A Texas Tuesday #1

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confessions of a Cowboy's Wife
I decided I'm going to join another linkup.. which I also believe in..

Texas Tuesday.

Basically you linkup a post that is about Texas. Home. Oh how we miss it!
Don't get me wrong, California is beautiful, but nothing beats home.
Here are a few things I'm missin' of the lone star state...
Giant awesome rest stops/gas stations, like Bucee's and various Smokehouses.
They have everything under the sun: it's like a condensed grocery store/gas station/car wash/rest stop all in one!

Crossing the Louisiana/Texas state line... The joy of knowing that I am in Texas.

Texas beaches...We miss you Galveston!

Touring the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart, both WWII submarines forever in port on Pelican Island, Galveston, Texas.

Pleasure Pier...When a hurricane destroys a historic hotel, 4 years later you get a theme park!

Tiki Island, my parents' temporary residence.. Beautiful.

Seeing palm trees all up and down the Gulf. And don't forget the sunsets.

Wide open roads in a Ford....No human life in sight. Bliss.

Blue Bell Ice Cream... Enough said. Missing Brenham.
Best ice cream, hands down, ever, anywhere, no questions asked.
The only place to get this in SoCal is at a restaurant in LA...Gotta go!

Enchanted Rock State Natural Park.

Perdenales Falls.

Whataburger.. and their honey butter chicken biscuts. And chicken strips with real gravy and Texas toast.

Texas sunrises {and sunsets} are even prettier in state parks.

You can't walk two blocks without spotting the state flag.

Smokers. Enough said - the best way to cook beef!
I love my steak, my barbecue, my pork, my brats, my shrimp...
California will never compare {Though it is nice, just, seriously though, no.}
Even more after looking through old pictures,
Oh and don't mention that Marshall is constantly looking at land for us to buy during practically all of his free time. Each week he even emails me links to properties he likes to check out! We have found some really good sites out in east Texas much like what we are wanting. We can't wait to buy land in a couple years, build/remodel a house, and plant roots. What a dream!


  1. My Hubby and I are greatly intrigued by the state of Texas. We've both only been in San Antonio for USAF BMT,but everything we hear and see looks awesome. We're still about 15 years from retirement (geez thats awhile). But the more we talk the more we lean Texas. You make it sound amazing too!

    1. Hello Rachel! Texas is the greatest place on earth, no questions asked! Though, of course, my husband and I are a little biased... Let me know if you want any details about things to do in the lone star state - it is SO fun to just drive and explore the state. We miss home. San Antonio is awesome - so much to do there! Be sure you check out the mexican market there in the summer next time :)

  2. Thank you so much for linking up with us! Sorry that you are missing your home. Great post and lovely pictures!!



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