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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I know my posting has been sporadic lately, but hey. Life happens.

The stud had a 96 over the weekend - basically a 4 day weekend for good work - so we went out to celebrate. We spent a day road-tripping up the coast, Scruffy came along with us, and ended up in Santa Barbara for lunch/dinner and a little exploring .Scruffy absolutely loved it! We also spent a day (yesterday) going out to a casino in the mountains since I'm actually legal now. We got a free buffet and won $5! Hey, we didn't lose anything, we won something! And the buffet had sushi, which is something I've been crazy about lately. So happy.

This morning Marshall was promoted and I pinned on his new rank - whoop!

We went to get our information updated in the system and received new military ids right after, as well.

Today is also our anniversary - 2 years of marriage down, forever to go!

Here are a few pictures...in no particular order:



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