It's Been a While!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well hello everyone! Yes, I know it's nearly been a month (or more? I don't remember!) since my last post. I have been just about the worst blogger out there lately. Here I am now to give a little recap.

I finally registered for my fall classes and ordered books. Two weeks before they start. A little behind here! Also, that prompted me to find a second job, and I just applied to one today. Fingers crossed I hear back soon! This is truly the place I want to work at! (Local Christian school as a receptionist/secretary) I would also like to teach at the same school once I graduate, so it's fun to think that this time next year I will (fingers crossed) have signed a contract at an ACSI school (there are actually quite a few around here so I'm excited to get my portfolio/app together) for the next year! How wonderful that will be, and less stressed we will be, when that time comes.

We absolutely love our church and young adult study group. It feels so good to know where we belong and get plugged in! Today I met a friend from the group and we walked our dogs around our neighborhood....and planned a future Pinterest craft day :) Can't wait! It feels good to have friends. How silly does that sound? Well, it  does take time, especially for us introverts around here.....Though I'm (actually, both of us are) kind of a hybrid introvert/extrovert.. It really depends on the crowd, I guess.

I finished two books in the last week... Bonhoeffer, which I've been reading for the past 3 months, and 7 (by Jen Hatmaker), which I finished in like two days. They were both awesome and really have me thinking. You should definitely read them! Make time to read, it's awesome! I absolutely love books. Right now I'm reading Dirty God (by Johnnie Moore) and Paige Torn (by Erynn Magnum).

What else... Tomorrow is AUGUST! I can't believe it! I also still have 2 summer classes to work on, and those are over in a couple of weeks... Then I only get a weekend off before fall starts. And our anniversary is coming up, and so is Marshall's birthday. We are also wanting to go to Disneyland (military deal for a hopper pass!) and use our "Waves of Honor" Sea World vouchers this month, so we will see! (And maybe Medieval Times for the stud's birthday? That would be cool, right?)

We have our tickets home for Elaina's wedding (sis-in-law) in October! SO EXCITED FOR ELAINA AND DYLAN! Yipee!

I also took one of my certification exams a few weeks ago and should find out the verdict fairly soon. The rest I am waiting until this spring or summer to take, because I need to know content from some of the education classes I will be taking until then. I have 4 more tests that I can take while we are here, though I may only take one of them (the special ed exam transfers to Texas state certification - so definitely that one), and a few I'll take in Texas next summer since that's home.

I think that's all I'll say for now. I haven't posted for a while so I'll be sure to space out some of this information!

an exam.. & meet Winnie!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I have totally been MIA lately, and I apologize for those bloggers out there who enjoy new reads on a daily basis.. Things have been hectic!

Right now I am getting all of my stuff together to go into San Diego bright and early (like 6am) tomorrow morning to take my PRAXIS - a teacher certification exam! I am a little nervous, but feel a little better after taking a practice test I have from the review book. It doesn't surprise me that I aced ELA (literally - so exciting!) but had the most trouble with math, so I have to be sure I spend my extra time (since I finished early) to review math over and over again. Social studies gave me a little trouble too, but it was about the same score as my science section. My favorites were always English and science, and those two subjects don't fit together regularly so... Anyway. I feel pretty confident, since after reviewing twice I got a high B (borderline A... If I had a little more time...) and only need a 75 to pass and get certified.

So that's cool, and that's going to take up my whole morning. Thankful that Marshall agreed to drive me out there, we will have to leave at like 6 AM to make it and be early enough.. Why anyone would schedule a test at 7:30 in the morning is beyond me. Also thankful it's only a 2 hour test, unlike the college entrance exams that take the entire day, literally. Then after this, I will have my Special Ed PRAXIS next summer as well as the Texas state certification exams around the same time. The one I'm taking tomorrow is content knowledge, so it's 120 questions of the four main subjects. Yipee!

Besides the point, here is a quick recap:

There was a camp for work this week which was  so much fun! The kids loved it and the last day is always the best - we had a water gun fight!

I am highly considering starting an independent consultant company and have narrowed it down to four different ones..If you are a part of one let me know. I won't start it until next spring most likely, my last semester, just because I will have a jampacked schedule this fall, and the spring will slow down for me (other than job searching - exciting!)

I also got a piccolo...Her name is Winnie :) I am so excited! I have wanted one since 6th grade when I started flute (his name is Walter) and I found an amazing deal! Had to drive up to Anaheim to get it, but hey, so worth it :) Now I'm getting back in the game of playing them on a regular basis..So wonderful.

