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Monday, April 29, 2013

Okay ladies! I know I have been very MIA lately, but there's good reason for this. I've been crazy busy with school, volunteering, and of course running errands...Lots of them. Things have been hectic, as you may have seen in my last post, but it's still been fun. I can't wait for summer...

Here are some things I've been lovin' lately!!!

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Ann Taylor Loft logoLoft by Ann Taylor. It's official. I am in desperate need of modest, cute, womanly, teacher clothes. Seriously - I need to get onto that spring cleaning and fix my wardrobe! Tonight with the LINKS ladies we went to the local Loft by Ann Taylor store- I LOVED it!!! There was a stylist and we had the entire store to ourselves - heaven. Don't forget the chocolate covered strawerries to go along with it.. We all tried on like crazy, and I finished with about 30 items - dresses, skirts, heels, sandals, jewelry, pants, jeans, etc. Seriously I tried on the whole store. Only left with 3 - get that - THREE - clothing items. I don't understand how I was able to get rid of so much. We got a wonderful discount on everything, and Marshall was surprised when I came home with so little. I should have gotten more - this is now my go-to store for teacher clothes! I seriously needed this!

That cute Disney purse. Lately my go-to purse that I bought for my brother's graduation this time last year has officially passed away - the strap broke, and I already tried everything I could think, theres no hope. So I've been using my Disney purse. Too cute.

Pinterest. DUH. Since I got home from Loft, I've been switching between browsing Pinterest for teacher clothes and homework. I need to take a good, serious look at my closet soon and decide what I need and don't need. Spring cleaning hasn't officially started for me yet, but it will soon. I need professional clothes - help me, Pinterest!

Planning out my final semesters of undergrad. Once I got home from the wonderful event at Loft earlier, Marshall started talking to me about our future. Which desperately made me want to finish school already, like now! I'm trying to see what ways I can meander to graduate this December, just to be done with it.I mean, I already have everything planned out, but if I forgo student teaching and just be an assistant teacher spring, I'll be makin' some money. And with all the volunteering I already do at the elementary school, that might be okay.. Just so, you know, we can prepare for starting a family and all that. And just so I can be done with school already...

Prepping for SUMMER. With a wardrobe wake-up call and desperate planning for school, I am too beyond excited for summer. My favorite season. First, I need to find a new swimsuit, A modest, one-piece swimsuit, Any store suggestions, ladies? Regardless, summer can't come fast enough! Less classes, family visiting, getting teacher ceritifed..Oh yeah, and we are blocks from the beach, so I'll basically be walking to the sandy shore each day!

 photo cblue_zpseefa6324.jpgWives of Faith. I talked about this a little before, and I must say. I am beyond excited for what God is doing in my life. And our life. But Wives of Faith is an organization for Christian military wives to have fellowship and a network where you are understood, you know, cause of this crazy military life. I met with the leader of the local Oceanside chapter this past Friday, and it was wonderful. We talked about our walks with God, where we are from, how long we're here - basically what's going on, a get to know eachother thing. I really needed that, some girl talk about God and military life. I've really been itching for fellowship here, and other than LINKS, I don't know any other lovely ladies here, since Marshall is just moving to a new job and is still meeting people.

So tell me... What do you love??
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  1. Love this post!!! Pinterest has started to suck me in. I've had it for awhile but never was really a fan until now. I'm going to follow you :) The Loft, yes please!!! Dont go here often but it. They got some great stuff! I'm so ready for summer and this semester to be over! As for swim suits JC Penny has some good ones. Places like that. They may be a little more priced but have a great quality. I've also tried Kohls.

    1. Hey girl! I LOVE Pinterest - If only I could pin things for a living - ha! I absolutely LOVE the Loft too, sign up for their email and you'll get a coupon, not to mention the giant 40% off sale they are having right now..I have got to go back to get more teacher clothes, ha! I'm going there, to TJ Maxx and to Marshall's tomorrow to update my wardrobe. I've already gotten rid of two laundry baskets full of stuff.. That doen't fit or that I know I haven't worn for months. Still spring cleaing & I love it! Thank for reading!

  2. Just recently found WOF via one of your posts. SOOO encouraging....so thanks!

    1. Yay!!! You are going to love their blog & weekly linkups (on Wednesdays!!). Email or check out their website if there is a local WoF chapter near you - I am too excited about the one here in O'Side!!! Hope you love it as much as I do!! Such encouragement!


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