Pinterest Lovin' #2

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Here's to another Pinterest Lovin' Wednesday!!!
{Oh How Pinteresting Link-Up via The Vintage Apple}
Here are a few of the things that I have been loving lately...
...And they have gone on my wishlist/i wish i though of that list, as is everything else on that addicting site that is Pinterest.
Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how many items I have bookmarked on my wishlist.
Just another late-night post because I woke up wondering where my books are that I am expecting this week. If I didn't tell you, I'm expecting another 3 books from Amazon, and I'm so excited. I guess you could say that I'm addicted to the combination of books {at a bargain price} & Amazon... And it's about time to get that out of my system the week before I start my Spring term because, well, the least amount of distractions the merrier.
Though there is one distraction each week I'm uber excited about...
And it has to do with my studies/future career...
But I'll get to that later.
..For now, the pretty little pins:


Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

I absolutely love the idea of this necklace... Our initials, birthstones, and fingerprints merging on the heart. I absolutely want this, perhaps for our 2 year anniversary this summer {I know, I am already thinking ahead!}


Source: via Katherine on Pinterest
Okay, I seriously am in love with these stamps. You know, to stamp your mail, instead of ordering all of those stickers or writing it yourself?  This is something I am considering a must-have, perhaps for now, the next 3 years of our life in California, but surely once we settle back onto our own piece of land and our own home in Texas..Whenever that may be.


Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

Oh my goodness. This is the bodice of a beautiful dress, covered with lace. Very classy. And, it's in a version of our wedding colors. I just think this dress is stunning and would love to add it to my collection {that's right, I have enough to call it a collection of dresses!}. I cannot wait for the day when I can order this from the owner's shop on Etsy...I absolutely love Etsy. Someday..

 White chocolate raspberry cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. I adore this cupcakery
Anyone want to go to their LA location with me? It's only an hour away, just an hour's drive north...
I am crazy about cupcakes! And, as you saw the other day, I recently recieved their newest cookbook, and baked one of the many treat recipes included....Mmmmm.

 This is just all sorts of cool. And I'm going to make this.
It's a corkboard map of of our beautiful country..where you basically pin all the places you've been
Or they can be places you want to go, or places you lived
Anyway, I love this interpretation of that "map of our lives" kind of project
...Totally making this!

I wholeheartedly agree 100%. There is nothing that a box of chocolates and a full-on Disney marathon cannot cure. I wish Disney were reality... {Sometimes}

 That personal touch in our wedding. The Princess Bride is hands down the best movie and book on the planet. We absolutely love it. And you absolutely need to read the book {I listed it here}. Westley and Buttercup is one of the most beautiful love stories I know. Call me crazy, but this movie is the epitome of what every movie should be. Don't forget the many quotes taken from this...Wonderful in so many ways. My father-in-law is a pastor and married us in a small church in East Texas...And he did the whole shebang..This whole speech from when Buttercup was forced to {almost} marry Prince Humperdink. We kind of joked about it, thinking wouldn't-that-be-cool-do-people-really-do-that..And I didn't think he would. But he did. It was seriously epic...And it definitely turned my tears of happiness and extreme emotion into laughs of pure joy. {And it meant so much to my dad and myself} Best movie on earth right here.
Thank you, dad, for making me sit down and watch this with you when I was little.
 "Mawwiage...That bwessed awwangement... That dweam within a dweam..."

And last but surely not least... {probably the best pin I have every found in my life}
If you follow this to the Pinterest site, there is a link to an actual website with all of the recipes for a homemade version of Girl Scout cookies. Squeeee!
Gotta go, I need to make me some Samoas!!!!



  1. Love the map idea! And the Princess Bride is one of my absolute favorite movies too!

  2. I'm loving all these ideas!!!! Pinterest is amazing! My favorite are the stamps and heart with your initials!!! You're killing me with the girl scout cookies to :)

  3. All these ideas are awesome!!!!!!

  4. I keep seeing those return address stamps and I am seriously OBSESSED!!! I think I may need to get one...



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