Relaxing after all the commotion..

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, if you've been reading this little blog at all recently, you will see that I have updated a lot about family being here and all the past few weeks. It has been fun but crazy! No time to breathe until this past weekend. So, this is what we did, with finally a little bit of time to ourselves..
Our sweet Scruffy!

With the inlaws bringing the rest of our stuff (they drove) we FINALLY got Marshall's senior boots back!!!! I've been waiting to do some sort of Corps/Trident corner since we got our first place in College Station, but had to wait until we were able to get it all back in a place more permanent. This footlocker + license late + senior boots + scrapbook from Mrs Unger = a really nice Aggie corner :)

With all this new time to ourselves again, we went out near San Diego for a little exploring.. It was fun! Though I don't remember what these cliffs/beaches were called..Woops! But many people were parasailing and it looked like fun..Maybe for my birthday coming up we can go back!

There were a LOT of stairs, and it was exhausting (on the way up). But the view from the top and bottom of the hills were worth it!

I can't get over how beautiful the beaches are out here on the west coast!

Driving through the mountains!

Seriously, it is beautiful out here!!!

So all of that was on Saturday, and the sushi you see below was a stop for lunch after church Sunday. It was really good! Sushi doesn't look like much, but it's really filling. I was stuffed! And now I am a believer.. I love sushi! Now we have to visit all our friends in Japan :)Afterwards, Marshall watched the sushi episode of Good Eats and looked up how to make it. He decided that we will have to go to the local fish market next weekend to make our own...Sounds good to me!

We also had miso soup.. Yumm!

I almost forgot, as you can kind of see in these pictures, Marshall is finally "one of those people" and has a smart phone. He was eligible for an upgrade and is now a proud, obsessed owner of a brand spankin' new iphone 5. I can't get an upgrade until the time I gradatuate next year, but hey, I switched phones to a refurbished one I've had that I'm finally able to use, so I'm happy.
I think that's it for the updates fow now! Hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July & start of my (second) favorite month of the year!

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