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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I have totally been MIA lately, and I apologize for those bloggers out there who enjoy new reads on a daily basis.. Things have been hectic!

Right now I am getting all of my stuff together to go into San Diego bright and early (like 6am) tomorrow morning to take my PRAXIS - a teacher certification exam! I am a little nervous, but feel a little better after taking a practice test I have from the review book. It doesn't surprise me that I aced ELA (literally - so exciting!) but had the most trouble with math, so I have to be sure I spend my extra time (since I finished early) to review math over and over again. Social studies gave me a little trouble too, but it was about the same score as my science section. My favorites were always English and science, and those two subjects don't fit together regularly so... Anyway. I feel pretty confident, since after reviewing twice I got a high B (borderline A... If I had a little more time...) and only need a 75 to pass and get certified.

So that's cool, and that's going to take up my whole morning. Thankful that Marshall agreed to drive me out there, we will have to leave at like 6 AM to make it and be early enough.. Why anyone would schedule a test at 7:30 in the morning is beyond me. Also thankful it's only a 2 hour test, unlike the college entrance exams that take the entire day, literally. Then after this, I will have my Special Ed PRAXIS next summer as well as the Texas state certification exams around the same time. The one I'm taking tomorrow is content knowledge, so it's 120 questions of the four main subjects. Yipee!

Besides the point, here is a quick recap:

There was a camp for work this week which was  so much fun! The kids loved it and the last day is always the best - we had a water gun fight!

I am highly considering starting an independent consultant company and have narrowed it down to four different ones..If you are a part of one let me know. I won't start it until next spring most likely, my last semester, just because I will have a jampacked schedule this fall, and the spring will slow down for me (other than job searching - exciting!)

I also got a piccolo...Her name is Winnie :) I am so excited! I have wanted one since 6th grade when I started flute (his name is Walter) and I found an amazing deal! Had to drive up to Anaheim to get it, but hey, so worth it :) Now I'm getting back in the game of playing them on a regular basis..So wonderful.

Soon to come are pictures of my office..finally all set up:) And the rest of the house, all set up! We are so happy to finally be unpacked and actually settled in. It was nice to be able to unpack all of our stuff that has been at the in-laws once they were here over the holiday..So there's been a lot of sorting and cleaning going on around here! I am also getting back on track with spring cleaning and am making a pile to sell on craigslist or take to goodwill.
That's all for now ladies! Have a wonderful weekend!! I will be waking up in around 8 hours to leave for my exam, and am so looking forward to sleeping at the beach the rest of the weekend....Any other fun summer plans out there?


  1. Welcome back to the blog world, and good luck on your exam!

  2. Good luck for your exam, although I'm sure you're going to rock it!

    Mel's Corner


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