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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's official. I registered for the PRAXIS II Elementary Education Content Knowledge this July!!!! Long title, I know, but it's a teacher certification exam, and is widely being accepted at more and more districts. It's also required to pass before applying to my student teaching semester this upcoming spring. If you're like me, not living in your home state, this certification is generally accepted in lieu of the state certification for where you reside temporarily. Perfect for military!

This is the exact prep book I'm using.. I suggest if you are taking anything
of the PRAXIS series, to buy the book from REA. So thorough, and the best I've seen from reviews!

It's in San Diego, way early in the morning. Which means it's going to be a looong day, but it will be worth it. (It's only a 2 hour exam, but the drive and early wake-up call will be brutal!) I have my test prep book I've been looking at (above), but I've been so overwhelmed with other duties lately that I'm really behind in studying...But it's not that bad yet since I still have a few months to study for it! And it's core subject, so it's basically a review from the past x years of schooling I've gone through.

In other news, I finally finished registering for the summer! I'm taking 3 classes all summer, and I still need to order books.. Liberty is great because they appreciate military, so if you are military-affiliated you get a book voucher..Yipee! Except I just added another course than before, after contemplating it, so the voucher needs to be resent or re-applied in order for me to take advantage of basically free money for books..$300 to be exact. What a blessing! I think I'll have to wait till next week since the offices are closed today for some reason, so I'm cutting it really close to the start of classes in only 2 weeks, which worries me... In case you wanted to know.

I'm basically over 80% done with my degree and will still be graduating May 2014..In exactly one year I will be prepping for my last finals EVER! I'm of course student teaching next spring but will also be taking a math class and elective on the side in order to graduate on time... It will be crazy but it will be so worth it!

Also, did anyone know that this week is volunteer appreciation week? Look at this sweet poem I received from the Kindergarten teacher I volunteer with :)

And back to the title of the post.. I am officially in school overload. I took on a whole lot this term, with 5 classes in only 8 short weeks, all at once. It's overwhelming, and that combined with volunteering at the elementary school, combined with volunteering with LINKS on base, combined with still unpacking from our move 2 months ago, combined with doing all the housework and errands while the stud is at work..... is overwhelming. And exhausting. The past few weeks I have been cutting it way too close to the deadlines Monday and Friday nights, and Marshall finally told me that there is no way he is allowing me to register for so much, while doing so much, at once, ever again!! I took that to heart and spaced out my classes this summer in the various terms, one 16 week, one in June, and one in July. So at one time I only have 2 classes max, rather than 5 classes.

Now for something completely unrelated to school...
This afternoon I will finally be meeting with the local Wives of Faith group here in Oceanside! I am too excited! We will be studying Faith Deployed by Jocelyn Green, and I'm thrilled to finally be exploring that book. I also have the 2nd one, but I've seriously only gotten to a few pages since I've been working like wonderwoman over here. I am hoping there is a good turnout so I can mingle with other military spouses here, because I seriously haven't had a chance to just meet and have fellowship with other spouses on a regular basis. Remember, I'm so overwhelmed!
I can't wait for summer..Not as many classes, fellowship, the beach, getting certified, time to not be overwhelmed... Oh, and did I mention my birthday, our anniversary, and Marshall's birthday are all in the summer? Yeah, it's basically our favorite season :) Don't forget that my mom is visiting - Sea World & Disneyland, here we come!!

Hurry up summer!!!!



  1. I am sooo excited to hear how the Wives of Faith meet up went!!! That is awesome! Im sorry you are overloaded in school work. Reading it made me feel the pressure so I can't imagine really going through it! You can do it!!

    1. I was excited about it too - I can't wait for more fellowship!! School is really heavy right now, but only 2 more weeks with this crazy load. Summer classes won't be near as bad! Thank you!

  2. You'll do great on the Praxis! When I took it back in 2007 I was so nervous but ended up rocking it. You can do it!

    1. I really don't know what to expect, thought...It basically looks like a review from past schooling. I am excited though! So much studying, so little time..Thank you!

  3. Geez, and I thought I was busy. I guess everyone is busy just with different stuff. Good luck getting all YOUR stuff done!

    1. We are all busy in our own ways... True! Thank you!

  4. School is sooooo overloaded!


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