for Kids on base..Whew!}

I am only taking 2 classes this summer, what a relief! Though I will still be taking full-on semesters for the last two, including next spring when I student teach - It will be chaos, but it will definitely be worth it! {And my mom is planning a visit - Whoop!}

Just found out that I need to take the PRAXIS {certification exam} prior to applying for student teaching i.e. turning in the paperwork. So I'm taking that early next Fall, and am anxiously waiting my study book in the mail {Kaplan or McGraw-Hill are the best from what I hear!}. Planning on signing up for it soon, sometime this summer.

My other scheduled certification exams, ACSI for Christian schools, and TExES for Texas state licensure, will come after graduation. Or while I'm student teaching, but definitely sometime 2014, if not this fall.

P.S. I'm geared for the ACSI certification exam because Liberty is a gem - a Christian university! I absolutely love having faith intertwined in my classes, and it definitely gives a different perspective on special education classes as well. I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't find another Christian university for grad school...I just love it! Thus, I would also love to be able to teach at a Chrisitan school upon graduation...I surely will one day!

This time next year is the deadline for submitting an application to graduate - graduation is just around the corner!!!!!!

We have decided that we are most likely not going to Virginia for the graduation {cost of flights, etc} and will instead opt to have my degree mailed to us...but I will get a proper frame from the Liberty bookstore to frame it! Then we'll need to get Marshall's framed degree from his parents'  house and display them both in our home!

Probably the most important thing to me right now: After this semester is done and final grades are in, I will be ordering my Aggie Ring!!!! By the end of May!!!! This will also be mailed to us in SoCal this fall, and I will have it in my hands THIS September. Eeeekkkk!!!!!!!

to sum it up:
2 classes this summer {order Aggie ring},
5 classes this fall {recieve Aggie ring & take certification exams},
and 5 classes next spring of 2014 {while student teaching & apply to graduate},
apply to grad certificate programs in the area in spring of 2014,
...&  I will be graduating undergrad next MAY of 2014!!!!! Whoop!
{Right on time!}

Thankful beyond belief! Everything is working itself out...
and I will graduate on time!
 {Praise the Lord!}
Since y'all know my educational plans, let's sum up my/our regular plans for this weekend:
~Donate clothes to Plato's Closet
~Make Scruffy homemade dog treats {we have a bone cookie cutter, eee!}
~Attend church & celebrate Easter and Christ's crucifixion and resurrection
~Finish week 2 early and catch up on my book pile {It's grown! 7 books now!}
~Laundry {so much laundry..}, clean, etc. etc. etc.
~RELAX! Perhaps go to Legoland, check out the flower fields and weekend farmer's market in Carlsbad, or just chill at the beach which is blocks away. We live for weekends!


  1. I love this, so organized and planned. It seems that everything is coming together for you. It's actual funny how things work out. My college started a program with another college last September that I will be doing once I get my associate's degree. Its actually a wonderful program and will let me get my Bachelors degree after just 10 classes. If I had gone to college right out of high school I wouldnt be getting this great future opportunity.

  2. Good for you girl!!! I would love to go back to school but the mere thought of it makes me want to hurl. I am so lazy. I shall live vicariously through you and your wicked motivation. lol Happy Easter!


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