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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What have I been up to... Quite a few things, actually.
For now I will update on our recent trip back home to Texas. My, was it too short or what! We were so happy to be in the lone star state and got a full dose of family and Whataburger, as well as enjoyed a beautiful homemade and completely personalized and Elaina-style wedding! Yes, my sister in law Elaina was married last weekend to this boy named Dylan. They are too cute together! But I have to say that since Marshall and I were the yellow to their rainbow, the only pictures I have of the event are the ones my mom sent to me after the fact. Sorry not sorry! Being in a wedding is fun, and I love seeing the pictures of us match in yellow. We love yellow! It's kind of our thing. Hence:
The wedding took place at my in-laws' front yard. It was awesome. I seriously had no idea how it would turn out, but it was really beautiful. Everything was homemade, from the flowers to the table settings to the shoes to the yard décor. I don't have really any pictures of the details but it was wonderful. Elaina & Dylan are an eclectic pair to say the least, so the rainbow theme fit perfectly to their aurora. They are the kind of people that light up a room just by stepping in!
My father in law pastored their wedding as well, and gave his only daughter away that day. My mother in law made the cakes, just like at our wedding, and guess what? It was rainbow layered! So good! Sorry I don't have pictures of that, but take my word for it. She makes cakes for a living, well part of it, and they are delicious every time. A family friend DJ'd the whole shebang on the patio. The after party was a riot. There was even a bonfire once it got dark in the pasture, until it rained on everyone and we had to move the party inside! Another family friend did all the flowers (so much cheaper...she basically bought out the local grocery store floral shop, then made it all herself!) Everyone in the wedding party helped set up and take down. A few things were rented, like the chairs and tables and tablecloths. The programs were actually fans that were homemade. But it was wonderful and so personal and sweet.
See what I mean? We hung those lanterns in the tree, where the ceremony took place. How cool is that rainbow?! And look at the tulle on the bottom of her dress & her shoes! My sis in law is pretty cool :)
I love also how my father in law integrated the rainbow theme into the ceremony. He began by speaking of God's promise of the rainbow, that he will never flood the earth again, found in Genesis 9. The rainbow is a sign of the covenant between God and his earth, a reminder of our God and his promise, his blessing to us. And so Elaina & Dylan are to enter into a covenant of marriage, one full of promises and blessings as well! And of course the rainbow color fits their personalities well!
Family! All the men wore suspenders and shoes of their color. We couldn't find yellow shoes for Marshall so he just wore his boots. All the ladies wore dresses and shoes of their color. I had my dress and shoes picked out for months - Then forgot to pack my shoes (big bummer there!). I ordered yellow lace toms especially for this. So we instead went to Old Navy and got some $6 yellow flip flops to suffice. Elaina of course painted hers rainbow! And my father in law wore a rainbow bowtie and suspenders! How cool?!! And look at the tulle on that arbor!
All the ladies - Now you can see the rainbow!
Well, that wedding weekend went by way too fast. It was such a short trip home, but it felt amazing to be back on Texas soil. The homeland. Each time we go back we always leave our hearts there. It's just hard being away from some place so integral. We are both Texan born and bred (Okay, so I wasn't born there [Army brat], only Marshall was, but you get the point) - forget California! Ha, I guess the Marine Corps doesn't think so, we still have another two and a half years here on the west coast. It's so strange living far from family now, even though I've kind of always done so. But we're still enjoying our time here :)
So what is that... One out of three of our collective siblings are married, right? Here's to the next family weddings...Whenever that may be! I know we've missed a few living away, and are going to miss another later in the year, which is a bummer. But hey - not so long from now we will be roadtrippin' back for Christmas with the pups in tow! Now to finish homework, head on over to bible study, clean the house, read, plan the next few blog posts.... Yep. Until next time!


  1. I am SUCH a sucker for small, intimate, backyard weddings. Sad that it took me getting married on a beach to realize this.

  2. Just remember, there are WAY worse places you could be stationed! You'll be back in TX before you know it! :)

  3. That's the coolest wedding I've ever seen, I love the rainbow theme very festive!!!

  4. Oh, what a fun, sweet wedding! I love intimate weddings - hence why I'm having one! I'm glad you had fn back home :)

  5. speaking of texas, i'm going there for my first time at the end of this month for a couple of weeks. i've never been there before. have any recommendations of must-sees while i'm there?


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