Scruffy's Adventure!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scruffy & I had quite the adventure today!

After she jumped in my car anxiously waiting to go for a ride while I instead put the new license plates on it, she was a little bummed out...

So I made it up to her by taking her for a walk!

We walked in a few circles, since I'm still learning my way around here {I am the worst at directions!}..

...But we eventually walked those 8 blocks to the beach!

Of course, we had to pass across railroad tracks, which was fun for Scruffy since she doesn't see those that often, but we made it...

What a beautiful place we live! The Pacific Ocean... a short walk down the road!!!
In the corner you can see a fence/backyard...I am so jealous of the people with the beautiful homes on the ocean!! I would love to live on a beach, but a short walk isn't that bad, I'll surely settle for that.
We absolutely are in love with our new home and backyard...Perfect location!!!

Of course, pets of any kind are not allowed on this beach...
I will have to search for the closest dog beach to us,
it's really a bummer that the beach within walking distance doesn't allow dogs!
At least we can enjoy this walk to the beach, though :)

I thought this would make up for taking her to the vet yesterday...
She is always so joyful about meeting new people and going for car rides and walks,
but once she's at the vet... Let's just say she can't stand it! Does any dog really like the vet?
And she hasn't been for over a year, so I'm sure she thought that was behind her
...I think a walk to the beach today was truly a good way to make up for that :)

It was a long walk..we were probably gone for at least 45 minutes {Especially because we walked in circles around the same block a few times..Silly me!}.
On the way a sweet lady stopped us to meet Scruffy, and boy did she love it
Scruffy absolutely LOVES other people  {& dogs} - she is so happy!
Scruffy is such a sweetie pie, and finds joy in every situation..
She absolutely loves going for walks and riding in the car..
I wish I could have that kind of simple appreciation for little things as she does
...We can sure learn a lot from our dogs :)
Note: I told the nice lady that her name is Scruffy Spice..
..And she thought it was perfect for her!
She also has a silly name for her little dog, but I forgot that after all the commotion.
Let's just say it's Sugarplum, because I have heard that sweet dog name before!

After the walk, Scruffy was exhausted and fell asleep on the cupcake blanket from the Hinken's atop our sectional..{She loves that blanket too and steals it from me a lot, actually!}
She really enjoys our new couch, and thinks it is a perfect perch to spy of neighbors walking or
driving by, and to lookout for Marshall arriving home!
...Until Next Time!

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  1. Scruffy's a little cutie-pa-tutie!! Love the beach pics :) Glad you're settling into your new home and venturing out!


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