Soon to come are pictures of my office..finally all set up:) And the rest of the house, all set up! We are so happy to finally be unpacked and actually settled in. It was nice to be able to unpack all of our stuff that has been at the in-laws once they were here over the holiday..So there's been a lot of sorting and cleaning going on around here! I am also getting back on track with spring cleaning and am making a pile to sell on craigslist or take to goodwill.
That's all for now ladies! Have a wonderful weekend!! I will be waking up in around 8 hours to leave for my exam, and am so looking forward to sleeping at the beach the rest of the weekend....Any other fun summer plans out there?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

First of all, I'm just going to post my FB status the other day, because this pretty much sums it up:

A busy couple of weeks - lots of homework and a math test, prepping for the PRAXIS next weekend, training for work this week and a B4K camp next week, VBS meeting this weekend, LINKS classes and mentor training later this month... Oh, and I'm halfway with reading Bonhoeffer - can't put that book down! So much going on this month. At least I got a B on my last history class I'll ever have to take!
Yeah, I only post on FB maybe twice a month..Marshall does so even less! We are both checking it all the time but posting is a whole other story. Thus, whenever I do say a status of sorts on there, it's like an entire book.
So there's a lot on my plate lately... LINKS session today in which there wasn't really a volunteer position for me to fill, so instead I soaked in all the information for the upteenth time, learning some new things in the process. Marine wives - Go to this session (LINKS for Spouses) at least once at your local MC base!!! (COMPASS for Navy, though I've heard it's not as extensive at the LINKS program) There is a lot of good information, no matter what season of life or stage of deployment or duty you or your husband are in. And if you feel encouraged, become a volunteer. Especially if you have so much free time you don't know what to do with yourself, or if you need to fill in the gaps in your schedules....
Okay, next: Im doing VBS at our church! SO beyond excited, and I will leave it at that for now and possibly update after the meeting after the service this Sunday :) We are going to a nondenominational church located near where we originally wanted to live in Oceanside. Though I kind of realized earlier today that Marshall works really in the middle of base and drives 45 minutes one way every day. Of course, a lot of that is traffic, but if I really knew that then we would have found a place at San Onofre. He said he sacrificed the drive so we could be BLOCKS from the beach instead, like I wanted :) What a keeper!
The week before VBS is the lego-type camp for work - next week - every morning. It's actually located at the Christian school that I was wanting to get into to be able to teach right away upon graduation wth my ACSI certification (Getting California credentials take 2+ years, cost too much, and by the time I get it we will be moving! Not worth it for me). So I'm excited to finally be doing another camp with B4K, and to get inside this school and conjure up how I want to approach them at the start of fall about volunteering...I think I'll do one day there, one day at south o, and then the field trips and school programs with B4K (which will be set at the start of the year so I'll actually have a predictable schedule! Excited!)
Oh, and the PRAXIS? Yeah, the only certification exam I am required to take in order to graduate LU, is being taken next weekend at SDSU. I'm excited! And of course nervous. Thankfully this is pure content (pedagogy and the like are a totally different exam that I am looking into), so it's more a review of the past 15+ years of schooling than anything else, but a much needed review. Studying and reviewing is exhausting - so much information I need a refresher on! But I'm getting there. And I'm excited. I will officially have 2 certifications (knock on wood) once I graduate, and will be taking another one next summer. The rest are TX state tests I'll have to take once we go home next summer, then it'll probably add up to like 6 different certifications for me at the end.
Last I'm going to just say a word about Bonhoeffer - incredible. Soaking up this book. Love this man's theology and dedication to Christ. And just getting into the part where Bonhoeffer is at odds - his colleagues are blinded by the early Nazi regime merging with the church, whereas he sees through the lies and propoganda. So interesting! He was truly a remarkable man - One day, when we visit Europe, we are going to visit his childhood home in Germany - it is now a museum.
Oh yeah, and I'm DONE with history! At least until I have to teach it, since I can do all subjects :) Now if only I didn't wait until my last 3 semesters to take my only 3 math classes.... We figured out the Fall and I am "web registered" but will be fully registered once the payment plan kicks in next month, so that's exciting too. I'm going to have quite a busy Fall, but it will be fun! Last Fall semester ever! Last summer semester ever! Last spring semester ever! My last day is May 9th, 2014, and my degree will be in the mail, in my hands, just days after that!!! I cannot wait to frame it ....and to interview at ACSI schools next spring :) This time next year I will be prepping for my first year in the classroom!
I think that's all the information I'm going to throw at yall for now! Time to get back to homework. Sorry about no pictures, I may add one later. Anyway. Homework.

Relaxing after all the commotion..

