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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I mentioned before that instead of having a super long page with all the information you would ever want to know about us, I'm just posting links to our story, as a way of "spring cleaning" my blog :) Here is what happened after we met at Daisy Duke's...

Note: I was too excited after I got back to the dorms in the wee hours of the morning, that I couldn't sleep! What did I do? Facebook creeped on Marshall of course :) I sent him a message then added him right away..Didn't waste any time there. Good thing is, he was doing the same thing. We talked online then he asked me (basically told me) to meet him...

And here is our story..

Marshall was an officer of Aggies In Mission (AIM), a club that meets each week for fellowship and missions, and he got me to join.. He asked me to find him at the AIM table at Reed Area (briefly mentioned above) for that event where you find what you're interested in and join it, but I got to the table after his shift. I still signed up for the meeting, and was looking forward to seeing him the next week.

I went. Saw Marshall. Sat down and listened to what AIM was all about. I already made up my mind beforehand that I was going to join because of this boy, so I signed up. I was also excited about being a part of something at A&M, and was especially excited that the something involved fellowship with other Christians.

After the meeting, Marshall came over, drew a picture of a rainbow and unicorn on the back of the membership form, and wrote a message on it asking me to Midnight Yell. I said yes. Don't over think the unicorn.

We hung out every day after that. Like I said, meant to be.

We went to Midnight Yell, had our first kiss at midnight, and went to the Aggie game against LA Tech the next day. I was in the front row, while Marshall was on the field with the rest of the seniors of Trident P-2 as Officer's of the Day (OD's). It's tradition that you kiss every time the Ags score, and yes, we did. Lucky Marshall picked to take me to a football game where we creamed the opponent!

I forgot to mention that Marshall was a member of the Corps of the Cadets at Texas A&M, similar to an ROTC program but way better. He was a member of Trident P-2, the same unit that my dad was a member of back in the 80's. This is actually why I kept dancing with him that night, something to talk about! I know he was creeped out that my dad is a Trident too, but he couldn't resist..

I also forgot to mention that Marshall was a senior (zip) in the Corps and I was a freshman. We met within the first two weeks of school in Fall 2010. Same thing with my parents: my mom was a freshman, my dad was a senior, and they met within the first two weeks at school, as well. {My grandparents? Same thing!} It was even crazier when my parents found out he was a Trident too. I don't think they handled the coincidences very well.. They, too, knew it was destined to be from the start.

It wasn't until the next week that we made our couple-ness FB official. That was 9.26.2010.

Fast forward to Spring. More specifically, Spring Break. We went on an AIM mission trip to the panhandle, in Amarillo. Long story short, just read about it here. It was very eventful, and brought us closer than ever before. It also consists of my testimony of faith, which solidified on that trip, thanks to Marshall introducting me to AIM.

Soon after we got back, it was the weekend of The Big Event, a Saturday where Aggies team up with the organizations or groups they are a part of and devote a day to community service. I went with Aggies in Mission to help with yard work for this sweet couple's beautiful spot of land. Marshall had to partake in March to the Brazos with the Corps of Cadets, a fundraiser where members of the Corps march from the Quad (their dorms), through campus, and to the bank of the Brazos River. It's 18 miles of marching in formation, round trip. This event also marks when the next class will take over as seniors(zips) and the current senior class gets to ride back in buses and celebrate the prospect of graduation in another month.

Marshall was exhausted, I was pretty tired, but something happened. We went to Corpus Christi for the weekend, literally as soon as I got back.

So we went. It was foggy. But it was fun. The 8 hour drive down to the Valley was brutal, especially for Marshall because of what he just endured, but it was worth it. We got in late that night went to Whataburger, and stayed with Marshall's brother in the dorms at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Marshall woke us up before sunrise to go to the beach. We went. We walked on the beach. I was told to give my camera to Russell. We kept walking, and Marshall got down on one knee. Turns out, as soon as he got back from March to the Brazos he picked up my ring and couldn't wait any longer, hence the short notice. He was planning on proposing 2 weeks from then, but that's not what God designed. We went to Whataburger to celebrate with honey butter chicken biscuits for breakfast! It was a pretty simple proposal, but it was more than perfect. I always hoped it would happen on the beach...

After the proposal, we finished the school year and each stayed in Aggieland for the summer. Marshall commissioned with the Marine Corps and graduated that August 2011 with a Bachelor's in Horticulture, and we were married 2 days later in Royse City, Texas. Marshall's hometown, which is also next door to where most my extended family lives. Note, my parents, brother and I consider Houston home since that is where we have mostly lived, growing up with my dad in the Army. But basically all of our family is in the Dallas area so that's like a second home to me. More pictures from the wedding can be seen here, as I posted on our first anniversary this past year.

We went to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. Then we went back home to reality. I was to finish one more semester at A&M, and Marshall worked 2 jobs. Then I worked 2 jobs, then we received military orders. Marshall signed a contract with the Marine Corps his sophomore year at A&M, so these orders sent us to Virginia for Marshall to complete TBS.

We were in Virginia for around 8 months, then moved to North Carolina for LOC - for Marshall to learn about his specific field that will be his job for the next number of years (Logistics). Marshall graduated LOC in February and soon after we were headed home to Texas and the our final destination, California.

We are currently enjoying finally being settled in somewhere for the next few years rather than moving every few months as the first year and a half of our marriage was. We are also excited that we are actually in a house! Apartment living is a no-go for us. Anyway, Marshall is thrilled in where he is headed with his new job and the contacts he is already making, and I am really excited to settle, volunteer, read, and study. And to make this house a home!


  1. I didn't know yall are Aggies!! My husband and I are both class of '11 (he was in Company N-1), and our first date was at Midnight yell. Too cool! :)


  2. Just started following your blog, great love story. BTW love your wedding dress.



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