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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Well hello lovely readers. I just wanted to make a little note here about how hard it is to find motivation these last 2 weeks of my Spring term, among some upcoming worries.

I mean, I just solidified and ordered textbooks for the 3 classes I'm taking this summer. I've spent the entire - the ENTIRE - day cleaning our home: Organizing the closet, laundry, dishes, sweeping, finally organizing the tv/media corner, clearing off the dining room table, organizing the kitchen...Basically everything that could have been done in our little 2 bedroom home, has been done. I even cleaned out my part of the closet - 3 laundry baskets of clothes I'm donating - Wow, I can't beleve how many clothes I have, and how much I take for granted...It's a relief to do some serious spring cleaning {and basically soul cleaning, I've learned a lot the past couple of days}

But with 2 weeks left of the term, I'm having trouble keeping on task homework-wise. Low motivation there. I'd rather just browse Pinterest or window-shop at Loft online. With a 60% off sale, it's very tempting...And the fact that I need more teacher clothes for student teaching and beyond doesn't help. But it seriously needs to wait. I'll reward myself once I graduate this time next year :)

My goal was to finish all discussions tonight, finish all quizzes tomorrow (Thursday), and finish the test, lesson plan, and project for this week on Friday. Which would give me the weekend to RELAX...Much needed! I need to stop cutting it so close to deadlines Monday nights, and I really need to get into homework/study gear. But with seeing so much that can be done around the house, trying to get myself in gear for summer, worrying about upcoming doctors appointments, and studying for my certification exam in July- it's been rough trying to keep myself on task and on track.

Does anyone else have issues with motivation, or is it just me?

Much needed prayers for the end of the term and finals on the horizon. I'm also beginning to realize just how close we're getting to my MRI at Balboa (San Diego)...Makes me nervous. In only 3 short weeks - right after finals and right when summer term/classes start- I will finally learn what's next for my heart health journey, to put it shortly. {More detail by clicking on the "Health" topic on the sidebar}

Does anyone else have something pressing their heart you need to talk about? Feel free to share here, I sure have my share of trials and stress lately I'm trying to just, well, get out there. I'm thankful for finding this little blog as an outlet for things such as this, and am really grateful for some of the ladies I've gotten to "know" better while doing so. If you are reading this, thank you! {And sorry that this post was kind of all over the place!}

ps - It's May! Rejoice Rejoice! I love this time of year!


  1. Well good luck with everything you've got going on!

  2. Good luck with the end of semester and everything else you are juggling. I'm excited to have found your blog and will definitely be following along =)

  3. Hey girl! I just found your blog and love it!! My husband is in the Navy and we are always on the move, but our hearts will forever be in the great state of Texas as well. Looking forward to following your journey! Always love meeting other military wives! :)

    XOXO, Chelsea from

  4. I just had a random OCD organizing episode about 30 minutes ago. When my life feels out of whack, I organize. Saying a prayer for you right now for motivation and health issues! So glad we have a way to connect and be in prayer for one another without ever even meeting. So awesome. Hope your weekend is great!

  5. It feels so good to get spring cleaning done, doesn't it? The closets in our house desperately need to be purged . . .


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