God Strong Online Study - Week 2

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello ladies! Things have been all over the place here lately as I'm job searching, spring cleaning, and working on my summer classes constantly. We are excited for Memorial Day tomorrow (or rather, today) and can't wait to grill out with our new AMAZING charcoal grill - it completes the backyard! There is also a Memorial Day picnic a Lake O'Neill on base I just found out about with a large military congregration in the area. We are aiming to go, so excited! I am thinking that this kind of event would be the perfect place to make friends with other like-minded Christian military families in the area - something which we have both been searching for- and we cannot wait to jump into it all.

First, don't forget the reason for the day off - in remembrance of our military and the sacrifices made in order to keep our country safe. We are forever indebted to these brave men and women, and it's thrilling and humbling to personally be surrounded by the military community, growing up and now, in this day. Thanful for my husband, father, and countless family members & friends of all branches, who wear our country's uniform.

Here I am again to talk about Week 2 of Sara Horn's online GOD STRONG study! If you don't already have the book, I HIGHLY reccommend it! If you are a milso I suggest you start following Wives of Fath and get plugged in to your local group! Also feel free to chime in on the conversation & follow along.. You can find the book on Amazon for only $4 - amazing deal!

Week Two - Fighting Fear and Loneliness


Reading: Chapter 3 & 4 of God Strong

2 Chronicles 20:3 - "Jehoshaphat (King of Judah) was afraid and he resolved to seek the Lord."
Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, was afraid of attack, but did not let this control him. He instead seeked God, and this made all the difference. He defeated the Moabites and Ammonites who invaded their land because he sought the Lord. From this, we learn that when we are under the attack of fear and loneliness, as Jehosaphat was, we can take his cue - and seek God - in these situations.

Ways to Fight Fear and Loneliness:

1. Recognize our feelings and make the right choice.
~Don't ignore!
~Immediately stop & seek God!
2.We must trade our feelings for faith.
~Trade fears, isolation for faith that God is in control
~He sees us and knows us personally! Trust His sovereignty and do not worry
3. We can reach out and help others.
~Best way to cope with fear and loneliness
~As we bless others, God blesses us
~Isolation  = helplessness, community = contentment
~Do not be afraid to reach out to others and encourage!
A big note I learned this week while studying this series is that some of the situations I've found myself in lately are because I don't have full trust in God. I walk the walk, talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, I like to have control. I can't trust that God will work this situation out,  and I instead want to do something myself about it. It's caused us some strain lately, and it's also been learned and resolved. This is something I constantly struggle with. I haven't made the right choice on how to act when presented with a certain situation, because I haven't been seeking God's guidance. It's human nature to be selfish and go for the "all or nothing" tactic, and that clearly does not work. Instead of acting impulsively on emotion in a given situation, we must act instead on faith. God is sovereign --- He designed us and knows us personally --- I have no excuse to be trivial and instead have all the reason in the world to rather trust in Him and have faith.
The last point on reaching out is exactly what I've been trying to do as soon as we moved here --- Alone in a new place with the stud at work all day..I needed something, someone. I reached out to the elementary school and got involved, within a week of moving in. I reached out to the LINKS program and got involved, and shared what I learned and created during my time with the program in Quantico. I found the local Wives of Faith chapter and joined, and am preparing to take over in the coming months and try to build a following in the area. Sometimes, though, I would rather have others reach out to me.
This happened last week as I was invited to a volunteer appreciation breakfast at the elementary school for this week ---I love being at the elementary school, not only because I'm giving back and teaching the next generation, but also because I am told, or I can clearly see, how I am appreciated --- the kids remember me and give me a big hug and invite me to their recitals, the teachers are excited I'm back to help and give attention and guidance to some kids in the big class sizes, and the principal even remembers my name and asks how I'm enjoying it all. Reaching out and helping others, getting involved in the community, has made all the difference for me! Helping others is the best way I can think of to share God's love, and to battle loneliness.
If we don't act rashly on our emotions (a learning process), if we trade our feelings for faith, and if we live in community reaching out to others, then there is no doubt that we will overcome this fear and loneliness --- something that can be felt in any situation --- in solitary or when surrounded by people.
The final point Sara Horn mentioned hit it home for me ---
You are not alone - God is by your side! Resolve to instead seek Him and His embrace.
Anyone want to add anything? Don't forget to check out this study online with Wives of Faith and connect with your local group for continuous encouragement in your endeavours!

our love story (so far)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I mentioned before that instead of having a super long page with all the information you would ever want to know about us, I'm just posting links to our story, as a way of "spring cleaning" my blog :) Here is what happened after we met at Daisy Duke's...

