Another Liebster!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let me start off by saying that I am so sorry I didn't see this earlier! I remember the Liebster train that was chuggin' along at the beginning of this year, and didn't see that Livia @ All Things Life & Air Force Wife nominated me until just now! Whoops! I was looking for inspiration for another post and this will do the trick - thank you Livia! Without further adieu, the questions she gave me...

1. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?
Probably staying right on track to graduate right on time even with a minor, taking a semester and a few weeks off here and there, and moving three times in the middle of all of it! Can't wait till May 9th!

2. What was your favorite item as a child?

My favorite item... Hmm...This is a tough one. I really don't know. Probably my purple boombox I got one Christmas, for all of middle school I remember falling asleep to the radio, I played that thing non stop! I think that's in storage with my parent's stuff... I should probably get that back!

 3. Who do you consider to be your celebrity crush?
Celebrity crush? I have no idea! The only "celebrities" I keep up with are HGTV designers and the Duggar family! Unless, of course, Flynn Ryder counts.

 4. What is your favorite comfort food?
I love Blue Bell ice cream! I don't know what I'm going to do once we run out of our one gallon that is left. It tastes just like home. Other comfort foods include fried okra, barbecue and brisket, chocolate pecan pie, and anything from Omom's cookbook (especially ambrosia!)!

 5. If money was no object, what would you do?
I would invest half of it! Then I would pay off our loan, pay cash for land back home, start a build contract for our dream home (or renovate and expand upon the existing home on that land), and with whatever is leftover I would split it between savings, a dream vacation, and a shopping spree - Gotta have those double ovens and a dedicated library!

 6. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you and you would like to pass on?
Don't forget to breathe. I'm serious! My dad told me this after one of my crazy posts where I talk about all that's going on, and it's just overwhelming, for the reader and for myself. I put too much on my plate and need to re-claim my life and time! Give yourself YOU time!

 7. What is the story behind your blog title and/or why did you start blogging?
Back in Quantico, all the ladies of Charlie company at TBS had a "sign making" party. Have you ever seen the "Home is where the military sends us" signs? Well, we all made some! So much fun! I bought an extra board at Michael's and decided that I was going to make a board with our name. Well, you'll have to look at the picture to see where it came from.. A few of the ladies pointed out, once I was done stenciling the letters, that it looks like it says "Newsom Nest." I really meant for it to say "Newsom est. 2011" but you know, it works well both ways! I really liked the alliteration of it, and that was around the time when I was thinking about starting a blog, so there you have it! It stuck! Also, I started blogging to keep myself sane and as a creative outlet starting out in Virginia! I wrote about that a little here.

 8. Are you purse or shoe person? Or neither? Why?
I have quite a few purses and quite a few shoes.. Though I usually only stick with a few staples of each, not sure why. I have to have everything out in the open to see my options, otherwise I just pick what's most convenient and go! I definitely like my Loft flats though, and love looking for good shoe deals!

 9. Walmart or Target? Why?
Target, hands down! I mean, Walmart has great prices, but it can get sketchy. Target is more comforting, and they have cuter clothes and knick knacks. I love the dollar section!

 10. Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere warm and sunny! I love going somewhere tropical, and we really enjoyed our honeymoon to Jamaica way back. As long as there's sun and a beach, with some lemonade and a book in my hand and my stud by my side, then I'm good with that!
The ladies I nominate..
Elizabeth @Army Ever After
Mackenzie @ Bell Bliss
Victoria @ Anchored By Faith
Samantha @ A Modern Navy Wife
The Questions for Y'all are..
1. What is your favorite season and why?
2. Favorite movie?
3. Beach or mountains?
4. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
5. Favorite kind of exercise/workout?
6. Best way to get motivated?
7. White chocolate or milk chocolate?
8. How many pets have you had throughout life?
9. Favorite place you've lived? Why?
10. What is your go-to, staple wardrobe item? Why?


  1. Love your answers! Flynn Ryder absolutely counts as a celebrity crush haha.

  2. I looove the Duggars and basically all of your comfort foods! It's going to be hard to leave the south and the amazing food!!

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination Katherine--I love the way you came up with your blog name!


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