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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ladies and gents, I have fixed the printer!

Why wireless printers are so temperamental, I will never know. Why Best Buy no longer sells printers that use USB cables is beyond me. But, after nearly two weeks without being able to print my study guides, I fixed the printer - and it now prints, the only way it knows how - wirelessly!

Now what I did in order to have this happen, I cannot tell you, I just pushed buttons and it worked. Technologically challenged, right? So don't ask me, but if you fiddle with it long enough, it will eventually work.

So now I have my study guide to take a few quizzes before getting some rest so we can go explore a little fall town in the mountains...Julian!

Has anyone else ever been to Julian? Any tips on what to do out there? We are just planning on exploring for the day, and who doesn't love a road trip right?!

So I will leave you now with a fuzzy picture from DISNEY ON ICE!!! Okay, so all I was able to get is a picture of the ticket, from my phone, because I had my camera but the battery was completely dead. I don't think I've used that camera since family was here in June. Sorry, bud. I've been swamped!
So the other day after bible study, I went with a friend to the show. We ate at Chipotle pretty close to the center, and then headed over. It's pretty crazy going down to San Diego because I feel like everything is right next to each other in a little 10 mile radius -Balboa Park, Sea World, Ocean Beach, the recruit depot and all those concert venues and ice skating centers. Of course, Disney on Ice was - on ice, right? - so it was a little chilly but so cool! If only I could skate like that, then my dream of being a Disney Princess could come true... I do fit the height requirement for Rapunzel, but I don't know if my facial structure is similar enough (you have no idea how much I have researched on how to become a "cast member" at Disneyland..)
Also, we were ecstatic to be there but realized shortly after that we need to go to the princess show, not the general "passport to adventure" show. Why? Because this venue had Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch, the Lion King, and of course Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and Donald & Daisy Duck, and Goofy. We wanted to see more Disney princesses though! Rapunzel was definitely missing...Maybe we can just go to another show soon :) Oh, and we perhaps felt at least a little out of place with all the families with toddlers there, on a school night, but not really, because who doesn't love a good Disney show?!
Anyway, that was Thursday night and it was such a fun night with a good friend. It's taken a few months of living here but I am finally feeling settled with the ladies I've met through the bible study. Did I mention that we met for a yoga class earlier in the week - it was a ONE hour class - oh my goodness! Nonstop stretching, it's been so long... I have got to go back because I feel amazing after the fact, but during I could barely move. Time to stop eating cookie dough, start using this juicer, and get back on that yoga/pilates track that I've been meaning to do. Motivation is key, right?
Here's to spending the day away in Julian! Have a great weekend ladies!

the tech train - balance, what's that?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Student problems here..

Does anyone else have a wireless printer?
Is it just me, or did something happen to the format of Word?

In other terms - I have a Canon wireless printer and it won't print anymore! I just woke up one day and it stopped. I mean, it works, but the internet went out a while ago and when it came back on it didn't work anymore. I tried to set it up again and nope, nada, didn't do it. Why the wireless printer has to use the internet is  beyond me, but then again, I guess it makes sense. Ladies, if you have a wireless printer and actually know how to use it, please tell me all of your secrets. (Also, I didn't even want a wireless printer, but that's all the stores are selling these days. Seriously, make my life easy and just stock the caveman printers with a USB, I knew this wireless printer wasn't a good idea..)

And for some reason, I have been having issues opening any papers for school on Word. What is going on? It saves in a funny format, and now I can only look at docs once I'm done through Wordpad (I think that's what it's called). Wow, how old do I sound? I'm just not that into technology, even though I may seem like it because of those social media icons on the sidebar. Really, just networking. If you knew how long I fought even getting a Xanga, Myspace, or Facebook when everyone was hoppin' on the creeper train, you'd understand. (Note: creeper train)

Is it just me, or am I  technologically challenged? 'Cause really, it took me up until just a few months ago to jump on the Twitter chain. And I fought and fought getting a Pinterest for years, until my maid of honor convinced me after the wedding (hence, no wedding boards on my page!) I don't even have  smartphone, and honestly don't really want one. Does anyone know when the first iPhone came out?... I think I'm a decade behind in that realm? Oh yeah, and I refuse to get a mac, when my laptop died after only 2 years, I had to get an HP...I couldn't give in to the monopolization of our culture which is Apple products. What's the big deal everyone?

I guess this makes me sound old and outdated with the know-how of our tech era and my generation. Really, I'm not. I mean, I guess not. For instance, I am finishing my degree online, so I kind of have to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, reading, watching presentations, writing papers and lesson plans, and researching the online library. But I'm really not that old, I just passed the milestone that is 21, and still no drinks over here. First of all, alcohol is a bad idea period, and second, I can't for medical, personal, and biblical reasons, but let's just not get into that. Okay, I guess that may make me sound old-fashioned, though. Lost that argument..