Note: I was too excited after I got back to the dorms in the wee hours of the morning, that I couldn't sleep! What did I do? Facebook creeped on Marshall of course :) I sent him a message then added him right away..Didn't waste any time there. Good thing is, he was doing the same thing. We talked online then he asked me (basically told me) to meet him...

And here is our story..

Marshall was an officer of Aggies In Mission (AIM), a club that meets each week for fellowship and missions, and he got me to join.. He asked me to find him at the AIM table at Reed Area (briefly mentioned above) for that event where you find what you're interested in and join it, but I got to the table after his shift. I still signed up for the meeting, and was looking forward to seeing him the next week.

I went. Saw Marshall. Sat down and listened to what AIM was all about. I already made up my mind beforehand that I was going to join because of this boy, so I signed up. I was also excited about being a part of something at A&M, and was especially excited that the something involved fellowship with other Christians.

After the meeting, Marshall came over, drew a picture of a rainbow and unicorn on the back of the membership form, and wrote a message on it asking me to Midnight Yell. I said yes. Don't over think the unicorn.

We hung out every day after that. Like I said, meant to be.

We went to Midnight Yell, had our first kiss at midnight, and went to the Aggie game against LA Tech the next day. I was in the front row, while Marshall was on the field with the rest of the seniors of Trident P-2 as Officer's of the Day (OD's). It's tradition that you kiss every time the Ags score, and yes, we did. Lucky Marshall picked to take me to a football game where we creamed the opponent!

I forgot to mention that Marshall was a member of the Corps of the Cadets at Texas A&M, similar to an ROTC program but way better. He was a member of Trident P-2, the same unit that my dad was a member of back in the 80's. This is actually why I kept dancing with him that night, something to talk about! I know he was creeped out that my dad is a Trident too, but he couldn't resist..

I also forgot to mention that Marshall was a senior (zip) in the Corps and I was a freshman. We met within the first two weeks of school in Fall 2010. Same thing with my parents: my mom was a freshman, my dad was a senior, and they met within the first two weeks at school, as well. {My grandparents? Same thing!} It was even crazier when my parents found out he was a Trident too. I don't think they handled the coincidences very well.. They, too, knew it was destined to be from the start.

It wasn't until the next week that we made our couple-ness FB official. That was 9.26.2010.

Fast forward to Spring. More specifically, Spring Break. We went on an AIM mission trip to the panhandle, in Amarillo. Long story short, just read about it here. It was very eventful, and brought us closer than ever before. It also consists of my testimony of faith, which solidified on that trip, thanks to Marshall introducting me to AIM.

Soon after we got back, it was the weekend of The Big Event, a Saturday where Aggies team up with the organizations or groups they are a part of and devote a day to community service. I went with Aggies in Mission to help with yard work for this sweet couple's beautiful spot of land. Marshall had to partake in March to the Brazos with the Corps of Cadets, a fundraiser where members of the Corps march from the Quad (their dorms), through campus, and to the bank of the Brazos River. It's 18 miles of marching in formation, round trip. This event also marks when the next class will take over as seniors(zips) and the current senior class gets to ride back in buses and celebrate the prospect of graduation in another month.

Marshall was exhausted, I was pretty tired, but something happened. We went to Corpus Christi for the weekend, literally as soon as I got back.

So we went. It was foggy. But it was fun. The 8 hour drive down to the Valley was brutal, especially for Marshall because of what he just endured, but it was worth it. We got in late that night went to Whataburger, and stayed with Marshall's brother in the dorms at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Marshall woke us up before sunrise to go to the beach. We went. We walked on the beach. I was told to give my camera to Russell. We kept walking, and Marshall got down on one knee. Turns out, as soon as he got back from March to the Brazos he picked up my ring and couldn't wait any longer, hence the short notice. He was planning on proposing 2 weeks from then, but that's not what God designed. We went to Whataburger to celebrate with honey butter chicken biscuits for breakfast! It was a pretty simple proposal, but it was more than perfect. I always hoped it would happen on the beach...

