nostalgia pt. 1

Monday, August 5, 2013

What a strange thing, to be awake in the wee hours of the morning wishing you were back in high school. Okay, not completely, but looking though years of pictures makes me miss them. A lot. Things are quite different around here.

What started this? Um, DUH. OF COURSE it was listening to Taylor Swift...I prefer her earlier music much, much better. Haven't heard her for a long time. Actually, probably not since my brother-in-law had her new cd in when we were driving around Rockwall, the week we were back home in February in the middle of the move. But seriously listened to it? Yeah, high school it is. I know I almost didn't talk to one of my best friends ever again because she tried to listen to T-Swift on the way to band practice before junior year and I couldn't stand it (really that was like a day after we met), but things change. I had a strange relationship with T-Swift. Summer before senior year she came back into my life. I think she came back more when I was going down the road to San Jac for dual credit half the summer before senior year. T-Swift and my little t-bird made it bearable. For a little, at least.

And now she's back.

No, not with revenge.

With nostalgia.

Moving smack dab in the middle of high school was probably one of the best things that shaped my awkward teen years. Moving back home to Texas made it even better. And better yet, to the gulf. Houston is home. I mostly grew up there, at least. For half my childhood, that is. The important years in elementary school. And yeah, Those 4 years in the land of cheese were great, but only because of the people. I had much more fun going back each summer to visit for 2 weeks at a time than I probably did living there, because I didn't have to deal with the ridiculous bipolar winters. Snow in June, freezing rain in August, 50 degrees in January. It's madness, I tell ya. Those two summers weren't near as bad.

Moving back, only like 30 minutes from my childhood home (at least 6 years of it), was nice. I miss Sugar Land (half of my childhood right there), but it's changed drastically and has had like ten growth spurts since I've lived there. A decade ago. I still can't believe the Imperial Sugar plant is closed. The namesake for the city is gone! Where's the fun in that? No more eating free sugar packets from the factory tour each night for a week straight.... I must have been a wild child.

It's crazy to think how much people shape you. Even years after you've seen or talked to them.

It's sad to think how often I stay up reading because my nose is too far into a book to be able to get a wink of sleep otherwise. Or because I'm too exhausted I can't do anything but stay up all night listening to Taylor Swift. Funny, actually. Goodness, I don't think I've written like this for years.

Let's see, what's changed...

{stay tuned for part 2!}

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  1. I grew up in College Station with my entire rest of my family in Houston! We now live in Massachusetts (thanks to the Marine Corps), and I hear you about the bipolar winters!!!! I love the people we've met here, but I would NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR make this a permanent home! I'm a Texas girl!


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