Why I Vetoed Mondays

Monday, May 13, 2013

Okay, so I didn't actually veto Mondays... Just the linkup I tried to start. I don't know of anyone that actually enjoys Mondays, and that was a way to kind of put a little spunk back into the day. But I've been horrible at keeping up with it. As you can see, all of my linkups lately have been extremely sporadic. Which means, well, that I'm vetoing it. Yep, I'm vetoing Mondays..... I mean, I'm getting rid of the Monday linkup.

So far I've had 8 posts, and half of those have been link ups. I don't care about how many people link up or whatever, I was just giving others the opportunitiy to do so.. To talk about what they love lately, to be positive about the fact that it's a Monday. But I'm just not keeping up with it. I've been too overwhelmed - Remember when I was talking about finals? Yeah, those were done Friday, and my summer classes started today, on Monday. Not too fond of Mondays..

Anyway, enough of that. Here is a picture of the bread I made this weekend! So delicious.

Home made honey oat bread! It is delicious, and I have a slice for a snack all of the time. You can find the recipe here, and I may also post it one of these days. The second time I will have to adjust the cooking time, though, because the bread didn't rise all the way. It was really dense. Perhaps a lower temperature. Or perhaps I need to give the dough itself more time to rise. We will see!

Also, we went to see Gatsby. Such a wonderful movie! And props to the directors and screenwriters, they kept solid to the book itself. I absolutely love that book and was really pleased with the movie!

Anyone else have a fun weekend? Though ours was low-key, it was just right. Next weekend we want to spend all of it reading on the beach....and maybe find a dog beach for our Scruffy.


  1. I want to see Gatsby too, that was one of my fav books I read in high school;)

  2. I had a wonderfully low key weekend. We didn't go anywhere except to get groceries (my hubby informed me food is a necessary reason to leave the house). It was really relaxing.

  3. I'm so so glad finals are done!! I woke up today relaxed knowing that I dont have to start homework thats due tomorrow. I dont have to do that until Fall. Its so nice thinking about that!!! How do you think you did? What summer classes are you taking? I was debating doing Biology for summer but its like 4 hours so I decided not to

    That bread looks so good! I've never seen that.

    The beach sounds so good right now. It got down to about 50 degrees today. It was cold! We've been debating about taking the dog to the beach. He's never been on sand or anything and hates water. Plus there's always gross stuff left in the sand. Maybe we will, I dunno!


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