Milso Appreciation Week - Proudly Serving

Friday, May 10, 2013

In honor of MilSo appreciation week, I am FINALLY going to be linking up with Wives of Faith again. First I want to talk a little bit though - Yesterday I met up with another milso from back home who was here for her Marine's graduation down at MCRD (the recuirt depot in San Diego). It was really fun! We went to Chipotle, and just talked eachother and about life with the military - of which she will soon be enduring. We're the same age, so that's really neat, and at the same point school-wise. Anyway, besides that, it's just nice to see familiar faces! I feel like I know her so well, and we can talk about anything...But this is only the second time we've actually met though! It's amazing the bond you make with other milso's...Something that isn't possible with your civillian friends. Really grateful for that! {And excited to have time this summer to meet up with other milso's here at Pendleton!}

Anyway, the topic below:

Today's Topic: What is one of your favorite parts of life serving as a military spouse alongside your husband?
Probably  the best part about being a military wife, serving alongside my husband, is that proud feeling I get when he puts on his uniform each day.. He's been at two different schools, and at each graduation I couldn't help but get teary-eyed for how far he's come...Proud. Every Friday when he wears his Service Alpha's.....You can't help but love a man in uniform. So proud of him. One of my favorite parts of military life is being able to use our faith as a stonghold, and that coupled with the fact that he is out there serving and protecting our country, brings about a feeling of gratitude that is hard to ignore. My favorite part is seeing him in his uniform, no matter which one {because let's be honest, he is a stud in ALL of them}, and with that recognizing his calling - To serve and protect our country. That's something everyone is grateful for - the sacrifices our military make in order to protect them. One of my favorite parts of life serving as a military spouse alongside my husband is that I'm with him - there for him, to reassure him, to honor him - to be proud of him and all he does for us and our country!
My Favorite Part: Being Proud.
Blessings I'm Grateful For - Marriage & Military Life.


  1. Well said. I love hearing about what my hubby is accomplishing and how far he's come. We just passed another milestone this week as he finished an intense PME course. I'm looking forward to how much farther he will go.

  2. I completely agree with everything you said! I am so proud to be a milso, and having other military spouses to lean on is SO important. As much as you love your civilian spouse friends, they can't understand what we are going through. I am so thankful for other military wives! XOXO Chelsea


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