Getting Behind

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So I came onto blogger tonight thinking that I was going to get ahead on my blog posts - Post for I Love Mondays a day early, talk about what's been happenin' lately in our little nest, and update everyone on my spring cleaning endeavour (which is going extremely well, by the way - you should see the pile of clothes/stuff we have to get rid off that we dont use/wear!) But anyway. I guess I came on just to type a little message (And because I've actually been getting behind on blogging and life).

Things for me are extremely hectic right now. Studying for my certification exam, studying for finals (all due Friday), finishing a differentiated unit plan due today (basically lesson planning for edsp for an entire week..Basically a 40 page word doc), and trying to keep everyting else in order in our little home-nest. We went to a new church this morning, and since there are so many here in SoCal we are still trying them out to see what fits best. We had a few hiccups today but they were resolved, for the most part, soon after. Lately we've been getting consumed by our own schedules and selfish "needs" that we've been losing sight of eachother, so this week (finals week) we are trying to shift the focus in our relationship - toward God and eachother, rather than conforming to our desires/the world. That may sound preachy to you but let's just say this is much needed for us.

And yes - hectic. School, volunteering, cleaning, errands...Some people may not realize but being a "stay at home wife" while in school, while volunteering (on base, with WoF, and at the elementary school) --it's kind of a full time "job." Which reminds me, I need to find a job for this summer. I'll have a much easier school schedule and will need to find some sort of job to compensate for the higher tuition and loss of grant money -because we are stll paying out of pocket. We also need to set aside a savings fund with a direct depost each month, because, well, it will be nice to have an emergency fund/life savings fund that we never touch which will definitely add up over the years, and can help with a down payment on land and a house once we move back home in 3 years. I've learned a lot about finances and compromise lately - and Marshall has too, because let's be honest, we haven't been smart with our money lately - So this summer will be a time for improvement, and ultimately a learning process in that region. Any tips?

So many things going on at once. Fun fact about tomorrow (Monday) - It's the last day of week 7 and the start of my last week of Spring classes. There is also a LINKS meeting on base that afternoon which Im psyched about - Have to finish my differentiated unit plan first though! Also at the elementary school for 2 hours in the AM, so it's going to be a crazy day. But Im glad to be back - Ive missed the past few Mondays because of school deadlines and a pile up of assignments, but Im making an effort to go tomorrow - Because let's face it, school's almost out (well, not for me - 3 classess here) for summer. I'll have to find a private school or daycare to work at in the summer if I want to do this same kind of deal (Which I do!) Also a week and a half till my MRI and 2 weeks until the Wives of Faith God Strong study begins. I'm actually really excited for both of these things! I am going to be learning so much the rest of this month.

Oh, and something I am beyond excited for - The Great Gatsby is in theatres this Friday, the 10th, which is also Bono's birthday! Happy birthday Bono! SO EXCITED TO SEE GATSBY AS WELL!!! I love May - start of summer, new beginnings, sunshine, movies. I can't wait to walk to the beach to just..chill..all day there...! Want to join me?

What are you looking forward to this May?


  1. You are a busy bee! I know you are ready for the summer so things will "slow down" even though it sounds like you might be busy then too! I can't wait to hear about the Wives of Faith study and how it goes!We have struggled with finding a church, too. It seems like we compare to our church back in MS, but we can not do that! There is no perfect church, we should go to serve, not be served! Have a good Monday!

  2. Man, you are crazy busy. I have maybe half that much stuff and feel overwhelmed...How. do. you. do. it?!

  3. Hope the studying goes well...I hear ya, its tough sometimes. I'm in grad school too. WHat I'm most excited for in May is my dear hubbs is graduating from grad school on Thursday:)


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