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, if you've been reading this little blog at all recently, you will see that I have updated a lot about family being here and all the past few weeks. It has been fun but crazy! No time to breathe until this past weekend. So, this is what we did, with finally a little bit of time to ourselves..
Our sweet Scruffy!

With the inlaws bringing the rest of our stuff (they drove) we FINALLY got Marshall's senior boots back!!!! I've been waiting to do some sort of Corps/Trident corner since we got our first place in College Station, but had to wait until we were able to get it all back in a place more permanent. This footlocker + license late + senior boots + scrapbook from Mrs Unger = a really nice Aggie corner :)

With all this new time to ourselves again, we went out near San Diego for a little exploring.. It was fun! Though I don't remember what these cliffs/beaches were called..Woops! But many people were parasailing and it looked like fun..Maybe for my birthday coming up we can go back!

There were a LOT of stairs, and it was exhausting (on the way up). But the view from the top and bottom of the hills were worth it!

I can't get over how beautiful the beaches are out here on the west coast!

Driving through the mountains!

Seriously, it is beautiful out here!!!

So all of that was on Saturday, and the sushi you see below was a stop for lunch after church Sunday. It was really good! Sushi doesn't look like much, but it's really filling. I was stuffed! And now I am a believer.. I love sushi! Now we have to visit all our friends in Japan :)Afterwards, Marshall watched the sushi episode of Good Eats and looked up how to make it. He decided that we will have to go to the local fish market next weekend to make our own...Sounds good to me!

We also had miso soup.. Yumm!

I almost forgot, as you can kind of see in these pictures, Marshall is finally "one of those people" and has a smart phone. He was eligible for an upgrade and is now a proud, obsessed owner of a brand spankin' new iphone 5. I can't get an upgrade until the time I gradatuate next year, but hey, I switched phones to a refurbished one I've had that I'm finally able to use, so I'm happy.
I think that's it for the updates fow now! Hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July & start of my (second) favorite month of the year!

Mission San Luis Rey

Here are a few pictures from our visit to one of many many missions that were established on the California coast in the time of exploration! This was actually really close to us too. We went with my in-laws, while they were here for half a week over the 4th of July.

It was a beautiful day! I will let the pictures do the talking... And perhaps will add more later.

Courtyard.. Really, beautiful grounds.



And my favorites from the gift shop, though I didn't get anything. If only. We need to set up our cross wall anyway, then I can add the EGA cross to it...


exploring with family #3

So family here was really fun..Basically, this is how it went down:
My mom was here, then left to see friends in Arizona. Then she came back and my dad was in town for a long weekend, then they both left. Then my in-laws came for Independence Day, which will be covered in the next post.
On the way back from the airport with my mom (after her trip to AZ), we went to Sprinkles in La Jolla. It is my goal to visit each location! Three down (Georgetown, The Grove in LA, & La Jolla) nine more to go! They were delicious!

On my mom's last day we went to San Diego to explore..
Isn't it beautiful?!

We were so hungry for lunch, but for some reason couldn't find anything right by the airport! We wanted a quick little cafe, but no luck. So instead we found this outdoor coffee shop, and had some pastries and mixed drinks. Last meal in SD..


My mom all ready to head home! By this point she's been travelingfor 3 weeks straight, to see us, head out to Arizona, and come back to see us again. It was really fun having her here! She helped so much with organizing this little house and really got us out of the house exploring!
Note the Aggie suitcases :)

out and about!

Here are a few pictures of our days exploring with my parents in town..
The P-2 Tridents posing by the Trident store..Pretty sure this is a military supply store. We couldn't resist getting a picture!

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar... Amazing place! I got white chocolate covered mint oreos. We disovered this the day we moved in and loved it from the start. It is literally a minute down the road in Carlsbad Village.

Beach Break Cafe, basically a minute down the road from us. Every weekend this place has a line out the door, so with my parents in town we went to see what the commotion was. It was pretty good, but I think we prefer Kelly's whichis a block down from this place for brunch. It was cute though!
We also went to Balboa Park in San Diego... I think this is the world's oldest pepper tree. Or maybe that was at the Mission, which will come in a later post.

The boys being silly!

There was a replica of the Old Globe Theatre, which is a legit working theatre that has Shakespearean plays throughout the year. I thought that was pretty neat!
Balboa Park is also pretty artsy...This was the part with lots of art vendors and shops!

We found Texas St!!!!!

And here are some Botanical Gardens, open for the public. Instead of bombarding this post with pictures of flowers, I decided to keep it simple :)

Nex up - Sprinkles & Sunset Cliffs!
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