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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Student problems here..

Does anyone else have a wireless printer?
Is it just me, or did something happen to the format of Word?

In other terms - I have a Canon wireless printer and it won't print anymore! I just woke up one day and it stopped. I mean, it works, but the internet went out a while ago and when it came back on it didn't work anymore. I tried to set it up again and nope, nada, didn't do it. Why the wireless printer has to use the internet is  beyond me, but then again, I guess it makes sense. Ladies, if you have a wireless printer and actually know how to use it, please tell me all of your secrets. (Also, I didn't even want a wireless printer, but that's all the stores are selling these days. Seriously, make my life easy and just stock the caveman printers with a USB, I knew this wireless printer wasn't a good idea..)

And for some reason, I have been having issues opening any papers for school on Word. What is going on? It saves in a funny format, and now I can only look at docs once I'm done through Wordpad (I think that's what it's called). Wow, how old do I sound? I'm just not that into technology, even though I may seem like it because of those social media icons on the sidebar. Really, just networking. If you knew how long I fought even getting a Xanga, Myspace, or Facebook when everyone was hoppin' on the creeper train, you'd understand. (Note: creeper train)

Is it just me, or am I  technologically challenged? 'Cause really, it took me up until just a few months ago to jump on the Twitter chain. And I fought and fought getting a Pinterest for years, until my maid of honor convinced me after the wedding (hence, no wedding boards on my page!) I don't even have  smartphone, and honestly don't really want one. Does anyone know when the first iPhone came out?... I think I'm a decade behind in that realm? Oh yeah, and I refuse to get a mac, when my laptop died after only 2 years, I had to get an HP...I couldn't give in to the monopolization of our culture which is Apple products. What's the big deal everyone?

I guess this makes me sound old and outdated with the know-how of our tech era and my generation. Really, I'm not. I mean, I guess not. For instance, I am finishing my degree online, so I kind of have to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, reading, watching presentations, writing papers and lesson plans, and researching the online library. But I'm really not that old, I just passed the milestone that is 21, and still no drinks over here. First of all, alcohol is a bad idea period, and second, I can't for medical, personal, and biblical reasons, but let's just not get into that. Okay, I guess that may make me sound old-fashioned, though. Lost that argument..

My questions for y'all is this: How do you ladies balance technology, media, and real life? How much is too much? Should I really spend 7 hours a day on Pinterest? (The answer is a resounding no, ladies, please get some fresh air!) Does anyone really care what I tweet? How much is too much to share on social media? (For this, I suggest to research OPSEC - Link on my sidebar) Honestly, the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" don't come up as misspelled on my spellcheck anymore, so I guess I spend too much time on either of those. Though "Pinterest" is supposedly still underutilized (hello spellcheck), so I assume that justifies my pinning party days, right?


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