After the proposal, we finished the school year and each stayed in Aggieland for the summer. Marshall commissioned with the Marine Corps and graduated that August 2011 with a Bachelor's in Horticulture, and we were married 2 days later in Royse City, Texas. Marshall's hometown, which is also next door to where most my extended family lives. Note, my parents, brother and I consider Houston home since that is where we have mostly lived, growing up with my dad in the Army. But basically all of our family is in the Dallas area so that's like a second home to me. More pictures from the wedding can be seen here, as I posted on our first anniversary this past year.

We went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. Then we went back home to reality. I was to finish one more semester at A&M, and Marshall worked 2 jobs. Then I worked 2 jobs, then we received military orders. Marshall signed a contract with the Marine Corps his sophomore year at A&M, so these orders sent us to Virginia for Marshall to complete TBS.

We were in Virginia for around 8 months, then moved to North Carolina for LOC - for Marshall to learn about his specific field that will be his job for the next number of years (Logistics). Marshall graduated LOC in February and soon after we were headed home to Texas and the our final destination, California.

We are currently enjoying finally being settled in somewhere for the next few years rather than moving every few months as the first year and a half of our marriage was. We are also excited that we are actually in a house! Apartment living is a no-go for us. Anyway, Marshall is thrilled in where he is headed with his new job and the contacts he is already making, and I am really excited to settle, volunteer, read, and study. And to make this house a home!

that story I'm sure I'll be embarrased to admit to our future children

I decided that I wanted to have links to our story, rather than putting it all on one crazy long page. This is kind of my way of "spring cleaning" my blog, making it a little simpler. One day soon I hope to get a custom blogger design....Ive been thinking about it ever since I started this! Anyway, here is the story of how I met my husband...If you haven't already read!
It all started on 9.4.10 the weekend of one of the first Aggie games of the season :)
How We Met

My husband and I met at a bar/club, Daisy Dukes. It's at a strand of bars/clubs called Northgate, across the street from Texas A&M University, where we both went to school. My husband says that he spotted me from across the room, and knew he right away that had to dance with me. Since the club is always crowded, well, he didn't get to me until later. He had to dance with my friend first, while I danced with one of his buddies. Then he tapped me on the shoulder and we were dancing all night, till the place closed at 2am. Crazy, right? I can't believe I met my husband at a club, at Northgate....Surely not what I expected, but God works in wondrous ways.

It was my friend that convinced me to drop the books and head out that night. It was Marshall that convinced his buddies that "he had a good feeling about Duke's" that night.

As the place closed, we were the literally last ones out. I asked for his name, found my friend, and as soon as we got back to the dorms I searched for him on Facebook and added him. Then sent a message. The same night {more like the next morning} Creepy, right? It was meant to be..

The song that was playing when we met? Dynamite by Taio Cruz. It never sounded the same after that. (Also a little embarrased that we met at a bar, of all places.. I never go out and look what happened!)


God Strong Online Study - Week 1

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good afternoon ladies! I'm in a really amazing mood right now... Just applied to maybe 10 teacher positions for summer programs and at Christian schools. I also picked up our new charcoal grill today! (Pictures to come soon!) We are planning on also getting the smoker attachment for it as well. I cannot wait to grill kabobs on it for dinner :) First, I need to actually get charcoal and lighter fluid at the store - forgot about that! Also getting wood since we can use that too, and we think food actually tastes better over a wood fire.. Also, David Crowder Band's new CD came out TODAY and I am planning on picking that up at the store as well.

But besides the point, here I am to talk about week 1 of Sara Horn's GOD STRONG Online 5-week Study! Whoop! First I will reiterate the notes from today, then I will talk about it a little bit! Feel free to chime in on the conversation, and if you are also doing this study, let me know and we can do it together!! (Group Skype study anyone??)

