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Friday, May 17, 2013

There you have it..12 inches of hair chopped off! I finally did it!

Going to keep this short and just say.. I absolutely LOVE the hair salon I went to! Lotus Den Hair Studio on Coast Hwy is the way to go :) It is so close I was able to walk there {Seriously, I LOVE our neighborhood!} and I absolutely love the light blue walls. This place was decorated the way I want my office to look when I'm done with it! The ladies who cut and styled my hair were too sweet and made me so comfortable. I seriously only cut my hair once a year, and this was a visit well spent. I haven't chopped it off since Christmas 2010, and each time I do I cut off a foot or more. This time I only cut off a foot!

You can see in my blog post here what my hair looked like before/after each time I've previously cut it all off. ..Remember when I was asking for your input? Well, it took me a month to finally take the plunge and chop it off. I LOVED my long hair, but especially living in southern California with summer on the horizon, short is the way to go. I knew I didn't want a bob and that I wanted layers, right at my shoulders, so I'm really glad with how this all turned out. Don't you like the collage I made? I sure do :) I am definitely going back to this hair studio each time I need to get a cut! Absolutely love it. This salon also send the hair off for you to Wigs for Kids.. I love finding new charities to donate my hair to each time I cut it off, and it's nice that the ladies at the salon did that for me (and everyone who cuts and donates there). Before I've donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love {Different charities accept different lengths... Pantene min. length was 8 inches and Lock Of Love min. length is 12 inches, etc}

Also, in case you're curious, my yellow dress and braided belt are both from Target :) Love it!

p.s. Marshall digs my short hair too! Really ladies, this is short for me! Probably the shortest I will ever go :)

Do you like it? Any other ladies chop it off to donate lately? Are you as excited and ready for summer as I am??? So thankful it's the weekend!

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  1. Geez. I don't think my hair has ever been long enough to donate without gettin a pixie cut (which I would not do-that's WAY toooo short). Good for you and your multiple donations!

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