help! long or short?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I have a question to ask everyone out here in blogland...

Long hair or short hair?

My hair is currently down to my waist, and I love it. I absolutely love having long hair, and I'm taking much better care of it now than I have in the past. That includes lots of conditioner, lots of brushing, lots of braiding. I kind of want to see how long my hair can grow {trimming the ends as they get unhealthy or split, of course} because I kind of secretly really want to be Rapunzel. You know, Rapunzel. That's right, like the movie Tangled. How cool would it be to be able to use your hair to swing from trees? Okay, that's stretching it, but super long hair would be pretty awesome. It would be a lot to keep up with it, that's for sure. Oh, especially living right outside San Diego. But it would be cool.

But I have had short hair before, a few times. Starting my freshman year of high school (2006), I cut my hair short, at least a foot off, every other year. I've been doing that for the past 7 years, at least. Cool huh? The last time I did so was right before our family trip to Hawaii for Christmas 2010. That was kind of my high school graduation gift / an awesome excuse to head out there. And it was awesome. Short hair is perfect for that climate and the amount of activity. It was too cute too. I know Marshall really prefers short hair, but he doesn't mind my long hair. Okay, he really just wants me to have short hair. But I really enjoy having long hair.

I am at an impasse.

For reference:

Each time I cut it short, I cut at least 6 inches to donate. The most I've done is a foot!
The first time was my sophomore year of high school, 2008, bottom row left.
Second was summer before my senior year of high school, 2009, top row right.
Third was Christmas break by freshman year of college, 2010, top row left, middle row right/left, bottom row right{pre-wedding trim, 2011}
Note: All these pictures were throughout that school year and summer!


So basically every year and a half or so, I go in to get my hair cut off and donate it. I usually do well with washing and brushing that I haven't gone in to get it trimmed in between that except for maybe once. One reason for that is when they "trim" long hair they cut at least 4 inches off - no thanks!
Anyway, I always try and let my hair grow at for as long as possible. I've gotten it cut before because of summer approaching, pre-wedding, or pre-family vacation, so it's easier to manage {i.e. like when we went to Hawaii}.
Anyway, here are the instances in which my hair was long, ranging from mid-back to the tip of my waist.
Top left: senior picture summer 2009
Top right: before A&M/t.u. game, fall 2010
Bottom left: moving into our apartment in VA, early spring 2012
Bottom right: TBS graduation, early fall 2012

Ahem. I want your opinions, ladies!
Fellow people of blogland, please help!
Since we are living in southern California and summer is fast approaching, I am not sure what to do. I LOVE having my hair long, but short hair would also be easier to manage for summer weather. And the fact that Marshall prefers short hair on me, I'm just at a loss since I love my long hair. Short hair may be better though, especially if I go to the beach practically every day, which I'm planning to do, just you wait.

Do you like it long? Do you like it short? Which do you prefer for youself? Which do you think looks better for me? What are pros/cons of each, from experience? Give me suggestions on how to decide  and thanks in advance!!! Oh and yes, if I do chop it off, it will be at least a foot, which would make it just below my shoulders, and yes I will go to a nice salon to get it done rather than just another barber, and donate it of course. Oh my goodness, yes.


  1. I'm like you I grow my hair and donate it. I say cut it. Nothing drastic, but it's so much easier to manage. I'm getting ready to donate 10 inches. My hair is becoming unmanagable its get so long.

  2. Well it is gorgeous both ways. I have short hair now but would love for it to be long, but long for me would be your short hair! lol. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

  3. Yeah, I've never understood hair length terms.. Probably because I have almost always had really long hair, I can't imagine just beneath your shoulders, or whatever it is, I forgot, being long. I think the correct term for where I'd cut it would be medium..I'm really leaning towards that for summer, still a few weeks to decide..


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