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Monday, July 8, 2013

Here are a few pictures of our days exploring with my parents in town..
The P-2 Tridents posing by the Trident store..Pretty sure this is a military supply store. We couldn't resist getting a picture!

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar... Amazing place! I got white chocolate covered mint oreos. We disovered this the day we moved in and loved it from the start. It is literally a minute down the road in Carlsbad Village.

Beach Break Cafe, basically a minute down the road from us. Every weekend this place has a line out the door, so with my parents in town we went to see what the commotion was. It was pretty good, but I think we prefer Kelly's whichis a block down from this place for brunch. It was cute though!
We also went to Balboa Park in San Diego... I think this is the world's oldest pepper tree. Or maybe that was at the Mission, which will come in a later post.

The boys being silly!

There was a replica of the Old Globe Theatre, which is a legit working theatre that has Shakespearean plays throughout the year. I thought that was pretty neat!
Balboa Park is also pretty artsy...This was the part with lots of art vendors and shops!

We found Texas St!!!!!

And here are some Botanical Gardens, open for the public. Instead of bombarding this post with pictures of flowers, I decided to keep it simple :)

Nex up - Sprinkles & Sunset Cliffs!

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