Homemade Doggie Treats!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Well, as you can tell by the title of this post.. I finally made homemade dog treats for our sweet Scruffy! I have been scouring so long for recipes I thought that Scruffy would love {though I know she'd love ANY of them, I just wanted to find something special} and I finally found them! One is peanut butter/apple sauce and the other is peanut butter/oats. They are currently cooling, but I gave Scruffy a little bit of the mix and she absolutely LOVED them! Of course, which dog wouldn't love people food?

Recipes are below:
{I didn't feel like typing it all out this time! I just finished 2 papers, okay?}

After a little bit..I gave them to her...

Above is what the peanut butter/oats combo looks like before rolled!

Dog bone cookie cutter I got for Scruffy's first Christmas, 2011!
It was perfect for the peanut butter/apple sauce treats :)
Which, is below, before baked, of course.

Note: "SSN" stands for Scruffy Spice Newsom!
Cause, well, that's her name..We just usually call her by Scruffy though :)

And look at my awesome sculpting skills!
I made her a Texas shaped treat too, I thin kthat was her favorite :)

Staring intently at her treats :) I told her as soon as I got home with the ingredients
that she was going to get something very special That dog is smart.

Licking the peanut butter & oats off my fingers! She's a cutie :)

She loved it! Licked the bowl for the rest of the peanut butter covered oats :)

Mmmm... Such a cute picture! I was trying to snap one with her tongue out and got it!!
She wanted more!! Of course, there is a lot more, but I'm not going to spoil her too much at once..

The cute vase I put all the treats in...
We don't have one of those clear dog treat specific containers so this will have to do.
You can see the Texas shaped treat sticking out!
And what you couldn't see: the rolled peanut butter/oat treats.
I think these are her absolute favorite!
My favorite too - each of these treats you can eat as well!!
Have fun with these & be sure to save some for your puppies too :)
because I'm seriously eating all of the peanut butter/oats treats myself right now!
SO delicious!! Your dogs will love you FOREVER if you do this!
Homemade doggies treats are a must from now on!


  1. Scruffy is so cute! What a great idea to make homemade dog treats, I totally love the Texas shaped one!

  2. Definitely gonna make these!

  3. Wow! What a great idea!!! I am definitely trying this!!!

  4. I need to make these for Bear!!! He would love them!! Your dog is so cute!!! :)



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