It's Been a While!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well hello everyone! Yes, I know it's nearly been a month (or more? I don't remember!) since my last post. I have been just about the worst blogger out there lately. Here I am now to give a little recap.

I finally registered for my fall classes and ordered books. Two weeks before they start. A little behind here! Also, that prompted me to find a second job, and I just applied to one today. Fingers crossed I hear back soon! This is truly the place I want to work at! (Local Christian school as a receptionist/secretary) I would also like to teach at the same school once I graduate, so it's fun to think that this time next year I will (fingers crossed) have signed a contract at an ACSI school (there are actually quite a few around here so I'm excited to get my portfolio/app together) for the next year! How wonderful that will be, and less stressed we will be, when that time comes.

We absolutely love our church and young adult study group. It feels so good to know where we belong and get plugged in! Today I met a friend from the group and we walked our dogs around our neighborhood....and planned a future Pinterest craft day :) Can't wait! It feels good to have friends. How silly does that sound? Well, it  does take time, especially for us introverts around here.....Though I'm (actually, both of us are) kind of a hybrid introvert/extrovert.. It really depends on the crowd, I guess.

I finished two books in the last week... Bonhoeffer, which I've been reading for the past 3 months, and 7 (by Jen Hatmaker), which I finished in like two days. They were both awesome and really have me thinking. You should definitely read them! Make time to read, it's awesome! I absolutely love books. Right now I'm reading Dirty God (by Johnnie Moore) and Paige Torn (by Erynn Magnum).

What else... Tomorrow is AUGUST! I can't believe it! I also still have 2 summer classes to work on, and those are over in a couple of weeks... Then I only get a weekend off before fall starts. And our anniversary is coming up, and so is Marshall's birthday. We are also wanting to go to Disneyland (military deal for a hopper pass!) and use our "Waves of Honor" Sea World vouchers this month, so we will see! (And maybe Medieval Times for the stud's birthday? That would be cool, right?)

We have our tickets home for Elaina's wedding (sis-in-law) in October! SO EXCITED FOR ELAINA AND DYLAN! Yipee!

I also took one of my certification exams a few weeks ago and should find out the verdict fairly soon. The rest I am waiting until this spring or summer to take, because I need to know content from some of the education classes I will be taking until then. I have 4 more tests that I can take while we are here, though I may only take one of them (the special ed exam transfers to Texas state certification - so definitely that one), and a few I'll take in Texas next summer since that's home.

I think that's all I'll say for now. I haven't posted for a while so I'll be sure to space out some of this information!

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  1. I actually miss being in school now that I've graduated, wish i could go back! Enjoy it while it lasts!



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