I Love Mondays Linkup - Any takers???

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's that time of the week again.. for my new linkup party.. I Love Mondays! Okay, so we mostly dread Mondays, but this is a way to put a little spunk back into the day, and to spend a few minutes to talk about things that we are LOVING lately. And this can be anything - food, people, books, parks, pets, clothes, anything. Seriously, whatever you want - it's all up to you! So far I haven't had any takers, but that's okay, because this is something that I started in order to motivate myself to enjoy my Mondays..And I thought that if anyone else thought it was a good idea, I'd go ahead and give 'em an opportunity to hop on the positivity train. So you want to join? Great!

Post a number of things your loving lately - I post 5 or so pictures and describe why I love it! It could be something that's going on this week, something that happened last week, something you found on Pinterest and absolutely love, whatever!

Then add the button below and add your link below so that I can see all of the lovely things everyone else in blogland has been loving lately! And hopefully you can add a little spunk to your dreaded Monday, as well :)

Here we go...!

The Newsom's Nest

{I Love...}

Crazy Love. An incredible book by Francis Chan. Simply incredible. I talked a little about this the other day, but I still can't get over it. I'm about halfway through, and am desperately wanting to read more but have had to put it off due to school priorities. Anyway, if you want to learn about a true love relationship with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, get it! Seriously, go get it now! It will truly change your perspective on how you act out Christianity in daily life.
People Watching. I know I said we did this the other day at Ren Fest, which is definitely true, but it's fun. It's so much fun to people watch and see the culture of America today. It's honestly a little sad, as I've also had to do so for a project on youth culture at the movie theatres, but it's still interesting nonetheless. We are in a sad state, with many at a loss of faith in God, and it's easy to tell when observing the masses. But people watching is a good pastime, just to kind of get a vibe for what life is like outside of your little bubble, you know. To get to know other people. Anyone else do this?
Quiches & Company. Yes, so I know I've talked about my amazing quiches before, and they are simply amazing. I still need to make one tonight for a LINKS team meeting tomorrow - falling a little behind! A lot behind actually, for i still have about 4 assignments to do for school due tomorrow night, but hey, I'm getting there. I absolutely love quiches though - like a savory pie of eggs and veggies. Mmmm! Come on, don't tell me you've never heard of one...
The thought of getting a new 'do. I literally just posted about this yesterday but I still want to know.. Long hair or short hair? It's probably going to take me months to decide, but I think I'll want to cut it at the start of summer, perhaps. I don't know. What do you think? Look at the pictures in that post and let me know which is better! I wonder how I should get my hair styled, too.. Bangs or no bangs? Layered or not? Bob or shoulder length? So many decisions, ahh!
The prospect of Summer. I absolutely love summer. come one, who doesn't? I can't wait for summer. Walking to the beach every day, getting a tan, reading my books, friends and family visiting, going down to Sea World, or up to Disneyland, volunteering on base, catching up on my book pile, doing some crafts...Eee! I'm only taking 2 classes this summer so I will surely have time for it, and boy am I ready! 5 more weeks till Im done with finals and can get ready for the sweet summertime - my favorite season! I can't wait to experience our first summer in SoCal :)



 So tell me..What do you love?

Link up below to let me know!


  1. Yay for a new linkup!! I'm loving the "everydays" of life this Monday :)

  2. Loving this idea!!! Will be linking up in just a few :)


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