My questions for y'all is this: How do you ladies balance technology, media, and real life? How much is too much? Should I really spend 7 hours a day on Pinterest? (The answer is a resounding no, ladies, please get some fresh air!) Does anyone really care what I tweet? How much is too much to share on social media? (For this, I suggest to research OPSEC - Link on my sidebar) Honestly, the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" don't come up as misspelled on my spellcheck anymore, so I guess I spend too much time on either of those. Though "Pinterest" is supposedly still underutilized (hello spellcheck), so I assume that justifies my pinning party days, right?


Another Liebster!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let me start off by saying that I am so sorry I didn't see this earlier! I remember the Liebster train that was chuggin' along at the beginning of this year, and didn't see that Livia @ All Things Life & Air Force Wife nominated me until just now! Whoops! I was looking for inspiration for another post and this will do the trick - thank you Livia! Without further adieu, the questions she gave me...

1. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?
Probably staying right on track to graduate right on time even with a minor, taking a semester and a few weeks off here and there, and moving three times in the middle of all of it! Can't wait till May 9th!

2. What was your favorite item as a child?

My favorite item... Hmm...This is a tough one. I really don't know. Probably my purple boombox I got one Christmas, for all of middle school I remember falling asleep to the radio, I played that thing non stop! I think that's in storage with my parent's stuff... I should probably get that back!

 3. Who do you consider to be your celebrity crush?
Celebrity crush? I have no idea! The only "celebrities" I keep up with are HGTV designers and the Duggar family! Unless, of course, Flynn Ryder counts.

 4. What is your favorite comfort food?
I love Blue Bell ice cream! I don't know what I'm going to do once we run out of our one gallon that is left. It tastes just like home. Other comfort foods include fried okra, barbecue and brisket, chocolate pecan pie, and anything from Omom's cookbook (especially ambrosia!)!

 5. If money was no object, what would you do?
I would invest half of it! Then I would pay off our loan, pay cash for land back home, start a build contract for our dream home (or renovate and expand upon the existing home on that land), and with whatever is leftover I would split it between savings, a dream vacation, and a shopping spree - Gotta have those double ovens and a dedicated library!

 6. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you and you would like to pass on?
Don't forget to breathe. I'm serious! My dad told me this after one of my crazy posts where I talk about all that's going on, and it's just overwhelming, for the reader and for myself. I put too much on my plate and need to re-claim my life and time! Give yourself YOU time!

 7. What is the story behind your blog title and/or why did you start blogging?
Back in Quantico, all the ladies of Charlie company at TBS had a "sign making" party. Have you ever seen the "Home is where the military sends us" signs? Well, we all made some! So much fun! I bought an extra board at Michael's and decided that I was going to make a board with our name. Well, you'll have to look at the picture to see where it came from.. A few of the ladies pointed out, once I was done stenciling the letters, that it looks like it says "Newsom Nest." I really meant for it to say "Newsom est. 2011" but you know, it works well both ways! I really liked the alliteration of it, and that was around the time when I was thinking about starting a blog, so there you have it! It stuck! Also, I started blogging to keep myself sane and as a creative outlet starting out in Virginia! I wrote about that a little here.

 8. Are you purse or shoe person? Or neither? Why?
I have quite a few purses and quite a few shoes.. Though I usually only stick with a few staples of each, not sure why. I have to have everything out in the open to see my options, otherwise I just pick what's most convenient and go! I definitely like my Loft flats though, and love looking for good shoe deals!

 9. Walmart or Target? Why?
Target, hands down! I mean, Walmart has great prices, but it can get sketchy. Target is more comforting, and they have cuter clothes and knick knacks. I love the dollar section!

 10. Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere warm and sunny! I love going somewhere tropical, and we really enjoyed our honeymoon to Jamaica way back. As long as there's sun and a beach, with some lemonade and a book in my hand and my stud by my side, then I'm good with that!
The ladies I nominate..
Elizabeth @Army Ever After
Mackenzie @ Bell Bliss
Victoria @ Anchored By Faith
Samantha @ A Modern Navy Wife
The Questions for Y'all are..
1. What is your favorite season and why?
2. Favorite movie?
3. Beach or mountains?
4. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
5. Favorite kind of exercise/workout?
6. Best way to get motivated?
7. White chocolate or milk chocolate?
8. How many pets have you had throughout life?
9. Favorite place you've lived? Why?
10. What is your go-to, staple wardrobe item? Why?