Week One - Strength comes straight from GOD
Misperception #1 - God doesn't give me more than I can handle (so it's up to me to handle it!)
Truth #1 - God does the most when we can do the very least
Verses noted for this were Psalm 121:1, Psalm 62:1, 2 Corinthians 12:9,and 1 Corinthians 10:13. By these readings we see that power is perfect in weakness - for we are to lean on Christ and His Word and His Strength. God will give you the ability and the strength, to bear stress and deter temptation. Strength is given to us from God. The focus need to shift from us (What happens when I can't handle it?) to God (How can I lift my temptations and weaknesses to God?)
Misperception # 2- God helps those who help themselves (so I should so as much as I can!)
Truth #2 - God helps the helpless
Sara Horn points out that leaning or depending on God is NOT a weakness, but IS a strength - We are strong when we lean on God's strength! We can find peace, no matter our situation or stresses, when we lean on His strength. We can find God's strength through our salvation, and even in our every day existence. Our focus is to be on God, for if it is not, then we miss out on seeing God guide us and instead focus on keeping ourselves "afloat."
Conversation piece..
Has anyone else read Sara Horn's book God Strong, or am I the only one here? If you are a milso and haven't read it yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do as soon as you can! And maybe join in on this study as well. Anyway, I love getting the author's perspective of how to use this book as a tool in our faith and journey, and this is a great starting point. "Keep Calm & Live God Strong" is a good motto for this. No matter what the military throws at you - deployments, TDY, long days apart, etc. it can all be "handled" if we only pull our strengths from God! He cares deeply, immensly for us (Psalm 139) and we need only to put our worries, anxieties, fears, on Him (1 Peter 5:7). If we become God Strong, relying on God's love and grace for our strength, then we can overcome this deployment, this separation, this demanding work schedule and sacrifice. Strength comes straight from God!
Anyone want to add anything? Don't forget to check out this study online with Wives of Faith and connect with your local group for continuous encouragement in your endeavours!

May Cara Box Reveal

Monday, May 20, 2013

I finally did a Cara Box!! Anyone ever heard of Birchbox or any of those kind of things? Well, Cara Box is essentially a system where you get paired with a blogger to send to and receive from each month. And you send items of a certain amount based on the theme as it pertains to her interests. Anyway. Here is the reveal of this month's exchange - So excited for my first Cara Box!

I was paired with Erin at Lucky Clover Boutique to send my first box to. She is from Alabama, so it was neat getting to know someone who is from a state we've only driven through. Also, this month the box was to be themed toward the region I live in - I wanted to do home, Texas, but since it's impossible to get the goodies from here, I decided to find truly local stuff, from California. I saw that she loves crafts and even has an Etsy shop. She also wants to garden so I gave her some tools to do so. Then I popped in a local beauty product and called it a day!

The cucumber facial wipes are actually made in the region, in a city maybe an hour from us. I also sent crosses and sequins to make some crafts with to add with her decorate cross wall. And I couldn't forget gardening tools, California poppies and biodegradable pots that make starting these flowers a lot easier than otherwise!

And here is the box that I received this month from Patty at Tales of Me and The Husband. She definitely spoiled me! I love that she individually wrapped the items, and with really pretty wrapping paper at that. I very carefully unwrapped it to store for future crafts :)
I know it's fuzzy and you can't read it on here, but she wrote me  a sweet note about the exchange as well. She is from Michigan, and she works in Youth Ministries with her husband,so all of the items were centered around her state. And it was great learning about her through her blog! Her blog is so cute, and we both love learning about our faith, books, cooking, crafts, classic movies and traveling.. {but who doesn't?} Still!
The letter was too sweet! It's odd knowing that someones been intentionally "creeping" on your life through your blog, because I really spill a lot out on here, but it's comforting too! I could also see us going out for dinner and shopping if we lived closer too! This exchange is such a sweet gesture from all bloggers involved, and really shows the connections you can make with someone you've never even met in real life! {Even if you have "met" virtually!}
She sent me a Michigan-shaped cutting board, local chocolate, a mitten mug, ginger soda, and chocolate fudge. She definitely spoiled me and included sweet notes on each item too!
Please disregard the sad clarity of the latter pictures, these were taken on my phone since my camera is full and needs to be saved on my computer. I really need to sort through my pictures!
Anyway, I had a great experience with my first Cara Exchange and can't wait to sign up for the next one! Go visit these lovely ladies!! Also, Thanks to Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for ingeniously thinking of this! Here's to a blessed Monday and rest of your week :)

