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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I've been procrastinating a little bit on homework lately, so I thought I'd get all of that out right now so I can get to work tonight. The fact that I currently have a headache is not helping, though.

Today we went to the Renaissance Faire! It was pretty neat. Really an awesome place to people watch, if you ask either of us. It is sad to see our culture though, some view ren fest as an excuse to be loose, if you get my drift. It is disheartening to see so many young women dress in such little clothing, with their womanhood basically hanging out, and I wish there was some sort of dress code for these kinds of things. If their fathers saw them now, or if they went to church on a regular basis, I am sure it wouldn't be so extreme.. But I guess that's expected when people dress up for medieval times...What a sad realization of our current culture, and really the amount of self-respect others have. What happened to being modest and respectable in public?

On another note, the food was awesome. I had a chicken thigh and Marshall had a turkey leg.. Mmm! We also watched a joust, and I felt like we were behind the scenes of A Knight's Tale. Seriously my favorite Heath Ledger movie - miss that man! We both really enjoy medieval movies and jousting is no exception.

We ended up getting lucky at the entrance, and some kind man gave us a coupon we didn't know of - 2 entries for the price of one! We saved like $40! That basically paid for our food and frozen lemonade. Other than snacks, we didn't get anything else. We were there mostly for the experience, but mostly the food, and the people watching... A favorite past time of ours!

We also drove past Angel stadium (1 of 2 L.A  pro baseball teams) in Anaheim for like the 3rd time already on the way there. Every time I am reminded of the awesome 4 day weekend in LA I had with my mom the summer before we were married..We saw U2 in concert at Angel stadium 2 nights in a row, and explored Downtown Disney & Los Angeles! It was seriously awesome and incredible and extremely amazing, and I really want to go back! Anyone want to go to Downtown Disney with me?? Here is the sign, I guess, for Angel stadium:

When we got home, I really wanted chocolate. So I had some of my homemade s'mores ice cream, and it was delicious! I also made chocolate rice krispies treats..The trick for these is to first add butter in a saucepan, then add marshmallows and chocolate chips at once, mixing constantly until just melted. Take it off as soon as it's completely melted together - seriously as soon as it melts! Or else the chocolate will burn! And it won't look like it, but it will be tough when you try to eat it after it cools on the rice krispies. You can wait a little or just pour the rice krispies in there right away, mix it all together, and lay it out to cool. For a little, then just dig in. I was craving chocolate so much that I just worked around the hot temperature of the melted marshmallow and got right in there, and it was delicious! I have made so many batches of this in the past week, you have no idea. Hits the spot! And I'm sure everyone knows how to make these, but it doesn't hurt to share my experience...

What else..

Oh. As I may have mentioned previously, this upcoming week is spring break at the elementary school I'm volunteering at - A blessing in disguise, if you ask me! It is also midterm week, so there will be many papers and exams to do. Speaking of school, I still have about 2 quizzes, a project, a math game, and a differentiated lesson plan to make... due Monday evening...I seriously have been procrastinating, and it is not helping. Hopefully I will get a lot of this done tonight, but it's already 7:30 here in SoCal, and the day is almost over...The fact that I don't have to go into the elementary school on Monday will help though, and I can do some last minute catching up then and turn in my assignments just before the time they are due that evening. I don't like cutting it so close, but I've just really been all over the place lately and it's hard not to.

Marshall is signed up for a marathon on base this upcoming weekend - so be on the lookout for pictures and an update on that in about another week! He's ran a few marathons, but has really not been on it lately. He hasn't really been preparing for it either, so I think he's just going to wing it. He's ran the Chevron Houston marathon before with the Corps of Cadets at A&M, but that was also a few years ago.

I'll be there, cheering him on the sidelines, and waiting at the finish line.. I'll be sure to get some good action shots and chase him down the road like I did with my mom when my stud ran the Houston marathon a few years ago :) Then I guess I'll just take a book, set up a chair, and wait at the finish line..Not sure how long it's going to be, but it's also on base so there's a few other things I can do with my time...Like the beach...I may have to go there! Hopefully the weather is nice, it's been really cloudy and yuck lately! So much smog here in SoCal, I'm ready for summer & beach weather already!!!

Hope everyone else has had a great start to the weekend!

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