Friday's Letters


Dear sewing box, why do I keep misplacing you? I can't find my needles and thread for my pillow! Help! Dear homework, I'm sorry I've been poor at keeping up with you! I promise, with all this newfound time at home, there will be no more issues this term! (once I catch up, that is) Dear stud, I really don't mind if you fall asleep while watching Good Eats every night, I mean, I guess Alton Brown's food science can be overwhelming! Dear this past week, I will never miss you. I am glad you are gone, this was the longest week yet for both of us! Dear Dale, please get fixed soon. It gets frustrating only having one car and being stuck at home all week! Why did your battery give out, and on base, no less? Dear latch hook pillows, y'all make me so happy! There was a granny in the waiting room at the naval hospital this week whom was so impressed I was crafting with y'all, and was sweet to talk to. Thank you Omom! Dear ITT, thank you SO MUCH for giving us amazing deals on Disneyland hopper passes. We cannot wait to use them in a few weeks! Eeek!! Dear God, I am so blessed by you! It is only in your will that I'm off my medicine for good, and made it through this most stressful week. Oh, and the ladies I have met through the bible study on base have made it all so bearable - I am grateful! Only you can orchestrate my life so well, and turn a horrible week into something beautiful.

change of pace

Friday, September 20, 2013

There are quite a few things happenin' lately.

I left my job - odd hours, low pay, long drive, high stress. That explains it, right? I loved what I was doing, but I needed to leave to focus on school - senior year is in high gear right now!

I made two pillows, and ordered some Origami Owl...After the fact I will post more details about that :)

I am no longer taking medications for my heart :) No troubles the first few days, let's hope this keeps up! It's been more than a decade since I've gone a day without prescriptions...odd, yet so easy to get used to. Glad I'm able to do so! No problems anytime soon with that, so for the first time ever in my life, I have absolutely NOTHING to worry about health-wise (other than eating right and staying in shape, but who doesn't think about that?).

That said, I really need to find some motivation to get back into pilates and yoga.. Any tips ladies??

Anyone have a good sewing pattern on hand for a maxi skirt? Wanna lend it to me? Gotta get back onto that sewing machine!

Also, let's take a poll. Would you rather buy...

  • Homemade door stoppers/stuffed animals
  • Tshirt quilts
  • Made to order baked goods (cakes, pie, etc)
  • Dry mixes w/ instructions -baked goods
  • Baking décor (fondant and paper décor mostly, etc)
  • Personable felt children's books
  • Cross - wall décor, personable

.... I have a few more ideas.

Looking at rather staying home and starting my own business, so that I have the freedom to make my own schedule, do my thing and something I enjoy, etc. I have lots of ideas for a craft/baking business (Etsy store, FB page, and dedicated blog page included in this deal) and would like to see what y'all out in blogland think about it. Anyone else have their own business?

Leaving my job gave me SUCH relief! Deciding to focus on school instead of working and volunteering at 2 schools in the area (what I did summer and spring) is so refreshing. Rather sticking to ONLY the bible study on base and OWC on base as my only extracurricular is a much needed change of pace. Now to catch up on homework.. and get acquainted with this new season in my life.

Ladies, DO NOT overbook yourself! You will regret it! Prioritize!!!

What's happenin' lately in this season of your lives?

organizing & prioritizing

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I wanted to write a little bit right now about how my life has gotten into schedule and information overload lately, and I would like to apologize for not blogging as often, but I won't. Because really, what's more important, your blog and life documentation for all the world to see, or your own sanity?

I have to admit that these last couple of weeks I have been a poor student. By that I mean that I have been falling behind in my schoolwork. I know I took on a lot of hours this semester, and I am so ready for it, but I've just been having a rough couple of weeks. Meetings, work, projects, wedding gift making, church functions, keeping the homefront steady, and bible studies take up more time all together than you'd think. Essentially, the school week runs from Tuesday to Monday. Oh, and there's the time change of east coast vs west coast, which means all of my assignments are due by 8:59pm. My priorities have been a little off these past few weeks, as an understatement, and as a result, there is at least one assignment I have been turning in a day late. Which is a huge bummer, and falls completely on me, for I allowed that to happen, but that's life.

I feel completely swamped lately and really would like to get out of that rut.

So since I received some jewelry from Origami Owl the other day... I'd like to give yall (and myself) this little motivation:

Photo: All it takes are a few small tweaks to have a more positive day. Here are our top tips!
On another note, I did receive my Flames Pass/Student ID card in the mail today from Liberty! I heard a few weeks ago through a discussion that online students can have their own ID cards, and wanted to jump on the opportunity. Just that little extra makes you really feel like a legitimate student... That little ID connection helps me a lot! It's crazy seeing my name on an LU pass! It makes me even more excited for next summer when I'll see my name on my brand spankin' new Bachelor's degree... I absolutely cannot wait. I know the year just started, but I'm really ready for a break and for next summer already - School done, big girl job found, life made.
Photo: Took me over a year, but I finally have a student ID card for Liberty! Now I feel like my student status is legitimized for my senior year.
Back to the first note - yes, my own sanity is more important to me right now than blogging 4-6 times a week. Really, ladies, how do y'all do it? I would love to know. I need to re-prioritize and sort through my life at this point, so I must warn y'all that this not-posting-as-often-as-I-used-to streak may continue. Classes for my senior year are much more demanding than my other years, and school and my sanity, along with all my other commitments, come before this little 'ol blog of mine.
Have a lovely week ladies!

this is sew fun!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's officially official. My crafting craze is back!

