change of pace

Friday, September 20, 2013

There are quite a few things happenin' lately.

I left my job - odd hours, low pay, long drive, high stress. That explains it, right? I loved what I was doing, but I needed to leave to focus on school - senior year is in high gear right now!

I made two pillows, and ordered some Origami Owl...After the fact I will post more details about that :)

I am no longer taking medications for my heart :) No troubles the first few days, let's hope this keeps up! It's been more than a decade since I've gone a day without prescriptions...odd, yet so easy to get used to. Glad I'm able to do so! No problems anytime soon with that, so for the first time ever in my life, I have absolutely NOTHING to worry about health-wise (other than eating right and staying in shape, but who doesn't think about that?).

That said, I really need to find some motivation to get back into pilates and yoga.. Any tips ladies??

Anyone have a good sewing pattern on hand for a maxi skirt? Wanna lend it to me? Gotta get back onto that sewing machine!

Also, let's take a poll. Would you rather buy...

  • Homemade door stoppers/stuffed animals
  • Tshirt quilts
  • Made to order baked goods (cakes, pie, etc)
  • Dry mixes w/ instructions -baked goods
  • Baking décor (fondant and paper décor mostly, etc)
  • Personable felt children's books
  • Cross - wall décor, personable

.... I have a few more ideas.

Looking at rather staying home and starting my own business, so that I have the freedom to make my own schedule, do my thing and something I enjoy, etc. I have lots of ideas for a craft/baking business (Etsy store, FB page, and dedicated blog page included in this deal) and would like to see what y'all out in blogland think about it. Anyone else have their own business?

Leaving my job gave me SUCH relief! Deciding to focus on school instead of working and volunteering at 2 schools in the area (what I did summer and spring) is so refreshing. Rather sticking to ONLY the bible study on base and OWC on base as my only extracurricular is a much needed change of pace. Now to catch up on homework.. and get acquainted with this new season in my life.

Ladies, DO NOT overbook yourself! You will regret it! Prioritize!!!

What's happenin' lately in this season of your lives?

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