Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today I want to talk about a negative comment I received recently.

In my post about ren fest here in LA I talked a little bit about the lack of modesty seen at the festival, especially in what women were wearing. Their parts were basically hanging out of their costumes, and its truly sad to see that people lack self-respect for themselves, in a sense. Save that for your husband, when you're married, not for the public to see. Respect yourself enough to keep that to yourself, rather than flaunting it at everyone you see. Everything we do reflects our faith and personal integrity, and everything we do should point others to God...Dressing immodestly or inappropriate in public defeats the purpose. Although that is accepted at Ren Fest as it's about reliving medieval times, that's gone a little too far.

I've made a lot of changes in the way I dress lately because of that - remember, I am in search of modest, cute teacher clothes! I had a picture on that post of what I was wearing at the festival - a purple and white blouse with jean cutoff shorts. The shorts fit right, but the length is too short for me anymore. It didn't pass the finger rule with length, you know, when you put your arms down by your sides and your shorts can't be above the end of your fingers. Did anyone else have that going on in middle school? Anyway. That was the time when I was truly looking to God to decide on how I should dress and present myself in public. I was upset when I was finding something to wear that all of my shorts were that short. I was meditating on Scripture and praying a lot, and beginning to clean out my closet and get into serious spring cleaning mode. Now my closet only consists of modest clothes, ones that I can be proud to wear in public and don't present me negatively. {I have a HUGE pile of clothes I'm donating or just getting rid of...} I want others to see Him through me. I want to be seen as respectable, and not dress irresponsibly. I want to be a Christ-like example for others in the way I dress, act, speak, etc. There is no one I am trying to "impress" by what I wear.

The comment I spoke of was posted anonymous. The comment was basically saying, in so many words, that I complain about the lack of modesty, but then I wear those shorts, which are also immodest in ways. First of all, I see what "anonymous" was saying. You're right, those shorts were too short. I noted that already. Since talking about that on the post, and if you read anything else Ive posted recently, you'll see that I've gone through a lot of changes in what I wear and how I feel about that. I hope "anonymous" sees that, and thinks twice next time. That post was nearly a month ago - A lot can happen in a month. Ren Fest is when I truly recognized the issue of modesty in our culture, and what I saw and wrote about it then sparked how I feel about dressing appropriately now.

If you want to read anything else on dressing to honor God, check out Wonderfully Made, or She Reads Truth...If you search through the archives you'll find great resources on being modest and the true woman that God calls you to be. Also check out Christian Fashion Week which happened recently in FL. They explain it well!

And yes, "anonymous," I did delete your comment. I don't approve of negativity this blog. What I talked about is recognizing the current state of our culture and the need of God to be reflected in everything we do, not just "complaining about modesty." There's a lot more to it to that, and you can't take everything at face value. (Also, why did you post "anonymous"? Why didn't you want me to know who you are?)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, ladies! Has anyone else had issues with party-poopers in blogland or is that just me?

Anyway, have a blessed Thursday! I am aiming to finish finals tonight, then go meet a friend from out of town for dinner - Yipee! {So thankful for a free weekend before summer term starts Monday!}


  1. I do not like those type of comments, at all. I havent personally gotten one yet but I cant even being to count how many alerts in my email I've gotten that show anonymous comments on others blogs. They are just not nice. They are like these long comments that basically are just bossy or bring down what the blogger wrote. I always wonder why its posted as anonymous also. Honestly, it seems like spam stuff. Normally if I see an alert and see that they person has posted their URL, I will look at it. Not with anonymous though. I honestly dont really trust the link. But thats just me!

  2. I haven't had any party poopers yet, but I'm sure it will happen at some point. Congrats on a well written post confronting the comment. I'm on the same page modesty wise. I grew up at a Christian school with high standards and when I graduated kind of went overboard with wearing what I wanted. It's only been the last year or so that I've been realizing what I wear says alot about who I am and WHO I represent.

  3. I hate when people feel the need to post mean/rude comments. If they don't have anything good to say then I feel they shouldn't even waste their time commenting. I hate how everyone feels like they deserve to get their opinion out there when it isn't asked for! Sorry you had to deal with that. It's definitely not fun. I went and changed my comment settings so that anonymous commenters couldnt post after I got some rude ones. I feel that if someone wants to say something on my blog then they should own up for it and not hide behind the anonymous name!

  4. Those "hit and run" anonymous comments can stink sometimes! You're right, alot can change in a month, and if you're just looking at one or two posts you can miss alot of what the author is going through! I love your attitude of trying to honor God with what you wear!

  5. I feel like people who go out as "anonymous" are to cowardly to put their name out there...more power to you Katherine, for realizing the need to make changes to your clothes...I love that website She Reads Truth too!
    It's like I tell the teen sin our youth ministry program, "modest is really hottest"!!

  6. I love that you are trying to change how you dress and don't worry about anonymous comments


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