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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sometimes I get myself thinking, and it's hard to believe this amazing life that I have right now. God has been looking out for me. I am married to my best friend, livin' it up in California, already getting classroom hours and I'm not even graduating until May 2014. We truly have too many wonderful opportunities out here. We're still searching for our new home church, still cleaning/unpacking {slowly but surely}, anxiously waiting the day we pay/register for my final semester of undergrad classes next spring, looking forward to when I'll be receiving a paycheck as well soon after. I really want to get out there and be done with undergrad already, if only time would go by faster!!

I am up late finishing homework, of course, because I want to make the most of this weekend, rather than study it away. We are planning on going to the Renaissance Festival in a city near us tomorrow, and are really excited to get out and explore. We also need to go to the movie theatre for at least an hour and observe youth culture (high school aged kiddos) for a short paper I have to write for a class due Monday. I meant to go during this week but time has really gotten the best of me {Really it's the traffic here..Ridiculous!}

Since I've been sharing so much of this already on the blog, I thought I'd state the verdict here: Well no verdict yet, necessarily, but I did receive confirmation that I can indeed undergo the minimally-invasive Melody valve procedure next year rather than a full-on open heart surgery. What a great relief! God has really been looking out for us. This is an outpatient procedure - what a miracle! It was hard to believe the doctors in North Carolina who told me that technology has caught up with us, but after hearing it multiple times here in Camp Pendleton it has finally sunk in. This will be done at the Naval Hospital in San Diego whenever God deeds it, and by the timeline I've been given, in 2014 or 2015. I had an echo the other day and everything was in good shape, and soon I'll have an MRI scheduled for next month in San Diego where I will receive more of a timeline and get an idea of what's next regarding my heart health. {Grateful that #5, whenever it may be, won't be near as traumatizing as the others}

My mother said this the other day, and it rings so true: God has placed us in the perfect, right place. Living an hour north of San Diego is a lifesaver. This is the place to be, the best place in the country for us to be, for my health issues, because this area hosts some of the greatest cardios and docs in the country and world. No wonder I can undergo the minimally invasive, outpatient operation now! He is truly looking out for us, I am forever grateful.

This upcoming week is spring break for the local school district, as it is also midterm week for my spring courses. Perfect timing, if I'd say so myself. I'm looking forward to finishing projects and papers early, rather than hours before they are due. I'm also going to try my best to get ahead on classes, so wish me luck! I will hopefully by then also hear back about financial aid for the summer: We are not taking out any loans and are instead relying on the Pell grant, military discounts, and the book voucher for military-affiliated students at Liberty for staying within our budget for my classes each semester. I already registered for a couple classes above what we wanted but we can still manage, and if a grant comes in, then I'll be able to take a few more and not have a jampacked semester while student teaching next spring. Only God knows - we will find out soon!

But do know that I am on track to graduate May 2014! No minor, but we decided that a graduate certificate program will be a greater boost, as it also costs essentially the same with the same amount of courses required. Starting to look into that, and not quite sure if that's the right plan for me, but it's a good thought. Also, this fall I will be taking my certification exams - starting to study for the PRAXIS now! Has anyone else out there taken this exam? {Don't forget that I'm ordering my Aggie Ring this May - next month - once final grades are out for Spring, and I will be receiving it in the mail this September, eee!} So thankful for Marshall's support in this endeavour!

Also, I just found out that there is a spellcheck here on blogger...I'm sorry for the sore sight some of my spelling must have been! oh, goodness. A downside for having a typing speed upwards of 120 wpm..

One last thing: My current book pile is now up to 6! I am currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which is incredible. Simply incredible. If you want to learn about a true, passionate love relationship with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, this is the book for you! It will change your perspective and life! I am savoring all that I can, but I am also really looking forward to the rest of the books in my pile..My goal is to have them finished by summer, or the end of my spring term essentially (in 5 weeks). Any awesome book suggestions out there? My Amazon wish list grows by the day, but I'm always looking for more inspiring reads! {Though I won't order any more until after finals!}

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  1. This was such a sweet post! I love that you highlight that God has you in the perfect place for your situation. It's so true. Very encouraging words today! Have a fun weekend! P.s. we find out where we will be stationed in May! Hoping for San Diego!


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