my closet dilemma...spring cleaning 101

Friday, March 8, 2013

Okay, so I know we moved here a couple weeks ago, but I am STILL unpacking! I am very lazy {and I have every right to be relaxing before school starts up again in a week...15 hours in only 2 months!}. But with that laziness has come..disorganization. I was never very organized to begin with, but I've really been trying to lately. I did an amazing job organizing our 2-tier file box the other week with every single little category for every important document necessary. And I'm proud of it.

But, organizing my side of the closet...That's a WHOLE other story.

So our house is a cute little 2-bedroom house. It's seriously adorable. We have the little-bit-bigger bedroom as ours, and the walls are painted a light blue which is perfect. Then we have the little-bit-smaller bedroom which is basically my office, where I do all of my homework and craft projects. This room is painted a light yellow, which is also wonderful and cheery for me. The closet in this room hosts all of Marshall's uniforms, all my bags/purses, my craft supplies, and all our board games. It's a little packed already. Some of my jackets/coats are in there as well, but the big winter stuff that we are never going to use or ever need here in SoCal are in the laundry room that's in that bonus room attatched to the garage {I'll get to all this whenever things are set up and I give a little home tour!}

But anyway, the closet in our room is {maybe} twice the size as the office closet, but still not that big. For all the clothes I have, a walk-in closet is kind of necessary. But we don't have one {It was so nice having one while we were in Virginia though!}. So I have come to an impasse.  I decided to hang up all of my dresses {which is a LOT!} and skirts in the closet, then hang up all of Marshall's nice dress shirts and kakhis in the other part of it. Then we have a dresser, which is the same one that my brother had growing up {Whoop for hand-me-downs and saving money!}. It really is lovely, but I could actually fit all of my clothes in both sides of it and still run out of room. See the dillema here? I get one side, Marshall get's the other....

...But I'm already out of room. And I have a few more piles of clothes to put away.

What am I going to do??

...I guess it's about time to clean out the closet {literally}

Right now, there is a couple feet of space between the end of our bed and the dresser, and all of that is filled up with my clothes that don't fit inside of my side of the dresser {Hence the few more piles of clothes to put away}. Oh, and a lot of my shoes too. I really need to downsize.

My side of the dresser is completely jampacked full of clothes as well. So I have decided that I'm going to go through my wardrobe, keeping the fashionable modest essentials {which will still probably be a lot of clothes} and see what I can do. I mean, I have my half of the hang up closet, a shelf in the closet {which I can't really see because of the dresses on top}, and my 3 shelves in my half of the dresser....That should be enough for a lady, right?.......

I need to find a way to make this work.

But the good news: After going through my wardrobe I will be able to give back to the community {donate some clothes} and also will have "slimmed" my clothes down a bit. Oh, and I will add to my t-shirt quilt pile.

My goal is to basically only wear big girl work clothes - Like dresses and just nice outfits. I mean, I have enough dresses to wear one each day for a month and a half {ish}. So that shouldn't be a problem. If I wear only dresses, I'll only have to do laundry like once a month, or even once every other month! How cool would that be? But I'll of course wear more than just dresses..I have some nice shirts to pair with shorts or jeans.

I guess I've decided how to solve this dilemma myself then!
~Finish unpacking my clothes
~Make a tshirt quilt pile and set aside
~Make a donation pile and set aside
~Go through my clothing pieces one by one....And put more clothes in piles noted above
~Find a way to fit my clothes in my side of the dresser nicely {able to close not so jampacked in there as it is now}
~Only keep nicer/grown-up clothes and put the rest in the donation/quilt piles, once again
~Probably make another donation pile...yet again
~And hopefully fit everything in either 1) my part of the closet or 2) my part of the dresser {at least that's the goal!}

It's seriously a dilemma not to have a big closet {girl problems..}. But, this is actually a really good thing for me. I get to do some spring cleaning! And I probably won't be done with my closet project until the summer, hopefully... It's going to take a while. Especially with all of the adorable clothes/outfits I see at Target or on Pinterest that I want to go out and get...It's gonna be tough. But I'll do it! I'm going to do it!

I also wish to {for my closet}
~Have a "shoe closet"..cubbies for all my shoes to fit in. And probably put this in my little yellow office. Now to just find one of those...Or make one...
~Have uniformed hangers..You know.. Get a hanger set that matches for all our stuff in our little closet... I don't know why I want this so much!
~Color coordinate! How fun would that be to open your closet and see a rainbow?

Trouble likes to sleep atop mountains of clothes I have yet to organize!

This is seriously my life lately! I just want to get this cute little home organized before classes start in a week....Is that too much to ask? Hopefully this weekend {So thankful it's the weekend!}  I will get a lot of this spring cleaning done..Or at least have larger quilt & donation piles. Back to the essentials, right? Does anyone at all out there have this same problem, or is it just me? I feel like I should be more on top of things, but organizing my closet and piles of clothes is just something I've never really been good at!
Get ready weekend, because I'm coming for you!


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