a summer of worship

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I just found some really AWESOME events in the area that I'm seriously wanting to go to!
Anyone remember hearing about the Love Does Conference in Washington state this weekend? Yeah, me too, and I was SO BUMMED it was too far away!! But good news... I found some more neat Christian conferences that are actually in our area for this summer!! What do you think..Anyone want to tag along??
Santee, CA (San Diego area)
~Definitely planning at volunteering here when I can! Just a short drive down the highway :)
Fish Fest - June 29th
Irvine, CA
~Music Festival with Casting Crowns, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline...
Also planning on volunteering at the event if possible!
Spirit West Coast - August 1-3
Monterey, CA
~Music Festival with Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, Jeremy Camp, Building 429, Matthew West...  It's going to be AWESOME!
Women of Faith Conference - September 13-14
Anaheim, CA
~With musical guest MercyMe and author of One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp..Among others. This is going to be incredible..life-changing!
Hillsong Conference - October 18-19
Los Angeles, CA
~With Hillsong United and various speakers!
...So what do you say? Any cool events in your area? Anyone in California want to tag along to any of these? I am seriously too excited for summer now :)

lotus den

Friday, May 17, 2013

There you have it..12 inches of hair chopped off! I finally did it!

Going to keep this short and just say.. I absolutely LOVE the hair salon I went to! Lotus Den Hair Studio on Coast Hwy is the way to go :) It is so close I was able to walk there {Seriously, I LOVE our neighborhood!} and I absolutely love the light blue walls. This place was decorated the way I want my office to look when I'm done with it! The ladies who cut and styled my hair were too sweet and made me so comfortable. I seriously only cut my hair once a year, and this was a visit well spent. I haven't chopped it off since Christmas 2010, and each time I do I cut off a foot or more. This time I only cut off a foot!

You can see in my blog post here what my hair looked like before/after each time I've previously cut it all off. ..Remember when I was asking for your input? Well, it took me a month to finally take the plunge and chop it off. I LOVED my long hair, but especially living in southern California with summer on the horizon, short is the way to go. I knew I didn't want a bob and that I wanted layers, right at my shoulders, so I'm really glad with how this all turned out. Don't you like the collage I made? I sure do :) I am definitely going back to this hair studio each time I need to get a cut! Absolutely love it. This salon also send the hair off for you to Wigs for Kids.. I love finding new charities to donate my hair to each time I cut it off, and it's nice that the ladies at the salon did that for me (and everyone who cuts and donates there). Before I've donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love {Different charities accept different lengths... Pantene min. length was 8 inches and Lock Of Love min. length is 12 inches, etc}

Also, in case you're curious, my yellow dress and braided belt are both from Target :) Love it!

p.s. Marshall digs my short hair too! Really ladies, this is short for me! Probably the shortest I will ever go :)

Do you like it? Any other ladies chop it off to donate lately? Are you as excited and ready for summer as I am??? So thankful it's the weekend!

Pinterest Lovelies no. 8

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well, it's Wednesday and I am finally getting back into the swing of the rest of my linkups. Here are some lovelies that I am enjoying on Pinterest lately! Next up - week 1 readings! Only taking 2 classes at once is such a relief, and I have much more time now to get other errands and things done. Anyway, here are some things I am loving on Pinterest! {With the little amount of time I have spent on there lately..}

Why I Vetoed Mondays

Monday, May 13, 2013

Okay, so I didn't actually veto Mondays... Just the linkup I tried to start. I don't know of anyone that actually enjoys Mondays, and that was a way to kind of put a little spunk back into the day. But I've been horrible at keeping up with it. As you can see, all of my linkups lately have been extremely sporadic. Which means, well, that I'm vetoing it. Yep, I'm vetoing Mondays..... I mean, I'm getting rid of the Monday linkup.

So far I've had 8 posts, and half of those have been link ups. I don't care about how many people link up or whatever, I was just giving others the opportunitiy to do so.. To talk about what they love lately, to be positive about the fact that it's a Monday. But I'm just not keeping up with it. I've been too overwhelmed - Remember when I was talking about finals? Yeah, those were done Friday, and my summer classes started today, on Monday. Not too fond of Mondays..

Anyway, enough of that. Here is a picture of the bread I made this weekend! So delicious.

