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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I wanted to write a little bit right now about how my life has gotten into schedule and information overload lately, and I would like to apologize for not blogging as often, but I won't. Because really, what's more important, your blog and life documentation for all the world to see, or your own sanity?

I have to admit that these last couple of weeks I have been a poor student. By that I mean that I have been falling behind in my schoolwork. I know I took on a lot of hours this semester, and I am so ready for it, but I've just been having a rough couple of weeks. Meetings, work, projects, wedding gift making, church functions, keeping the homefront steady, and bible studies take up more time all together than you'd think. Essentially, the school week runs from Tuesday to Monday. Oh, and there's the time change of east coast vs west coast, which means all of my assignments are due by 8:59pm. My priorities have been a little off these past few weeks, as an understatement, and as a result, there is at least one assignment I have been turning in a day late. Which is a huge bummer, and falls completely on me, for I allowed that to happen, but that's life.

I feel completely swamped lately and really would like to get out of that rut.

So since I received some jewelry from Origami Owl the other day... I'd like to give yall (and myself) this little motivation:

Photo: All it takes are a few small tweaks to have a more positive day. Here are our top tips!
On another note, I did receive my Flames Pass/Student ID card in the mail today from Liberty! I heard a few weeks ago through a discussion that online students can have their own ID cards, and wanted to jump on the opportunity. Just that little extra makes you really feel like a legitimate student... That little ID connection helps me a lot! It's crazy seeing my name on an LU pass! It makes me even more excited for next summer when I'll see my name on my brand spankin' new Bachelor's degree... I absolutely cannot wait. I know the year just started, but I'm really ready for a break and for next summer already - School done, big girl job found, life made.
Photo: Took me over a year, but I finally have a student ID card for Liberty! Now I feel like my student status is legitimized for my senior year.
Back to the first note - yes, my own sanity is more important to me right now than blogging 4-6 times a week. Really, ladies, how do y'all do it? I would love to know. I need to re-prioritize and sort through my life at this point, so I must warn y'all that this not-posting-as-often-as-I-used-to streak may continue. Classes for my senior year are much more demanding than my other years, and school and my sanity, along with all my other commitments, come before this little 'ol blog of mine.
Have a lovely week ladies!


  1. I don't have any tips for you, if you get some send them my way! I've been feeling the same way...trying to find the balance between blogging and life.

    My Wholesome Home

  2. Love those 10 tips!! It's totally understandable that school might take you away from blogging - best of luck!!

  3. Those are great tips-I tried to pick my favorite but I love them all!! And I love that you are a LINKS mentor--I just left my job at Marine Corps Family Team Building as the Readiness and Deployment Support Program Trainer to be home with my boy! But I'm definitely going to get involved with it again at our next duty station!
    Newest follower! :)


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