So newsflash - I received my new Brother sewing machine the other day. I spent the entire day setting it up and trying to figure it out. I did, sort of..

Note: I do not have this many sewing machines. That would be absurd. The photo was tiny to begin with, so I tried to make it bigger, and this happened. I guess it's like pop art, huh?

Then I really did once I found these amazing youtube tutorials - basically a how to use a sewing machine series for newbies and visualites (aka visual learners- yes, I made that up). Here is one of like 5 in a series this youtube-er made, and they have been the most helpful! I never knew how intricately designed these machines were until I tried "following the directions" to thread the machine. These visuals helped tremendously.

Then I did something iffy. I tried to sew a thicker/soft fabric to that latch hook grid to make a pillow, and, well, it broke the needle. I only had the sewing machine for two days at that point, and I broke the needle. I thought I was in serious trouble, like I-can't-believe-I-already-broke-this-machine-after-only-ten-minutes trouble, until I found another tutorial from the same youtube-er (she has helped me more than you know) and figured out how to take the needle off. And then I lost the spare needle pack that came in the box (It's somewhere in this house! I think?). So I can't use my sewing machine at the moment, which is a bummer. Why do I always lose things?

So instead, I started sewing the pillow together by hand. Oh my, that went by so much faster - and was it simple! I can't wait to see the final product. And then I realized..... that I got the wrong size cushion for the pillow. I got a 12x12 cushion when I really needed a 14x16 cushion. So it's time to find something from my crafting tub (yes, I really do have a crafting tub... It's blue!) to fill in the rest of the space to make the pillow cushion-y (although it is decorative, because really, who would want to sleep on a latch hook pillow all night long? That yarn starts to itch!) At this point, I don't want to go back to Joann's to get the right size cushion, and I'm determined to find the replacement needles rather than buying more... I've already spent 5 trips getting basically one thing at a time, as I thought of it, to Joann's and Michael's to get supplies for this new endeavor of mine (hello internet coupons!).

But I'm happy. I'm really excited I finally have my own sewing machine, and for a really good deal on Amazon Prime at that. It brings back memories with my Omom when I was little, making my first latch hook pillow and sewing together dolls and such. Now, I want to make everything. Stuffed animals, blankets, clothes, you name it! I especially want to finally finish that t-shirt quilt with college and high school clothes that I've been "working on" for the past 2 years. Did I tell you I like to procrastinate?

More updates on this sewing life of mine to come soon!

Also, since my posting has been essentially non-existent lately, life still happens. Thus, I have a list of things to blog about (yay!) that will come... in time. School (and work) is out of control right now!

the core of an Aggie

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Follow this link,

you won't regret it.

This is what it means to be an Aggie.

{Also I'm not able to upload from Youtube right now..Sorry! The link is worth it!}





responsibility in light

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The following is an excerpt from my Christian education textbook, and it really got me. I felt compelled to share it in blogland because this is some really deep stuff. What are we, as Christians in a relationship with God, really responsible for? The answer is as follows:

What is the responsibility that flows from our relationship with God? It is a willingness to act in obedience to God's word in response to our salvation, a willingness to set aside our own longings and desires in order to live as God wants us to live. It includes a willingness to care for the earth and to care for others because of our relationship with God.

What is the responsibility that flows from our relationship with ourselves before God? I believe it is to be willing to be all God made it possible for me to be; to be willing to look at myself, my own gifts, and to say, "I must do all I can to develop my knowledge, my skills, and my ways of thinking to use them for God's glory."

When I think about my students and about their learning, all of the above shapes my thinking. So when  I hear new information about learning, I examine it and ask two questions: (1) What evidence is there that this information is based on careful research? (2) If the information appears to be valid, how can I think about it in light of all that I believe and know?

The last bit of the excerpt relates the topic at hand to education and learning, because that is what the text at this point is reviewing. How do you act in obedience to God's word on a daily basis? Are there some areas in your life in which this willingness could improve? (admit it - everyone needs to say yes here. We are a fallen people) Are you using your God-given gifts and talents to glorify Him? These area some areas which many of us need to re-examine on a day to day basis as to not get so caught up in ourselves and forget our true worth, value, and reason for life, as all are found in Jesus.

With that, I will leave you in your thoughts.


Friday, September 6, 2013

...basically sums it up.
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