Texas Tuesday x2

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Masons Mama

Well, I woke up this morning and decided to link up again with Texas Tuesday. I know my link ups have been sporadic and unpredictable lately, and school takes the fault for that. This week is my last week of the spring term, and summer shouldn't be as crazy. Though, it may be, if I can meander a way to graduate December, which means Id have a full load to this summer and fall...It depends on what the degree evaluation office says at LUO. Anyway. Trying to figure that out, but for now, my heart is set on Texas. Home. We long to be back...

This week for Texas Tuesday I want to talk about our bucket list for when we move back home...

#1. Buy land

#2. Design/build a house (Or add on depending on property)

#3. Have a housewarming party

#4. Make up for lost time with family/friends

#5. Go back to Aggieland & experience the new Kyle Field at a football game

#6. Finally go to Hullabaloo Diner

#7. Secure a teaching position (prefereably at a Chrisitan school - or even as director of chidlren's ministries at our church - I'll be certified for that. I'd really appreciate any teaching job I find though!)

#8. FINALLY get a picture by the Aggie Barn (not just a picture of it)

#9. Also get a family picture in a field of bluebonnets

#10. Go to Big Bend National Park...finally.

#11. See Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

#12. Tour the Blue Bell factory in Brenham...And eat lots of free samples of the world's greatest ice cream

#13. Have an Anniversary dinner at Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas (the revolving restauraunt)

#14. Visit Bush Library in Aggieland

#15. Stroll the San Antonio Riverwalk on a nice summer day

#16. Getaway to South Padre Island

#17. Float down the Frio River

#18. Order from the Cupcake Coach (Houston food truck)

#19. See the Blue Angels again at an Ellington Field air show

#20. Visit the Dallas & Fort Worth zoos

.....There's a LOT more. I'll just leave it as this for now :)
Mainly because I need to do homework. Spring classes = Done on FRIDAY!



  1. Sounds like a lot of great stuff to do in Texas. I've done one of your items and have a tip-San Antonio Riverwalk: DON'T go on the weekEND. Every Friday and Saturday it's packed with brand new USAF BMT graduates and their families. So go Sunday through Thursday. Just a suggestion :D

    1. I know it's kind of a sporadic list..But there is so much to do there! We've been to the Riverwalk countless times and it usually has been on the weekend, just because we're off work/school. It still works out though, and I guess depends on the time of year! Summer is our favorite because of the markets downtown and authetic Mexican food, but December is really cool too, especially with all the Christmas lights. Oh, and Bowl game weekend too - the football team and band gets on like 40 boats on the riverwalk and plays and shows their school spirit. It is really neat. I don't remember noticing all the new AF grads, there's always so much going on/to do!

  2. Did yall go to Texas A&M?! I got so excited when I saw Kyle Field and the Hullabaloo Diner on your bucket list! My husband and I were both class of '11! I just got so excited! Love meeting other Aggie bloggers! :)

    Chelsea at http://anchorsaweigh-ouradventure.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes we did! My husband graduated and commissioned, and I left in the middle of school with my "mrs degree" since we recieved orders. He was class of '11 too and Im class of '14..Graduating instead from Liberty next year (on time!). I've been looking for other Aggie bloggers..Hard to find!! Nice to meet you!!! I'm excited to see the new Kyle Field renovations when they are done...And we never went to Hullabaloo Diner, though we almost went a few times while we were still living there. Some day soon though!! Which unit was he in the corps?? Marshall was in Trident P2.They may at least have mutual friends!


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