Home made honey oat bread! It is delicious, and I have a slice for a snack all of the time. You can find the recipe here, and I may also post it one of these days. The second time I will have to adjust the cooking time, though, because the bread didn't rise all the way. It was really dense. Perhaps a lower temperature. Or perhaps I need to give the dough itself more time to rise. We will see!

Also, we went to see Gatsby. Such a wonderful movie! And props to the directors and screenwriters, they kept solid to the book itself. I absolutely love that book and was really pleased with the movie!

Anyone else have a fun weekend? Though ours was low-key, it was just right. Next weekend we want to spend all of it reading on the beach....and maybe find a dog beach for our Scruffy.

Milso Appreciation Week - Proudly Serving

Friday, May 10, 2013

In honor of MilSo appreciation week, I am FINALLY going to be linking up with Wives of Faith again. First I want to talk a little bit though - Yesterday I met up with another milso from back home who was here for her Marine's graduation down at MCRD (the recuirt depot in San Diego). It was really fun! We went to Chipotle, and just talked eachother and about life with the military - of which she will soon be enduring. We're the same age, so that's really neat, and at the same point school-wise. Anyway, besides that, it's just nice to see familiar faces! I feel like I know her so well, and we can talk about anything...But this is only the second time we've actually met though! It's amazing the bond you make with other milso's...Something that isn't possible with your civillian friends. Really grateful for that! {And excited to have time this summer to meet up with other milso's here at Pendleton!}

Anyway, the topic below:

Today's Topic: What is one of your favorite parts of life serving as a military spouse alongside your husband?
Probably  the best part about being a military wife, serving alongside my husband, is that proud feeling I get when he puts on his uniform each day.. He's been at two different schools, and at each graduation I couldn't help but get teary-eyed for how far he's come...Proud. Every Friday when he wears his Service Alpha's.....You can't help but love a man in uniform. So proud of him. One of my favorite parts of military life is being able to use our faith as a stonghold, and that coupled with the fact that he is out there serving and protecting our country, brings about a feeling of gratitude that is hard to ignore. My favorite part is seeing him in his uniform, no matter which one {because let's be honest, he is a stud in ALL of them}, and with that recognizing his calling - To serve and protect our country. That's something everyone is grateful for - the sacrifices our military make in order to protect them. One of my favorite parts of life serving as a military spouse alongside my husband is that I'm with him - there for him, to reassure him, to honor him - to be proud of him and all he does for us and our country!
My Favorite Part: Being Proud.
Blessings I'm Grateful For - Marriage & Military Life.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today I want to talk about a negative comment I received recently.

In my post about ren fest here in LA I talked a little bit about the lack of modesty seen at the festival, especially in what women were wearing. Their parts were basically hanging out of their costumes, and its truly sad to see that people lack self-respect for themselves, in a sense. Save that for your husband, when you're married, not for the public to see. Respect yourself enough to keep that to yourself, rather than flaunting it at everyone you see. Everything we do reflects our faith and personal integrity, and everything we do should point others to God...Dressing immodestly or inappropriate in public defeats the purpose. Although that is accepted at Ren Fest as it's about reliving medieval times, that's gone a little too far.

I've made a lot of changes in the way I dress lately because of that - remember, I am in search of modest, cute teacher clothes! I had a picture on that post of what I was wearing at the festival - a purple and white blouse with jean cutoff shorts. The shorts fit right, but the length is too short for me anymore. It didn't pass the finger rule with length, you know, when you put your arms down by your sides and your shorts can't be above the end of your fingers. Did anyone else have that going on in middle school? Anyway. That was the time when I was truly looking to God to decide on how I should dress and present myself in public. I was upset when I was finding something to wear that all of my shorts were that short. I was meditating on Scripture and praying a lot, and beginning to clean out my closet and get into serious spring cleaning mode. Now my closet only consists of modest clothes, ones that I can be proud to wear in public and don't present me negatively. {I have a HUGE pile of clothes I'm donating or just getting rid of...} I want others to see Him through me. I want to be seen as respectable, and not dress irresponsibly. I want to be a Christ-like example for others in the way I dress, act, speak, etc. There is no one I am trying to "impress" by what I wear.

