worst blogger ever?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I apologize for I've been completely behind and elsewhere when it comes to this blog lately.  I can't believe how quickly I went from posting 2-4 times a week to once every other week. What has gotten into me? Worst blogger ever award right here.

So, it's almost SEPTEMBER! This is a big month.

But first, there's something big coming up in the next few days, the last days of August. I am visiting Rafe Esquith's 5th grade classroom - the Hobart Shakespeareans - at Hobart Elementary in inner-city Los Angeles. I am so excited!!! I'll be spending an entire day with them (not exactly, though, since many kids are there studying for nearly 12 hours a day) but I'm excited to see the class in action. It is a year-round school, so when  I contacted Rafe a while ago about scheduling a visit they were on summer vacation, which is shorter since holiday breaks are much longer. I didn't even think of that!

Anyway, I'm going to be brainstorming probing questions for the students and the teacher, and I need to plan what I'm taking for lunch. And be sure my alarm is set for the hour and a half drive in the morning. And watch the PBS documentary to prep. (I've already read all of his books) So worth it. Any teacher bloggers out there - please post questions you may have for him, and I will ask on your behalf! I plan on creating a blog post complete with pictures, itinerary, and dialogue, from the day! Obviously I can't wait to experience this classroom and to gain inspiration for mine one day!

Back to September. I start traveling to different schools in the area to teach the after school stem program on weekdays. And I have the entire class to myself - my own classroom - reality check! Excited for what this year has in store! I'm going to miss those summer camps though.

It's fall. Which means my last fall semester of undergrad! I just finish the first week of classes, and tomorrow starts week 2. Counting down the days until my last day & graduation...266 days to go!

Then, well, that's really the essentials of the big happenings for me, anyway.

I almost forgot, we have BLUE BELL!! Imported from the lone star state! It's wonderful to have a piece of home (okay, make that four pieces of home - four half gallons, that is) in our freezer.

Photo: Our blue bell has arrived :) Four half gallons - 2 homemade vanilla, 1 butter pecan, and 1 red velvet cake. The hardest decision I've had to make this week is deciding which flavors we wanted!
And if there is anything else I think of, I shall post that at a later date.
Itinerary for tomorrow: Start week 2, Room 56 prep, and watch Matilda.
p.s. Happy Birthday to Marshall, Dray, and Elaina! (two days late since I didn't post before)
p.p.s. Happy Birthday to my mom (today!)

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