Thursday, July 11, 2013

First of all, I'm just going to post my FB status the other day, because this pretty much sums it up:

A busy couple of weeks - lots of homework and a math test, prepping for the PRAXIS next weekend, training for work this week and a B4K camp next week, VBS meeting this weekend, LINKS classes and mentor training later this month... Oh, and I'm halfway with reading Bonhoeffer - can't put that book down! So much going on this month. At least I got a B on my last history class I'll ever have to take!
Yeah, I only post on FB maybe twice a month..Marshall does so even less! We are both checking it all the time but posting is a whole other story. Thus, whenever I do say a status of sorts on there, it's like an entire book.
So there's a lot on my plate lately... LINKS session today in which there wasn't really a volunteer position for me to fill, so instead I soaked in all the information for the upteenth time, learning some new things in the process. Marine wives - Go to this session (LINKS for Spouses) at least once at your local MC base!!! (COMPASS for Navy, though I've heard it's not as extensive at the LINKS program) There is a lot of good information, no matter what season of life or stage of deployment or duty you or your husband are in. And if you feel encouraged, become a volunteer. Especially if you have so much free time you don't know what to do with yourself, or if you need to fill in the gaps in your schedules....
Okay, next: Im doing VBS at our church! SO beyond excited, and I will leave it at that for now and possibly update after the meeting after the service this Sunday :) We are going to a nondenominational church located near where we originally wanted to live in Oceanside. Though I kind of realized earlier today that Marshall works really in the middle of base and drives 45 minutes one way every day. Of course, a lot of that is traffic, but if I really knew that then we would have found a place at San Onofre. He said he sacrificed the drive so we could be BLOCKS from the beach instead, like I wanted :) What a keeper!
The week before VBS is the lego-type camp for work - next week - every morning. It's actually located at the Christian school that I was wanting to get into to be able to teach right away upon graduation wth my ACSI certification (Getting California credentials take 2+ years, cost too much, and by the time I get it we will be moving! Not worth it for me). So I'm excited to finally be doing another camp with B4K, and to get inside this school and conjure up how I want to approach them at the start of fall about volunteering...I think I'll do one day there, one day at south o, and then the field trips and school programs with B4K (which will be set at the start of the year so I'll actually have a predictable schedule! Excited!)
Oh, and the PRAXIS? Yeah, the only certification exam I am required to take in order to graduate LU, is being taken next weekend at SDSU. I'm excited! And of course nervous. Thankfully this is pure content (pedagogy and the like are a totally different exam that I am looking into), so it's more a review of the past 15+ years of schooling than anything else, but a much needed review. Studying and reviewing is exhausting - so much information I need a refresher on! But I'm getting there. And I'm excited. I will officially have 2 certifications (knock on wood) once I graduate, and will be taking another one next summer. The rest are TX state tests I'll have to take once we go home next summer, then it'll probably add up to like 6 different certifications for me at the end.
Last I'm going to just say a word about Bonhoeffer - incredible. Soaking up this book. Love this man's theology and dedication to Christ. And just getting into the part where Bonhoeffer is at odds - his colleagues are blinded by the early Nazi regime merging with the church, whereas he sees through the lies and propoganda. So interesting! He was truly a remarkable man - One day, when we visit Europe, we are going to visit his childhood home in Germany - it is now a museum.
Oh yeah, and I'm DONE with history! At least until I have to teach it, since I can do all subjects :) Now if only I didn't wait until my last 3 semesters to take my only 3 math classes.... We figured out the Fall and I am "web registered" but will be fully registered once the payment plan kicks in next month, so that's exciting too. I'm going to have quite a busy Fall, but it will be fun! Last Fall semester ever! Last summer semester ever! Last spring semester ever! My last day is May 9th, 2014, and my degree will be in the mail, in my hands, just days after that!!! I cannot wait to frame it ....and to interview at ACSI schools next spring :) This time next year I will be prepping for my first year in the classroom!
I think that's all the information I'm going to throw at yall for now! Time to get back to homework. Sorry about no pictures, I may add one later. Anyway. Homework.

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