The comment I spoke of was posted anonymous. The comment was basically saying, in so many words, that I complain about the lack of modesty, but then I wear those shorts, which are also immodest in ways. First of all, I see what "anonymous" was saying. You're right, those shorts were too short. I noted that already. Since talking about that on the post, and if you read anything else Ive posted recently, you'll see that I've gone through a lot of changes in what I wear and how I feel about that. I hope "anonymous" sees that, and thinks twice next time. That post was nearly a month ago - A lot can happen in a month. Ren Fest is when I truly recognized the issue of modesty in our culture, and what I saw and wrote about it then sparked how I feel about dressing appropriately now.

If you want to read anything else on dressing to honor God, check out Wonderfully Made, or She Reads Truth...If you search through the archives you'll find great resources on being modest and the true woman that God calls you to be. Also check out Christian Fashion Week which happened recently in FL. They explain it well!

And yes, "anonymous," I did delete your comment. I don't approve of negativity this blog. What I talked about is recognizing the current state of our culture and the need of God to be reflected in everything we do, not just "complaining about modesty." There's a lot more to it to that, and you can't take everything at face value. (Also, why did you post "anonymous"? Why didn't you want me to know who you are?)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, ladies! Has anyone else had issues with party-poopers in blogland or is that just me?

Anyway, have a blessed Thursday! I am aiming to finish finals tonight, then go meet a friend from out of town for dinner - Yipee! {So thankful for a free weekend before summer term starts Monday!}

Texas Tuesday x2

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Masons Mama

Well, I woke up this morning and decided to link up again with Texas Tuesday. I know my link ups have been sporadic and unpredictable lately, and school takes the fault for that. This week is my last week of the spring term, and summer shouldn't be as crazy. Though, it may be, if I can meander a way to graduate December, which means Id have a full load to this summer and fall...It depends on what the degree evaluation office says at LUO. Anyway. Trying to figure that out, but for now, my heart is set on Texas. Home. We long to be back...

This week for Texas Tuesday I want to talk about our bucket list for when we move back home...

#1. Buy land

#2. Design/build a house (Or add on depending on property)

#3. Have a housewarming party

#4. Make up for lost time with family/friends

#5. Go back to Aggieland & experience the new Kyle Field at a football game

#6. Finally go to Hullabaloo Diner

#7. Secure a teaching position (prefereably at a Chrisitan school - or even as director of chidlren's ministries at our church - I'll be certified for that. I'd really appreciate any teaching job I find though!)

#8. FINALLY get a picture by the Aggie Barn (not just a picture of it)

#9. Also get a family picture in a field of bluebonnets

#10. Go to Big Bend National Park...finally.

#11. See Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

#12. Tour the Blue Bell factory in Brenham...And eat lots of free samples of the world's greatest ice cream

#13. Have an Anniversary dinner at Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas (the revolving restauraunt)

#14. Visit Bush Library in Aggieland

#15. Stroll the San Antonio Riverwalk on a nice summer day

#16. Getaway to South Padre Island

#17. Float down the Frio River

#18. Order from the Cupcake Coach (Houston food truck)

#19. See the Blue Angels again at an Ellington Field air show

#20. Visit the Dallas & Fort Worth zoos

.....There's a LOT more. I'll just leave it as this for now :)
Mainly because I need to do homework. Spring classes = Done on FRIDAY!


Getting Behind

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So I came onto blogger tonight thinking that I was going to get ahead on my blog posts - Post for I Love Mondays a day early, talk about what's been happenin' lately in our little nest, and update everyone on my spring cleaning endeavour (which is going extremely well, by the way - you should see the pile of clothes/stuff we have to get rid off that we dont use/wear!) But anyway. I guess I came on just to type a little message (And because I've actually been getting behind on blogging and life).

Things for me are extremely hectic right now. Studying for my certification exam, studying for finals (all due Friday), finishing a differentiated unit plan due today (basically lesson planning for edsp for an entire week..Basically a 40 page word doc), and trying to keep everyting else in order in our little home-nest. We went to a new church this morning, and since there are so many here in SoCal we are still trying them out to see what fits best. We had a few hiccups today but they were resolved, for the most part, soon after. Lately we've been getting consumed by our own schedules and selfish "needs" that we've been losing sight of eachother, so this week (finals week) we are trying to shift the focus in our relationship - toward God and eachother, rather than conforming to our desires/the world. That may sound preachy to you but let's just say this is much needed for us.

