God Strong Online Study - Week 2

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello ladies! Things have been all over the place here lately as I'm job searching, spring cleaning, and working on my summer classes constantly. We are excited for Memorial Day tomorrow (or rather, today) and can't wait to grill out with our new AMAZING charcoal grill - it completes the backyard! There is also a Memorial Day picnic a Lake O'Neill on base I just found out about with a large military congregration in the area. We are aiming to go, so excited! I am thinking that this kind of event would be the perfect place to make friends with other like-minded Christian military families in the area - something which we have both been searching for- and we cannot wait to jump into it all.

First, don't forget the reason for the day off - in remembrance of our military and the sacrifices made in order to keep our country safe. We are forever indebted to these brave men and women, and it's thrilling and humbling to personally be surrounded by the military community, growing up and now, in this day. Thanful for my husband, father, and countless family members & friends of all branches, who wear our country's uniform.

Here I am again to talk about Week 2 of Sara Horn's online GOD STRONG study! If you don't already have the book, I HIGHLY reccommend it! If you are a milso I suggest you start following Wives of Fath and get plugged in to your local group! Also feel free to chime in on the conversation & follow along.. You can find the book on Amazon for only $4 - amazing deal!

Week Two - Fighting Fear and Loneliness


Reading: Chapter 3 & 4 of God Strong

2 Chronicles 20:3 - "Jehoshaphat (King of Judah) was afraid and he resolved to seek the Lord."
Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, was afraid of attack, but did not let this control him. He instead seeked God, and this made all the difference. He defeated the Moabites and Ammonites who invaded their land because he sought the Lord. From this, we learn that when we are under the attack of fear and loneliness, as Jehosaphat was, we can take his cue - and seek God - in these situations.

Ways to Fight Fear and Loneliness:

1. Recognize our feelings and make the right choice.
~Don't ignore!
~Immediately stop & seek God!
2.We must trade our feelings for faith.
~Trade fears, isolation for faith that God is in control
~He sees us and knows us personally! Trust His sovereignty and do not worry
3. We can reach out and help others.
~Best way to cope with fear and loneliness
~As we bless others, God blesses us
~Isolation  = helplessness, community = contentment
~Do not be afraid to reach out to others and encourage!
A big note I learned this week while studying this series is that some of the situations I've found myself in lately are because I don't have full trust in God. I walk the walk, talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, I like to have control. I can't trust that God will work this situation out,  and I instead want to do something myself about it. It's caused us some strain lately, and it's also been learned and resolved. This is something I constantly struggle with. I haven't made the right choice on how to act when presented with a certain situation, because I haven't been seeking God's guidance. It's human nature to be selfish and go for the "all or nothing" tactic, and that clearly does not work. Instead of acting impulsively on emotion in a given situation, we must act instead on faith. God is sovereign --- He designed us and knows us personally --- I have no excuse to be trivial and instead have all the reason in the world to rather trust in Him and have faith.
The last point on reaching out is exactly what I've been trying to do as soon as we moved here --- Alone in a new place with the stud at work all day..I needed something, someone. I reached out to the elementary school and got involved, within a week of moving in. I reached out to the LINKS program and got involved, and shared what I learned and created during my time with the program in Quantico. I found the local Wives of Faith chapter and joined, and am preparing to take over in the coming months and try to build a following in the area. Sometimes, though, I would rather have others reach out to me.
This happened last week as I was invited to a volunteer appreciation breakfast at the elementary school for this week ---I love being at the elementary school, not only because I'm giving back and teaching the next generation, but also because I am told, or I can clearly see, how I am appreciated --- the kids remember me and give me a big hug and invite me to their recitals, the teachers are excited I'm back to help and give attention and guidance to some kids in the big class sizes, and the principal even remembers my name and asks how I'm enjoying it all. Reaching out and helping others, getting involved in the community, has made all the difference for me! Helping others is the best way I can think of to share God's love, and to battle loneliness.
If we don't act rashly on our emotions (a learning process), if we trade our feelings for faith, and if we live in community reaching out to others, then there is no doubt that we will overcome this fear and loneliness --- something that can be felt in any situation --- in solitary or when surrounded by people.
The final point Sara Horn mentioned hit it home for me ---
You are not alone - God is by your side! Resolve to instead seek Him and His embrace.
Anyone want to add anything? Don't forget to check out this study online with Wives of Faith and connect with your local group for continuous encouragement in your endeavours!

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  1. We have the same grill and we love it! :)



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