May Cara Box Reveal

Monday, May 20, 2013

I finally did a Cara Box!! Anyone ever heard of Birchbox or any of those kind of things? Well, Cara Box is essentially a system where you get paired with a blogger to send to and receive from each month. And you send items of a certain amount based on the theme as it pertains to her interests. Anyway. Here is the reveal of this month's exchange - So excited for my first Cara Box!

I was paired with Erin at Lucky Clover Boutique to send my first box to. She is from Alabama, so it was neat getting to know someone who is from a state we've only driven through. Also, this month the box was to be themed toward the region I live in - I wanted to do home, Texas, but since it's impossible to get the goodies from here, I decided to find truly local stuff, from California. I saw that she loves crafts and even has an Etsy shop. She also wants to garden so I gave her some tools to do so. Then I popped in a local beauty product and called it a day!

The cucumber facial wipes are actually made in the region, in a city maybe an hour from us. I also sent crosses and sequins to make some crafts with to add with her decorate cross wall. And I couldn't forget gardening tools, California poppies and biodegradable pots that make starting these flowers a lot easier than otherwise!

And here is the box that I received this month from Patty at Tales of Me and The Husband. She definitely spoiled me! I love that she individually wrapped the items, and with really pretty wrapping paper at that. I very carefully unwrapped it to store for future crafts :)
I know it's fuzzy and you can't read it on here, but she wrote me  a sweet note about the exchange as well. She is from Michigan, and she works in Youth Ministries with her husband,so all of the items were centered around her state. And it was great learning about her through her blog! Her blog is so cute, and we both love learning about our faith, books, cooking, crafts, classic movies and traveling.. {but who doesn't?} Still!
The letter was too sweet! It's odd knowing that someones been intentionally "creeping" on your life through your blog, because I really spill a lot out on here, but it's comforting too! I could also see us going out for dinner and shopping if we lived closer too! This exchange is such a sweet gesture from all bloggers involved, and really shows the connections you can make with someone you've never even met in real life! {Even if you have "met" virtually!}
She sent me a Michigan-shaped cutting board, local chocolate, a mitten mug, ginger soda, and chocolate fudge. She definitely spoiled me and included sweet notes on each item too!
Please disregard the sad clarity of the latter pictures, these were taken on my phone since my camera is full and needs to be saved on my computer. I really need to sort through my pictures!
Anyway, I had a great experience with my first Cara Exchange and can't wait to sign up for the next one! Go visit these lovely ladies!! Also, Thanks to Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for ingeniously thinking of this! Here's to a blessed Monday and rest of your week :)

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