And yes - hectic. School, volunteering, cleaning, errands...Some people may not realize but being a "stay at home wife" while in school, while volunteering (on base, with WoF, and at the elementary school) --it's kind of a full time "job." Which reminds me, I need to find a job for this summer. I'll have a much easier school schedule and will need to find some sort of job to compensate for the higher tuition and loss of grant money -because we are stll paying out of pocket. We also need to set aside a savings fund with a direct depost each month, because, well, it will be nice to have an emergency fund/life savings fund that we never touch which will definitely add up over the years, and can help with a down payment on land and a house once we move back home in 3 years. I've learned a lot about finances and compromise lately - and Marshall has too, because let's be honest, we haven't been smart with our money lately - So this summer will be a time for improvement, and ultimately a learning process in that region. Any tips?

So many things going on at once. Fun fact about tomorrow (Monday) - It's the last day of week 7 and the start of my last week of Spring classes. There is also a LINKS meeting on base that afternoon which Im psyched about - Have to finish my differentiated unit plan first though! Also at the elementary school for 2 hours in the AM, so it's going to be a crazy day. But Im glad to be back - Ive missed the past few Mondays because of school deadlines and a pile up of assignments, but Im making an effort to go tomorrow - Because let's face it, school's almost out (well, not for me - 3 classess here) for summer. I'll have to find a private school or daycare to work at in the summer if I want to do this same kind of deal (Which I do!) Also a week and a half till my MRI and 2 weeks until the Wives of Faith God Strong study begins. I'm actually really excited for both of these things! I am going to be learning so much the rest of this month.

Oh, and something I am beyond excited for - The Great Gatsby is in theatres this Friday, the 10th, which is also Bono's birthday! Happy birthday Bono! SO EXCITED TO SEE GATSBY AS WELL!!! I love May - start of summer, new beginnings, sunshine, movies. I can't wait to walk to the beach to just..chill..all day there...! Want to join me?

What are you looking forward to this May?

soul cleaning

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Well hello lovely readers. I just wanted to make a little note here about how hard it is to find motivation these last 2 weeks of my Spring term, among some upcoming worries.

I mean, I just solidified and ordered textbooks for the 3 classes I'm taking this summer. I've spent the entire - the ENTIRE - day cleaning our home: Organizing the closet, laundry, dishes, sweeping, finally organizing the tv/media corner, clearing off the dining room table, organizing the kitchen...Basically everything that could have been done in our little 2 bedroom home, has been done. I even cleaned out my part of the closet - 3 laundry baskets of clothes I'm donating - Wow, I can't beleve how many clothes I have, and how much I take for granted...It's a relief to do some serious spring cleaning {and basically soul cleaning, I've learned a lot the past couple of days}

But with 2 weeks left of the term, I'm having trouble keeping on task homework-wise. Low motivation there. I'd rather just browse Pinterest or window-shop at Loft online. With a 60% off sale, it's very tempting...And the fact that I need more teacher clothes for student teaching and beyond doesn't help. But it seriously needs to wait. I'll reward myself once I graduate this time next year :)

My goal was to finish all discussions tonight, finish all quizzes tomorrow (Thursday), and finish the test, lesson plan, and project for this week on Friday. Which would give me the weekend to RELAX...Much needed! I need to stop cutting it so close to deadlines Monday nights, and I really need to get into homework/study gear. But with seeing so much that can be done around the house, trying to get myself in gear for summer, worrying about upcoming doctors appointments, and studying for my certification exam in July- it's been rough trying to keep myself on task and on track.

Does anyone else have issues with motivation, or is it just me?

Much needed prayers for the end of the term and finals on the horizon. I'm also beginning to realize just how close we're getting to my MRI at Balboa (San Diego)...Makes me nervous. In only 3 short weeks - right after finals and right when summer term/classes start- I will finally learn what's next for my heart health journey, to put it shortly. {More detail by clicking on the "Health" topic on the sidebar}

Does anyone else have something pressing their heart you need to talk about? Feel free to share here, I sure have my share of trials and stress lately I'm trying to just, well, get out there. I'm thankful for finding this little blog as an outlet for things such as this, and am really grateful for some of the ladies I've gotten to "know" better while doing so. If you are reading this, thank you! {And sorry that this post was kind of all over the place!}

ps - It's May! Rejoice Rejoice! I love this time of year!

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