winding down for fall...maybe?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welp, as yall can see, I haven't been a good blogger lately. At all. Since before summer started. I've had a ridiculous summer.

Summer has been full of volunteer meetings, job searching, teaching summer camps, family visiting, being tourists, visits to the dog park, settling into our church, vbs week, planning my senior year, and school. Lots of school.

The summer is winding down and now I am faced with the fall. Technically, though, this transition will start this weekend as I go into church for a meeting for all the Sunday school teachers about the new fall series we are undergoing. So excited about this! Then next week we have a promotion, and there is a Wives of Faith event I am leading for the area. Then finals are due and I only get a weekend of break before my fall classes start and I have training for work since the camps are over and we are moving into the after-school programs. Then the month finishes by visiting Room 56, Rafe Esquith's inspiring 5th grade classroom in inner-city LA, and getting my volunteer packet in the mail for the Women of Faith conference in Anaheim early next month.

Is that too much for ya to read? Well, my busy summer won't be over until May 9th, 2014, my LAST day of undergrad! I am taking a full load on this fall, and almost as much next spring. I am also praying for a job at a Christian school here as the receptionist, and that may start this fall also. Last I heard, the school desperately needs one, and they are waiting to hear back about the budget. They've already been waiting months.

My fall textbooks got in a few days ago, and I am really really excited about this fall. 18 hours on top of a job and another potential job will be a lot, but  I can't wait to be busy and feel even more accomplished. And it will all be worth it next May when I will be done with school (but I am never done learning) and start applying to positions at Christian schools in the area. Or even better, that position I was talking about becoming available, full time... Hmmm... A girl can dream, right?

So tomorrow Disney's Planes is in theatres and I'm very excited. Next week my fall classes are available online and that also makes me excited. I also have only 2 weeks left of my summer classes.. Whoop! Can't think of much else here.

I'll finish with a beautiful picture of the local beach. Next, a post completely full of pictures of the wonder that is southern California beaches. We went last weekend, and it was a nice little afternoon. It's extra nice since it's only a short 8-block walk away! This picture was taken on a slightly cloudy night... Still beautiful. Anyone else out here want to meet up for the beach?


  1. I'm excited about Disney's Planes too! We saw Turbo last week, and LOVED it!


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