responsibility in light

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The following is an excerpt from my Christian education textbook, and it really got me. I felt compelled to share it in blogland because this is some really deep stuff. What are we, as Christians in a relationship with God, really responsible for? The answer is as follows:

What is the responsibility that flows from our relationship with God? It is a willingness to act in obedience to God's word in response to our salvation, a willingness to set aside our own longings and desires in order to live as God wants us to live. It includes a willingness to care for the earth and to care for others because of our relationship with God.

What is the responsibility that flows from our relationship with ourselves before God? I believe it is to be willing to be all God made it possible for me to be; to be willing to look at myself, my own gifts, and to say, "I must do all I can to develop my knowledge, my skills, and my ways of thinking to use them for God's glory."

When I think about my students and about their learning, all of the above shapes my thinking. So when  I hear new information about learning, I examine it and ask two questions: (1) What evidence is there that this information is based on careful research? (2) If the information appears to be valid, how can I think about it in light of all that I believe and know?

The last bit of the excerpt relates the topic at hand to education and learning, because that is what the text at this point is reviewing. How do you act in obedience to God's word on a daily basis? Are there some areas in your life in which this willingness could improve? (admit it - everyone needs to say yes here. We are a fallen people) Are you using your God-given gifts and talents to glorify Him? These area some areas which many of us need to re-examine on a day to day basis as to not get so caught up in ourselves and forget our true worth, value, and reason for life, as all are found in Jesus.

With that, I will leave you in your thoughts.

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