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Monday, April 15, 2013

I just have to say.

I am the best procrastinator there is.

This past week was spring break at the local school district, as was also midterm week. I'm still not done with those midterms - 2 papers and 1 lesson plan due tomorrow night I have yet to begin.

And I'm back at the elementary school tomorrow morning.

And I just ordered a few new books on Amazon to distract me...While I still have this pile to read, which I am beyond excited for.
Not to mention I just finished one. Which I have been doing instead of writing my papers...

...Where did my motivation go? I'm in trouble. Especially because I'm still taking 2 classes this summer, when we live blocks from the beach in California, you know, the Pacific Ocean...It's going to be hard to resist bypassing studying and instead reading and tanning at the beach all summer long.

And I still have papers to write, thankfully they are short ones.
A lesson plan and 2 short essays due tomorrow night..

It's been a nice weekend though.....

Marshall ran the Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon on base

We ate dinner that night at a fancy steakhouse to celebrate

Okay, the food was AMAZING, but the only picture I have of the dinner was the picture of Lone Star on the wall Marshall took.... He is obsessed with his Texas beers, quite an unhealthy obsession..
I had steak stuffed with mushrooms and Marshall had almost the same thing except it wasn't stuffed. I don't know what it was called, but man, going to high-end steakhouses every once in a while must be good for your soul. My tummy was doing the happy dance and somersaults all night.
I also made white chocolate krispie treats shaped like Texas...
Guess which region I ate first? The Gulf :)

Scruffy was cute as a button this weekend. She has her ways..
She wanted in on the Texas treat too, but I actually made her a Texas doggie treat a while ago, so she's had her share of home lately

Oh, and Netflix kept us pretty occupied too.

Yeah, we had a good weekend. I only wish I was motivated to finish my homework which is due tomorrow night... Only 4 more weeks of Spring!

How did everyone else's weekend go??

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  1. My Hubby is taking a PME so we had Homework too, but still got to do some relaxing on Sunday. Yours sounds fun! And that rice crispy looks tasty!


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