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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here is a quick update! Sorry, no pictures this time (I still have history homework to do tonight!):

~My parents have been here the past few days! It has been wonderful. We went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido - an incredible experience, and I liked it much better than the main SD zoo! (We went ourselves a couple weeks ago) We also explored cute downtown Carlsbad and Oceanside, and we can't wait to get back there.

~I had on-the-job training as a teacher for a math/science/lego program the beginning of this week.. So much fun! Those kids love the activities at the "mock camp" and I enjoyed getting to know the program a little better - Bricks 4 Kidz, if you want to know! So excited for this opportunity!

~With that, I have my schedule for the rest of summer all out there now. It's going to be fun but quite busy!

~I am almost done with my history class, and start another education class with the new subterm on Monday. My math class, being all summer long, is really a downer. I wish I didn't wait until my last 3 semesters to take my only 3 math classes!

~Speaking of school, I officially have my Special Ed minor back and will still be graduating on time! Thankfully the edsp courses count as electives as well. If you didn't know, I'm majoring in Elementary Ed :)

~My mom helped me organize this little home A LOT! Bathroom storage, laundry room organization, shoe cubbies , rearranging furniture - the works. And this home looks awesome now. Finally, pictures will be very soon! We love our cute little oside home!

~My inlaws are coming over 4th of July! Very excited!! Not sure what we are going to do though... Definitely grilling out with our charcoal grill I spoke of the other day! Maybe the beach too.

~I have a good friend, another milso, who is coming in to see her Marine for the holiday week as well. (We met through a mutual friend I went to high school with) Besides the point, she is here almost the exact days the inlaws are here and staying at a hotel in town, so I am trying to conjure a loose plan of activities for us to do!

~There is a FREE David Crowder Band concert at a big church in San Diego on Sunday July 7th that I really REALLY want to go to!!!! It's an all day event too! Perhaps we can go with my friend and the inlaws, see downtown a little, and go to the festival around the time they will have the concert. This is something I know I will regret if I let it pass up!

..Okay, just going to stop this there before the list gets too long! Anyone else have exciting summer plans in the midst? Can't wait to see what July has in store for us! June has been a really crazy busy month! I've barely had time to breathe. More on that later...

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  1. You live in San Diego? That's where I'm from! What church is the David Crowder Band playing at??


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