Wife 2 Wife Linkup #2

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So I've been a little out of touch with the Wives of Faith Wednesday link-ups lately...And I decided I'm still going to do it this week, though a day late! Although, the moderators actually forgot to post the question for this week, so everyone is jumping on the wagon a little late. Any other military wives of faith want to join me on this one??

The description again is below, followed by this weeks question!

Wife 2 Wife is an opportunity for you as a military wife to share your heart with another military wife on issues and challenges that all of us face at one time or another in military life and get to know a LOT of other military wives. This is your chance to connect with other Wives of Faith!

Some questions will be fun, some will be serious, but EVERY week will be a GREAT WEEK!
And for this weeks' question...

What's one of the best books you ever read? Why did you love it?

Oh my. I wish this was an open-ended question, because this is  going to take me forever to decide! I actually just ordered another 5 books on Amazon, when I still have 5 on my reading list right now that I'm trying to get to around school, volunteering, and studying for the PRAXIS...
My favorite or one of the best books I have ever read has got to be between The Princess Bride by William Goldman, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

Above all else, I loved reading The Story, NIV - The Bible in novel form.
Absolutely life-changing to be read in this context.
I could go into so much detail about these books and end up summarizing them to convince you why they are worthy of being my favorite of all-time {because there are millions of books out there I am sure are just as amazing which I have yet to read} but I'm not going to do that..I'll part you with pictures of these books though! Has anyone else read any of these? I know I've actually talked about all of these in previous posts...Find any of those "reviews" of mine here.
Just come by and ask me anytime what book I'm loving right now - and I'll show you my mismatched mini-library and pull out a few of my favorites to share.
I know the question was about one of the best books I've ever read...But I can't just pick one. So I picked all of my favorites - all of the best books I've read, give or take a few I can't think of right now. For anyone else participating in this linkup - I hope that's acceptable! Does anyone else have this trouble when trying to pick just one single all-time favorite book?
Oh, I almost  forgot: I love these books because they are about Truth, families, education, headstrong faith, love... and have I said faith? Just by looking at the titles you can get a glimpse of what these books are about. They all made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to make something greater of myself than I am now. They each inspired me, questioned me, taught me. Each of these books are some of my absolute all-time favorites because of the joy I had reading them - as soon as I found it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. These are those kinds of books that you drop everything else, even a paper you haven't started yet that's due in 5 hours, in order  to read and savor....
The books which I love, give or take a few, below:
{Please excuse the fuzzy & bright light from the window - this was taken on my phone!}
Missing: The Princess Bride & The Story. I told you my office area is a mess, and I can't find these books right now! I am so disorganized right now, everything is scattered around the floor and I can't even walk through half the room right now... But please follow the links to Amazon to see them. And I'll get to cleaning my study soon, don't worry!

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